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Sunday, January 31, 2010

2AM, 2PM & SNSD are nuts for each other!

It seems that the members of 2AM, 2PM and SNSD are nuts for each other! Their close friendship resurfaced again with the release of SNSD’s new album OH! In the thank you & acknowledgments section of the album, YoonA, Tiffany and Sunny wrote a special thanks to the “Nuts Meetup” members.  The members of this highly prestigious club includes YoonA (Pine Nut), Sunny (Peanut), Tiffany (Almond), 2PM’s Taecyeon (Walnut) and 2AM’s Seulong (Cacao).  It is rumored that admission into the club is highly sought after, and that the waiting list to get in can be as long as 17 years!
In their new album, YoonA thanked Cacao and Walnut, Sunny gave a shout out to the Nut Meetup members and Tiffany left a longer message in which she thanked Cacao & Walnut as well as corrected that she was an almond and not a pistachio nut.
Tiffany’s correction is a reference to the thank you Taecyeon wrote in one of 2PM’s albums “And our get-together members~ Peanut, Pine Nut, and was it Pistachio?? Let’s hurry and meet up!!” Seulong have also mentioned the nut members in one of his thank yous in the past “[Thanks to] Seulong-OkOng line, I love the nuts!”
Oh Seulong, if only you knew how wrong that sounds in English.  Even still, I would have to say that I agree with him on that one because I too love the nuts.  Although the difference between us is that I don’t announce my love of nuts to the world.  This is primarily because every time I tell people that I love nuts, they always misunderstand me.  I mean I can’t have people walking around thinking that I love peanuts and almonds, yuck!
Thanks to hazyfiasco@2oneday.com for the translation.


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