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Saturday, March 20, 2010

![news] Daesung 10 Part AsiaE Interview Part 9- "The boy who's as sharp as a dagger on the inside"

Daesung is always smiling. But he’s as sharp as a dagger on the inside.

”I can be angrily determined too. I’ve been practising my acting lately for the drama ‘What’s Up’, and my acting teacher told me that I’m as sharp as a dagger on the inside though I’m always smiling. ”

He’s also has a subtle greed. We can see this when we look at his past experiences of singing, variety, musicals and now a drama.

”’The President asked me first about ‘Family Outing’, ‘Music Core’, and the musical. He said I’d been given the opportunity to take part, so do I think I can. Seungri had started musicals before me so I’d gone to watch ‘Sonagi’[shower (like rain shower not shower shower)] before. It was the first time I’d ever watched a musical and I liked the atmosphere so much that I thought to myself that I wanted to do one too some day. When the offer came in, I knew I definitely didn’t have enough practice time but I got greedy and grabbed the chance while it was there.”

He always gazes far into the future. He loves his fans too bits, but he’s always cautious never to become trapped in the small world they’ve made for him.

”When you’re a celebrity, it’s easy to become trapped in the small world made by your fans. There are actually quite a lot of people like that. I don’t think I should live like that, immersed in my own little world. I think there are times when I have to look at my life from a step back.”

He has a strong determination not to fall behind others. He tries to be confident, even deliberately forcing himself to be sometimes.

“Dad tells me that noone can beat the stubbornness of the Kang family. If I’m absolutely sure that what I’m doing is the right way to go, I don’t pay much attention to what people around me might tell me. I’ll think to myself “I don’t need to pay particular attention to this.’ I think if I’m given a job to do, it has to be flawless so I don’t regret it later.”

But even so, Daesung is really optimistic. YG Entertainment’s President Yang Hyun Seok seems to have paid attention to this aspect of him as well. He picked Daesung’s personality as the most important thing when he chose him as a trainee for having a pretty smile.

“It’s all thanks to my mum. Mum’s been telling me ‘Think on the bright side’ over and over again since I was little.”

He pays close attention to everything his sunbaes [seniors] say to him. He keeps them in his mind and uses them to reflect on himself and help him mature more. He is growing so much under the influence and advice of his huge sunbaes in the entertainment industry, like Yang Hyun Seok, Yoo Jae Seok, Kang Ho Dong, Yoon Jong Shin and Lee Hyori.

Trans Credits: sjay.x @ BBVIP.net

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