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Monday, March 1, 2010

![News] 13 types of personality of Super Junior, Donghae is looking for a lover to marry with him?

Love at the first dream
Being the korean group with the most number of members, from debut until now, Super Junior has "created many miracles, and will continue creating more miracles", according to Leeteuk's words.
Because of the large number of members, the SuJu that have debuted for 4 years have already divided themselves clearly in terms of who is in charge of rapping, singing, dancing etc. As they are getting more successful in the Kpop industry, many of the members have not only done what they are in charge of initially, but tried out on various other fields. But the first dream will always continue, it will not change.
In the MC, variety shows, drama, movies and musical fields, SuJu members have done well. When they are together though, their indentify as a whole is Super Junior. Leeteuk have said during broadcast that they are preparing for 4jib, Eunhyuk also said he wants to create a nice body for 4jib. The members are gearing up, getting ready to make their comeback soon. We anticipate SuJu to appear as a complete group during Super Show 2 in Shanghai on 3rd June.

Solo? Musicals? Composing music?
The new dance student Kyuhyun
The one who has been acknowledged as the best in singing is K.R.Y. The 3 member sub unit have been silently singing behind the scenes* from the start. Besides their singing skills, K.R.Y is constantly venturing into other fields to present their other skills to others.
Having replaced Eunhyuk to be the dancing king of Super Junior once, Kyuhyun’s dancing skills is drawing much attention and being complemented by fans. During the Year End performance, Kyuhyun also danced MJ's dance. It seems like our maknae is throwing away his "black hole in dancing**" nickname and get some dancing roles in 4jib?

Dancing Ryeowook
Actually the self-claimed "maknae" Ryeowook have always wanted to have more than just a singer's image. His personality is actually a cute active little child. Ryeowook, who’s variety skills have improved a lot since 3jib, is still unsatisfied! The solo performance in Super Show definitely made him drop the quiet image, making fans shocked when he danced a hot and sexy dance. So... Ryeowook actually has a potential in dancing!

Passionate filial son Yesung
The Yesung with a unique personality and a unique way of making people laugh is always depressed that he has too many parts edited out on shows. The reason is that people do not understand his way of making people laugh. But the great performance in "Namhansansung" and the passionate solo "Resignation" in Super Show proved that Suju's main vocal has a shocking capability. Taking advantage of SuJu's popularity, he promoted his mother’s shop on his CY. His filial son's actions is well-liked by the people.

Always hardworking Donghae
The member who has been voted most hardworking by the other members. Our Donghae is actually only a 24 year old little tiger***. Always lamenting that his variety skills in not good enough, admiring Leeteuk's debating skills, admiring the quick-witted Eunhyuk, admiring Kangin's speaking ability, admiring Heechul's sharp tongue, Donghae seems very frustrated from the start, wondering why the other members can be so great on variety shows but he cannot. As the saying goes, "different people have different capabilities". Donghae's self-composed "Beautiful" surprised many fans. Dancing with Eunhyuk on stage also proved his dancing ability. Actually, not being good on variety shows is not a big deal, his composing talent can make up for it.

Musical king Sungmin
Regardless of acting as a magician, or the guitar prince that make fans go wild, the Sungmin with many abilities keeps giving us different surprises. But this all-round prince is said as "the one with the lowest sense of existence" by Leeteuk on Kiss The Radio, and is even agreed by Eunhyuk. On shows, Sungmin is quieter as compared to the other members. No wonder the rest have been thinking how to boost Sungmin's "sense of existence." Another thing worth mentioning is, Sungmin and Yesung acted in musical "Hongildong" which will be shown in Feburary. Thinking about their musical and singing skills, it is quite interesting!

*It means that they do not have much attention drawn to them so they are somehow like "singing behind the scenes".
** Directly translated from Chinese to English. Basically, it's a nickname for someone who's bad at dancing.
*** He's born in the year of a Tiger, hence calling him a little tiger.

MC? DJ? Gag comedian?
In an interview during debut times, Leeteuk, Kangin and Shindong used an MC status to introduce themselves to others. From the starting of M!Countdown, to SuJu's very own Super Show. The MC trio grabbed all the chances there were to accumulate experience, using "I want to be the best MC" as a goal to diligently persevere until now.
All round entertainer Leeteuk
Leader Leeteuk is the most outstanding. Quick reaction, great articulation skills, funny entertaining ability. In every show, he will grab the opportunity to become the MC. Under the lead of this all round entertainer leader, it's no wonder SuJu is recognised as the entertaining group.

Absolutely great articulation Kangin
Being appointed as the one with most words by other artistes on shows, Kangin is recognised as the one with great articulation in SuJu. The 2009 popular "We Got Married" showed us the always smiling, seemingly heartless guy's romantic side.

Cute round Shindong
Round round Shindong received a lot of comments about his size from debut until now, tried very hard to diet and had a visible result. But round Shindong is very cute, right? I reckon the one that little kids in "Bobobo" love the most is round Shindong hyung. If asked which MC is most popular among Korean kids, our Shindong would be one of the top. Shindong said on a show once that because there are many members, there are strong debates because of different persectives. Using Heechul's words to explain, we understand that because these debates exist, SuJu can improve and realise the other fields they excel at.

Asia's anchovy Eunhyuk
Our anchovy of Asia - Eunhyuk. Naturally, if you want to keep up with the rest, you cannot relax! Ever since he DJ-ed Kiss The Radio with Leeteuk, Eunhyuk seemed to have been influenced a lot by Leeteuk. Although he is SuJu's dancing machine, or even one of Kpop industry's top dancing machine, our anchovy of Asia made variety his second field of development. From the time he MC-ed "Exploration of Human Body", Eunhyuk have always used the anchovy way of making people laugh. For results, just watch Teukigayo and you will know.
Singers? Actors? Entertainers?
Actor Heechul, Siwon and Hankyung
Heechul, Siwon and Kibum are the three who acted first. Kibum"s "
Yulin's growing up diary* Sharp 2" and Heechul's "Rainbow Romance". Both can be considered as the ones with heavy roles. Siwon filmed "A Battle of Wits". Hankyung, being one of the better dancers, wanted to show his capabilities too. Needless to say about the surprises we received when watching "Stage Of Youth", even the few seconds of appearing in Zhang Li Yin's MV with Siwon is acted out with their full potential.

The new appearance of Kibum
Unable to join the group for 3jib, Kibum presented his new work on 21st Feburary. Being limited to outdoors, limited to needing to survive for 3 months on the filming site, Kibum had a better understanding with the other actors and improved his acting skills. When promoting "Jumunjin", he did not forget the ELFs who have waited very long for him, reassuring that he have never thought of leaving Super Junior". Actually, in ELF's heart, as long as you believe actor Kibum is SuJu's member Kibum, it will be fine.


Words at top left:
"In the new year, let us start from the beginning. Leave all the bad things behind, and let us face a tomorrow with greater challenges together." 31st December 2009, Donghae left these words on his CY. This year, SJ will set out again with 4jib, what kind of surprises will Donghae have? We will anticipate!

At the bottom:
Looking for X'mas
Last year's Christmas eve in KTR, Eunhyuk revealed that Donghae decorated the Christmas tree alone in the dorm. Maybe it's because the members living in the 11th floor are too lazy, there was only a Christmas ytee on the 12th floor. Hardoworking Donghae thus automatically hung some things on the Christmas tree, and even put on lightings on the Christmas tree. But Eunhyuk felt that Donghae was weird decorating the tree alone, totally neglecting the good intentions of Donghae.
Looking for Marrriage
24 year old Donghae started to think about his marriage already. "The dream I want to fufil the most is to marry early. I want to have a family, maybe around 31 or 32 years old." Regarding his ideal girl, Donghae's type is always changing. When "Full House" was popular, he was attracted to Song Hyekyo, but afterwards he liked girls with personalities similar to Kim Haneul.
Looking for Lover
Donghae's first love is with someone older than him, loved her truly, but separated because of the age difference. After breaking up, Donghae still did not forget her. Feeling sad for years, until now, the realationship have become a beautiful memory. "If I have a girlfriend, I will bring her to Mokpo, I will show her the place I live and grow up in." Donghae admitted that he is someone who feels lonely easily, loves to be protected and taken care of. When he eats, he cannot eat alone, he needs someone to accompany him.

Credit: 牛奶小雯@宝蓝阁 / Milk.Wen
Translation: MondayRomance at Sj-world.net
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  1. Awww, I love you Donghae! You're too sweet! Exactly my type of guy, someone who wants his girlfriend to be beside him always. Your future wife must be very very lucky to have you!


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