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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

![NEWS] 100309 Confirmed! "I'm Happy! by JJ!" JJ Drama Debut in Japan!

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Top two. Eita + Ueno
Below three: Jaejoong + Seki + Tamayama

Sankei Sports News
2010.3.9 04:33

It is confirmed that Jaejoong from TVXQ (24) will debut at Fuji TV's drama “Sunaoni Narenakute"
(April start, Thursday, 10.00 PM) for the first time on the 8th.

Jaejoong who played a main role of a Japan-Korea collaboration movie "Heaven's Postman"
written by a popular writer, Eriko Kitagawa (48) will debut as a Japanese actor
with the drama "Sunaoni Narenakute.”
This youth group drama of five men and women that meat through an internet communication tool "twitter" The five friends who get over the problems that each had become a true friends.
It will be co-starred by an actor, Eita (27),and an actress, Juri Ueno (23).

Jaejoong was selected to play a role of a doctor who came to Japan with his young sister
and work at a medical equipment maker company, but he is troubled with the pressure
without much business results.

Eita will play a role of a photographer; Ueno will play a role of high school substitute teacher.
There are also Tetsuji Tamayama (29), Megumi Seki (24) who play the part of the friends
who met through twitter.

Producer Toshiyuki Nakano said,

"Jaejoong have the overwhelming presence that does not bend one’s eyes.
On the other hand, he has a personality of a jocular one.
We made his role suitable to his personality."

Nakano expect great overall results.

Jaejoong mentioned,

"It is a different field from my normal activities, so I feel tense a bit, but at the same time,
I am very happy and I wish to have a great time photographing with other co-stars"

Jaejoong of TVXQ, who has a beautiful figure and a great singing ability.

His new "acting power", His popularity in Japan seems to rise even more and more!

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