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Friday, March 19, 2010

!Kangta talks about marriage and gives advice to idols

Amidst all the celebrity marriage announcements, h.o.t’s 32-year old bachelor Kangta has finally opened up about his stand on marriage.
Recently, Kangta had an interview during his photoshoot with Singles magazine and stated,
“I think I can no longer avoid thinking about marriage. I’ve started thinking about how I’ll possibly be getting married when I meet a certain person and fall in love with her. My ideal woman is someone who is disciplined with morals in her career and who gives off good vibes.”
On the topic of idols worrying about not having any privacy in their lives, Kangta stated,
“I would say, ‘Then you guys shouldn’t have become artists.’ Celebrities may sometimes seem cold-hearted, but their lifestyles are basically going wherever the fame is. If that doesn’t suit you and is hard for you, then I think it’s the same as being tired of the whole celebrity and popularity idea.”
He also added,
“There were times when I was disappointed in myself for not meeting people’s expectations. However, since I was born in Korea, not America, and received love from others, I felt that I had to accept the discomfort of my private life.”
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