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Thursday, March 11, 2010

! Music Bank PD, “Onew’s fainting incident was the most nerve wrecking incident”

KBS2 Music Bank PD Lee JaeWoo picks SHINee Onew’s fainting incident on the show as the most nerve-wrecking memory on the show for the past 1 year.

The PD was interviewed on 10th March and he was asked which was the most difficult/tiring thing that happened in the past 1 year and he answered, “It was Onew fainting and then sent to the hospital.”

Last June, Onew had fainted on the show after getting a shock from the falling of the lighting structure on the show, and with the help of the other members and their manager, he was sent to emergency at the hospital.

Even though the health examinations showed that Onew did not suffer from any major injuries, it was a nerve-wrecking incident. The PD recalls that fans had though that it was a serious accident causing Onew to have even fainted.

The PD said, “At that time, all the singers were coming together to do the closing for the show. And then the lighting structure was a little tilted and there was also sparks, Onew who had seen that received shocked and fainted.”

“I was so worried but it was fortunate that he did not suffer from any injuries” and he joked “From then on, I hated Onew”.

The PD continued, “The use of ‘broadcast accident’ has been over-used these days. The ‘mistakes’ that singers made during live broadcast like forgetting their lyrics have been called ‘broadcast accidents’. The real ‘broadcast accidents’ are those which had the production flustered and shocked.”

Meanwhile, on 12th March some of the special appearance on the show includes Epik High and F.cuz.

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