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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

!ViVi Magazine 605,000 Sold #1 in History Again! TVXQ Absolute Uproar! 100227

*Note: No offence to Jonny’s fan.
This is an article written at Nikkan Gendai News.
Their main readers are adult male (businessmen etc).
So, it is written with the guy’s point of view.
Nikkan Gendai News Japan 100227
Things which the wives and children are absorbed in recently when dad comes home.  It is a Korean idol group of 5 “TVXQ” who participated in NHK’s Red and White Singing Battle lat year.  They are an absolute uproar in Japan now on days.
Woman fashion magazine “JJ” which TVXQ was displayed as a cover was all sold out last month.
In addition, another woman’s fashion magazine “ViVi” (released on February 23rd) which attached a supplement of TVXQ’s articles to a magazine had published their best 605,000 prints since its’ foundation.
And it is said to be sold out surely.
It is possible that Japanese Johnny’s women fans might be moving toward TVXQ.  There is a research that supported this flow by collecting the vote of, “Who I want to make as my lover”  at the “CDTV” (TBS), which was broadcasted on February 13th.
This research at CDTV has been carried out twice every year, in summer and in winter.  And for the previous five times, the first place was Jin Akanishi of KAT – TUN (Jonny’s),  and consecutive four times, Kazuya Kamenashi (Jonny’s KAT-TUN) kept the second place.
However, it was a member of TVXQ who won the first place this time.  And Kamenashi ranked the fourth place this time.  TVXQ members were ranked within the top ten ranking range,  and Jun Matsumoto of “Arashi (Jonny’s)” that was the seventh place until last year  did not make it to the top ten place this time.
Additionally, group of 5 idol group, “BIGBANG” also from Korea is developing a force in Japan.  Jonny’s might be feeling uneasy recently with these Korean male idol forces.
Source: Nikkan Gendai News: http://gendai.net/ +ViVi
Translated by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ.com
Shared by: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

ViVi sold 605,000 prints first time ever in their history from its’ time of foundation!
TohoshinKING did it again!

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