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Thursday, March 4, 2010

!Transcript of JYPE’s conference about 2PM & Jaebeom – Pt 1

Regarding JYPE’s fan conference about 2PM and Jaebeom’s termination, we at allkpop previously reported what was said during the conference by translating Oneday Room (a Korean fan community)’s summary of the event. However, it appears that this summary neglected some important points, so we decided to listen to the entire four-hour conference ourselves, transcribe then translate it into English with absolutely everything included.
If you have any doubts about the accuracy & objectivity of this transcript and would like to judge the audio yourself, you can download the full audio file of the conference to follow the discussion and verify the transcript’s details however you’d like.
Because our transcript is extremely long, we’ve divided it into segments; here is part one, which covers the first 58 minutes.
Host: Everyone’s faces or identity will not be filmed. It will be filmed from where 2PM members will be sitting, and voices will obviously get recorded, but nobody will be filmed. The conference will start in 3-4 minutes when the members enter.
Fan: I have a question. Is JYPE going to distribute filmed material for media to use?
Host: As you know, this event is not open to media…
Fan: (interrupts) What I want to ask is, since this event is not open to media, is the video filmed by JYPE going to be distributed to media for use and if JYPE’s video is going to be distributed then…
Host: (interrupts) You’re talking about editing and…
Fan: (finishes off what she was saying) …distributed like that.
Host: I will let you know after clarifying this with others. Please wait.
(Sound of fans sneering)
Fan: Would you not film this if we refused filming?
Host: To answer the first question, you were talking about us editing this or distributing it to media; we’re not filming this to give it to the media.
(Sound of fans talking)
Fan: Can you take responsibility to what you just said?
Fan: Are you sending this to Jaebeom?
Fan: I heard you say you’re filming this to prevent accidents? What accidents are you talking about?
Host: All questions right now are about JYPE filming this event so if you give me bit of time then I will prepare answers for your questions. Please wait.
Fan: So you’re hosting this event without even knowing anything about filming?
Multiple fans: What is the point of filming?
Host: (tries to calm fans down) Ok. The filming was to take place for next two or three or four hours depending on how things go (sound of fans sneering); the video was for both parties to use as a reference, not for us to distribute to media, or to edit and make it say what we want, but there seems to be confusion about the matter so we will decide to not film the event as we were originally planning to.
Multiple Fans: Ok.
Host: To enforce this, please wrap up your cameras. Since guests [conference attendees / Hottests] are concerned we will start without it.
(Sound of fans talking)
(Sound of fan asking questions, hard to make it out)
Host: Because our guests are here today, thinking many similar things…
Fan: (interrupts) What we want to ask is if the company is going to film this, we want the right to freely film this event as well.
Host: Again, because we have you, our guests here today; many of you have similar ideas but regarding filming, as I said there may be parts where people might become concerned about later, so we were going to use video as reference. We weren’t going to film the video for media to use but some of our guests have different ideas and are talking about filming themselves, but since it’s hard to unify the voices of everyone here today so…
Fan: (interrupts) Since we do not have many fans here today, why don’t we just vote…
Host: (interrupts) So you would like to vote? But you’re a guest with an idea slightly different from others…
Fan (interrupts): If we unified our idea then would you let us film?
Host: For us to film the event for reference, then we need everyone to say that we can, but guests seem to have different ideas here today, saying if the company was to film then fans want to film as well. What I said before (sound of fans talking) excuse me, the fans seem to have different ideas but what we could all use is as we agreed on, not to film anything and we agreed on that so we decided to go that way (sound of fans talking) if that is the opinion of the majority then (sound of fan asking a question, hard to make out) as I said before, our guests seem to have disagreements but the majority opinion seems to not want the company to film for reference so we will pack up our camera and not do any filming. We were planning on filming because some words could be interpreted wrongly and such, but since our guests are concerned about the matter and since our concern was not a big deal, we will exclude filming of the event, and, when talking about this event later or reading about it, we will consider our 80, 90 guests here as witnesses and each one of you as a camera.
Fan: So is that confirmation saying there is no limitation to us recording this event for references? That is what we want. We want to make something for references as well; can’t just trust everyone here as being a camera and we need to leave a reference so…
Host: (interrupts) What you are saying right now is as I was saying before; this is where our guests seem to have disagreement, asking if it is okay to film, then (sound of fans talking) (rep sighs) our fans seem to be having a disagreement.
Multiple fans: What about both parties do it?
Fan: (angry voice) If JYPE films, we’ll film. If JYPE audio-records, we’ll audio-record. Both sides should have equal rights…
Multiple fans: (frustrated voice) He said he won’t do it.
Host: To summarize, we are sorry but for filming, we have a camera to film for references. As you notice, we have no media in here; our guests thought that was one-sided of us so we will not film and since we have 80, 90 guests here and every one of you…
Fan: (interrupts) What we demand is not to film or not film, is JYPE going to film and send it to media…
Host: (interrupts) Because of such concerns we decided not to film this.
Multiple fans: Do it if you want.
Multiple fans: Why don’t both parties film?
Host: Our guests have come to conference today, and we need some basic rules in order to host this, and to say this again we have 80-90 people here and every one of your opinions matter to us, but if we somewhat reach an agreement then that will be the path we take in terms of hosting. Filming on our side, which was your concern, will not be done and we will only use communication for hosting without any filming done by both parties.
Multiple fans: Ok.
Host: I apologize but hosting is a bit tough and it is important to host communication between our fans, 2PM members and those that represent the company. So I know a couple guests have brought cameras, but due to multiple concerns, when we are hosting something within the company, such as the Wonder Girls conference we just had where we had fans send representatives we…
Fan: (interrupts and asks a question but cannot make out)
Host: Again, there will not be any filming.
Multiple Fans: Ok.
Host: Many are here but I will consider that all of you are agreed on this and will continue on.
Multiple Fans: Yes.
Fan: Please clearly tell us in detail how you picked fans who are here today.
Host: It was notified but since 2PM debuted there were many communities. In our standards we picked communities who could be said to represent the fandom, from the fans’ perspective, and picked from those. We did not give a quota per community or hand-pick communities. We took recommendations from those that can be said to represent the community and brought about one hundred, and I believe about 90 are here today. We did not hand pick people or community. So in order to move on…
Fan: (interrupts, something about 12 communities)
(Sound of fans talking)
Fan: We want to know more about this “representation”.
Fan: Let me tell you something I don’t know. First you said you notified about picking one hundred, but you didn’t. Also, one community was told to submit list of people they wanted to bring to JYPE but they didn’t, but they ended up getting in anyways and was told to just bring officers. How do you explain that?
(Sound of fans sneering)
Host: Guests are asking questions, but what is it that you are concerned the most about 90 people who are present today? Are you concerned that the company handpicked communities or individuals or…
Fan: (interrupts) You need to reveal the names of communities that are present.
(Multiple fans agreeing to that)
Host: So could I move on after that?
Multiple fans: Yes.
Host: Please hold on a moment.
(Sound of fans talking)
Host: Due to unified concerns of our guests we will talk about the 12 communities then start the conference right after that.
(Sound of fans talking)
Female voice: I will announce communities that are here today. I accepted these communities, even if the communities had very few people. I will announce the names. (Announces names of communities that are present)
Host: I will consider that to answer your questions and go ahead with the conference.
(Sound of fans talking)
Fan: (asks a question but hard to make it out)
Host: We are not thinking of limiting this to an hour or two. Since we have many guests here we’re taking questions freely but try to keep them from being repetitive. There won’t be time limit so no limiting length or questions or answers, or prohibition of people to ask questions. Again, there are many guests here today so please refrain from asking repetitive questions or from one guest asking multiple questions.
Fan: Why are only 2PM members here?
Host: (interrupts) We will move on with only the members for now, and I will explain that later. Since members are here now they’ll say hello and move on.
2PM: Hello, we’re 2PM.
(Sound of fans sneering)
Fan asking question (Q): According to a statement by JYPE, six members of 2PM agreed upon Jaebeom’s termination on January 6th. Any disagreement or concerns with the statement? I would like an answer from all members.
Host: I apologize, but as I mentioned before there is no filming so if you have a…
Q: (interrupts, irritated voice) Do not give them time to think, please answer right away…
Host: (interrupts) Then I will say it after answering these questions. Here is the last announcement for those that are audio-recording. This was agreed by both parties before…
Multiple fans: (irritated voice) We won’t do it.
Q: Please answer.
Junsu: I will go first. Yes, it is correct.
(Sound of fans talking)
Q: Nichkhun, please answer.
Nichkhun: Yes, it is correct.
Chansung: Yes.
Taecyeon: Yes, it is correct.
Junho: Yes, it is correct.
Wooyoung: Yes.
New Q: I want the six members to talk about their honest feelings. I want to know if you all consider Jaebeom to be unfit for leader or member of group 2PM. An official statement says that Jaebeom was considered unfit to be the leader due to personal wrongdoing and you all agreed upon his termination because he needs to be morally responsible for his actions. Members agreed on that matter on January 6th. But after that, a member called Jaebeom a good brother and said he missed him on February 14th. Also, someone said Jaebeom was a jewel on a TV show, not to mention the “us seven” remarks. All those things were said after you all decided that Jaebeom was unfit. Then can we consider these statements to be saying that you are not concerned about Jaebeom’s morality and are only concerned about his abilities? Also, such comments about Jaebeom after a decision has been made appear to be telling lies to and deceiving fans. Then aren’t moral levels of the six members questionable also? I will ask again. When reflecting on moral levels of each member, do you really think Jaebeom is unfit to be a member of 2PM?
Taecyeon: Yes.
(Sound of fans sneering)
Q: All members must answer.
Junsu: Yes. I think he is unfit.
Multiple fans: Go on.
Q: I want answers from all members.
(Sound of irritated fans)
Q: (raises voice) Answer!
Nichkhun: Yes.
(Sound of fans demanding that the member explain his answer)
Q: Let me summarize the question for you, since you don’t seem to understand such difficult words. You all agreed on Jaebeom quitting and being terminated from 2PM on January 6th. But after that, you continued to deceive fans by commenting on him. What was the reason behind that? Aren’t you just using fans to make money, and if so, do you all really have rights to ask for love from the fans, and if so, then don’t you ever question your own morality? No yes or no, explain your thoughts.
Taecyeon: Not deceiving but more of not being able to make a decision ourselves. We made an agreement but Jaebeom was still our member and we still think of him as a good friend.
(Sound of fans sneering)
Q: (interrupting a member trying to speak) He is unfit but he is a good friend? Are you all saying that Jaebeom has moral problems but since he can rap and sing and do something he is good in terms of his abilities?
Taecyeon: I didn’t say he is a good friend in terms of his abilities, we really think Jaebeom is a good friend but since he did something wrong we cannot accept him.
(A fan tries to ask a question but host interrupts her)
Q: I want answers from all members. Taecyeon seems to be speaking for the team…
(The fan tries to ask a question again but the host keeps interrupting her)
Junsu: I will answer. Our fans must be wondering what Jaebeom did to cause such problems…
Q: (interrupts) No. I don’t want to know about his personal life, I want to talk about marketing that uses him.
Junsu: We were with Jaebeom during Again and Again and I Hate You, and even before that. So we said we thank Jaebeom when we got awards but really, when we heard of the news we thought it would be hard for Jaebeom to be 2PM’s leader anymore so that is why we made a decision.
Fan: Are you joking? Really, do you think you’re telling a joke?
Multiple fans: We want to hear from other members.
Nichkhun: What I said during the fan meeting was because I really missed Jaebeom so I said that but as we said Jaebeom couldn’t come because of what happened.
(Sound of fans sneering)
Q: Got to tell us about him not being able to come.
Nichkhun: (mumbles)
Multiple fans: Speak in English.
Host: This is a tough question and as you know, his Korean isn’t 100% so he could speak in English if you could excuse him since his Korean isn’t 100% and bad choice of vocabulary could end up not well so regarding that we will do what you want. Chansung, please speak.
Chansung: I think, a friend who is really close and is like a family member made a mistake and, I’m just saying for example here, did something bad but I don’t think it is right to talk badly about his morality or anything. I mean, even thieves have really close friends.
(Sound of fans sneering)
Fan: Is Jaebeom a thief?
Chansung: I was saying…
Fan: What a dumbass.
Chansung: So what I think is that you must be asking why did we say those things after what happened to Jaebeom, but we could say those things because he is still a good friend, and… (pause) what we’ve been saying, we could say we’re 7 and we miss him because what happened did not get announced yet and I think we can still say those. Like I miss him, he is a good friend.
(Fans laugh)
Fan: Wow, I’m getting a really good laugh out of this.
Junho: We know of course how hurt you all are. But what’s important is that I don’t think we used Jaebeom for marketing. When we were planning Heartbeat we did it wanting Jaebeom to come back and thinking he is coming back. Before January 6th, no, January 3rd, whatever program we were on or award show we were at we sang thinking about Jaebeom and him only. Really, that is not a lie. We have no reason to intentionally hurt you. I’m sure many of us miss the days when we were 7. We do too, by a lot. For us to come back like this we prepared a lot and Jaebeom practiced a lot in States and while watching videos of him dance we were thinking when he comes back, we’re going to be on the top. That is why we were giving you guys little hints, for example what I wrote in “thanks to” in our album.
Fan: Thanks to is thanks to.
Junho: But after we learned of what happened on January 3rd, even we hated him for a little while. We had made the path for him to come back…
Fan: Who made that path? We f*cking made that path.
(Sound of fans talking)
Junho: You all made the path. You made that with us. Isn’t that right?
(Sound of fans talking)
Host: Please wait until the answers are over to…
Fan: (interrupts) We cannot communicate if we keep on making reactions while a member is speaking.
(Sound of fans talking)
Fan: (continues on) We can’t hear the answers clearly and ask questions, so please do not react like this when members are answering questions.
Host: Junho, please continue.
Junho: Anyways, we all made the path. Not just the six of us but with the help from all of you. Thanks to all of you who love Jaebeom. Because we were making that path, we hated him when we heard that story and we were so sorry to you. We felt so sorry for fans who had faith in us. I was going crazy. We were together and couldn’t say anything. When we heard of what happened, all I could do is just think of the path we were making and was literally stunned for a while. If someone learns of what happened or you learn about what happened, you’d feel the same. We cannot talk about what happened because we respect Jaebeom. Those of you that are laughing, I know you think this is absurd. How do you think we felt when we heard the story? We thought you were our strength and Jaebeom’s strength so we valued you so much. I am so sad about what’s going on. You all spent about 2 years with Jaebeom. We spent from 3 to 5 years. That is why we were so sad. You might laugh at us but we are over that level, we are just plain going insane, because we can’t be with Jaebeom. The awards we received, we felt that we needed to really thank Jaebeom and all of you so we think we could mention him, at Seoul music awards that you are all concerned about.
Q: Wooyoung, please speak.
Wooyoung: I’m sorry but may I ask a question to guest who asked a question? Not only to you but everyone who are here today. Do you want us to answer just the questions you have prepared today, or do you want to just hear us talk seriously?
Multiple fans: Both.
Wooyoung: Serious talk should be answers to questions. Honestly, my heart is breaking down… (sighs) we came here today willing to invest the entire day and talk seriously with all of you. Please understand that our answers may get dragged on and we think this conference is valuable in that we can tell you our serious stories. We are really sad and heartbroken about what happened. In my case, I wasn’t good enough to be a member of 2PM, as you all know I lacked acrobatic skills or singing skills and thanks to Junho, Chansung, Taecyeon, Khun, Junsu and our leader Jaebeom I could be in 2PM. I was thankful of and felt sorry to our members each and every day because I was not good enough. We could do this together thanks to our trusty members. Even when we were hurt because of little things we tried to talk those out. Although we didn’t have any fans in the beginning but we tried and one by one we started getting those that would cheer us on. I felt really thankful and realized what it feels like to be proud. Every album we tried out best. Jaebeom can make mistakes but really, we might be able to forgive him since we trust him and you all might forgive him… yes, we forgive him. You heard it, right? We forgive Jaebeom. But we made such decision because… (pause) we are not the only ones in this world. Other countries and other nationalities. Living things. We are not the only ones in this world so we couldn’t just think about ourselves. Because we thought about others we started thinking into the future. Thought about we might feel really hurt now, but will we regret out decision in future? Those were our concerns. This decision left a crack between our fans and us. We do not want that, nor do we want a crack between Jaebeom and us. We prepared with all our heart and because of that the crack feels so wide. I spoke with all my heart but if you still feel the need to point fingers at us, please understand the feelings of us 7 of 2PM, that way we can be over this crack and together again. Those are my thoughts.
Junsu: It is obvious for you all to be angry and hate us. You all loved us so much but those kids made an absurd decision, so the words we say must be hateful and hurting. But as Junho said, think about how we would feel, and we did not give up on 2PM. We came to that decision regarding Jaebeom because we had no choice and it makes us sad. I dare say it is really sad. (raises voice) we made that decision because we had no choice but to. The reason we keep calling him a good friend is because he really is. It is above the level of something social or humane; even we can’t protect him from it. (sigh) Please understand us.
Nichkhun: It breaks my heart.
Junsu: The situation where you are angry and misunderstandings are being built, having to hold a conference is really tough. Things happen during lives. We will try our best in answering you today. Thank you.
New Q: Two questions. I would like to ask the members, when was the last time you contacted Jaebeom? What did you talk about? Does he know about this conference? Also, there are many rumours out there right now. This is really a question to the company, but to members, I heard one member was all for letting Jaebeom go and one was against it until the end. I also heard the company abandoned him because 2PM was fine without him, and admins of large fan communities are being bribed by the company. Such unspeakable rumors are out there. Members, are there any rumors you wish to explain? Company, do you plan on doing anything about these rumors/ When rumors spread they become reality and become accepted, so do you plan on doing anything about that? If the members have anything to talk about regarding the rumors, please speak up.
Taecyeon: On contacting Jaebeom, Khun texted him yesterday, to see if anything was up. They talked about the situation andon what happened online when the statement went out. Jaebeom knows of the conference. Regarding the rumours, there are lots of absurd rumors out there. Not even ones like who agreed and who disagreed, there are ones that shocked us and as Wooyoung said, we had no choice but to make such decision and there are many rumors out there but most them are made up. As statement revealed, we were waiting for him to come back starting in October and our album name was changed from “Heartbeat” to “1:59PM” because he was coming back. (sigh) It was all planned like that so abandoning him because the six of us were doing well is pretty absurd. If you have questions regarding other rumours then please ask again.
Host: You asked a question to JYPE too, but we will first let the fans and 2PM members have sufficient time to talk and later talk about questions you have for the company.
New Q: You said Jaebeom knows about the conference. Did he say anything about this?
Nichkhun: Jaebeom said he wanted to shoot some video with you, and said he is really sorry… and that’s it.
New Q: (angry voice) I would like to ask a question that is not on the questionnaire sheet. I believe I am the oldest fan here today. I am a mother with a son who is as old as the members. What I want to know is the rumor that everyone here knows of but cannot talk about. I’m sure all members know of it. Jaebeom is being talked of like a trash. You all know, right? You just can’t say it. He is like a human trash. Apparently what happened will have bigger social impact than the mistranslation that happened last year. It is already on the news. Personal problem with big social impact means termination? Reading the statement by the company, the problem is something everyone can gossip about. The members said we cannot accept him when considering not only us but what is being viewed to the society. We are fans who knew him for 2 years but you knew him for 4, 5 or 3 years and you just let go of his hand. I don’t know how big of a personal issue it is but he is a human trash on the Internet because of it. Members must know; you use the Internet daily. My son goes to the army next month. I am here today because this issue really doesn’t sound like someone else’s. I want to ask this. Jaebeom has to live his entire life with that issue haunting him unless a proper explanation is made. Wooyoung, did you say you didn’t abandon 2PM? You didn’t abandon 2PM, but the fans are about to. When a person’s heart meets with another’s then they can even accept enemies who killed their children. What kind of socially wrong thing did he do? Murder? Drugs? It was a moral slip not a criminal one. Why would he mention it to the company? I don’t know what kind of mistake he made but I don’t think this is right. On the Internet, Jaebeom is international trash. He is below human. That is all.
Taecyeon: Thank you. Who wants to answer?
Multiple fans: Everyone should.
Taecyeon: Everyone? I’m sorry; I couldn’t really hear the question.
Fan: Let me reiterate it for you.
Taecyeon: Yes, please.
Fan: (continuing on) So you don’t need to mention what Jaebeom did. But from your perspective, is Jaebeom’s wrongdoing something that is a problem because he is a celebrity or would it be a social problem even if he was not a celebrity.
Multiple fans: That’s not it…
Wooyoung: We are sorry to have made a decision when you were watching, and honestly, we are really hurt but we are still trying to make a smile. The reality hurts but, if we were to cry, we would look irresponsible. We think this is the way we can protect Jaebeom until the end. We think this is a social problem to the point where we can’t mention it or answer to your question. We can’t answer even in a conference like this where we are taking time to be hurt and question and answer. Heart and heart, that is important, faith. We think in a situation like this we can’t answer as a human and us 2PM, even in far future, until the end, until we die, we will try our best to not forget about us. Even when we get married and have kids, we won’t forget that we were 2PM, we are one. We don’t think this is the only way to defend Jaebeom. We’re not letting Jaebeom go. We are protecting him. But this is really social… (sigh) we can’t speak it with our own mouth. We are really sorry. We can say sorry because we are one and we didn’t abandon him from our heart. Please don’t misunderstand. Let’s make a promise. Not us six but us seven, and with everyone here, let us make a promise. (fans sneer) Whatever people say, we will defend him until the end. I thought that was the best we could do.
Host: So the questions are answered…
Multiple fans: (demands that the question be answered properly)
Wooyoung: Being a celebrity or not doesn’t matter. If you’re a human, if you’re a human… we can’t do much, really.
Multiple fans: (demands that the question be answered properly)
Fan: He is clueless.
Fan: Let me summarize the question for you. So you think he is a good friend but you don’t think he can be in 2PM and work with you. That was the question but you answer very vaguely.
Wooyoung: It is not vague but I can’t help it. There have been many questions and answers but there is only one answer. We made the decision because we really had no choice but to do so. I won’t ask you to understand us. We are heartbroken and it feels like facing the cold winter naked. This is tough, really.
New Q: Wooyoung mentioned that the decision was made for all 7 members of 2PM. The decision was made to protect Jaebeom but the words “personal life” were mentioned in the statement. That word is spawning many rumours so I want to know what you felt after reading the statement.
Wooyoung: The statement from our company?
Q: I’m not done yet. Also, you said it is a secret that you can take to the grave, but about criminal law…
(The fan mumbles and another fan takes over the questioning)
You said that what happened was a big problem and should not have happened. Criminal law exists to control such problems. If the problem is so large and socially wrong then it is a criminal matter, not social. Talk of morality was not even on the statement. Rumors popped up when the statement said “personal life,” and when few rumours became well-known you said that was not right, but I am really curious. What kind of problem is not criminal and only moral, but is large enough to cause this?
Taecyeon: I don’t believe we mentioned morality.
Wooyoung: Let’s say Jaebeom came back after committing a legal wrong. Would he be able to perform as 2PM? We might be able to forgive him, but the society might not. (fans yell out, he can take punishment) I said it is something that I can’t speak about. (fans yell out, he needs to receive punishment) Punish? (fans yell, yes) Punishment is for a court. We won’t punish him.
(Fans keep pointing things out and Wooyoung mumbles)
Junsu: You all are keep asking questions regarding what Jaebeom did. We’ve known Jaebeom for a long time, and we were questioning did Jaebeom really do that? It was that shocking. If you are here today because you love Jaebeom who used to be the leader of 2PM, please refrain from asking such questions. If you really love him.
That concludes the first 58 minutes of the conference. Stay tuned to allkpop for the second part.
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