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Monday, March 1, 2010

!Jaebeom has plans for AOM album feature and ABDC audition?

It’s been revealed that Jaebeom might be singing for his friend ChaCha’s upcoming album. ChaCha, a fellow member of Art of Movement (the bboy crew that Jaebeom is a part of) and R&B artist, has been revealing information regarding an upcoming album. The following message was recently posted on Daum’s Tellzone, attracting the attention of many 2PM fans:

Thank you all for subscribing or befriending me on youtube! I’ll try and make time soon to skim through all of your questions, so I can answer them with genuine consideration! If you were wondering, I plan to release a solo album in June 2010 ‘CHA CHA MALONE – TWENTY TEN’ as an unsigned artist and \Jay will be featured on the album with his new and improved voice! He can sing even better now!
So be on the lookout for some fresh new music!!! I love telling stories of experiences in my life, through songs and usually choose not to sing about the pointless things. If you enjoy music that references real life situations, please support the album when it comes out :D You won’t be sorry! –CHACHA
Considering the first sentence of this note, this message was presumably posted on ChaCha’s official Youtube site. However, a quick check on his personal sites as well as Art of Movement’s pages indicates no evidence of this message, so it’s not completely clear whether this message really came from ChaCha or not. Regardless, ChaCha’s upcoming album has been confirmed and has generated much interest already.
Furthermore, rumors have been circulating that Art of Movement may try out for America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC), a widely popular show featuring dance crews from across the States in a reality-show-like format. These rumors were further confirmed by Nichkhun, who reportedly said at the Feb 27 conference, “I texted Jay … He said he might appear on ABDC, but I told him to just go to school.”
Either way, I’m sure many fans will consider these updates to be quite bittersweet. We’ll sum up this article with a message that AOM has posted on their Facebook page:
It’s great that Jaebeom is getting his act together, but do you think he should be doing that with 2PM instead? Tell us your thoughts!

Source: Allkpop

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