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Sunday, March 14, 2010

![News] Wonder Girls Aren’t Afraid Of Becoming “Nobody”!


Gaining much success through their hit single “Nobody”, South Korea quintets, Wonder Girls, arrived in Singapore with their newest member HaeRim, for a commercial trip. HaeRim also revealed that she’s feeling nervous & excited about this trip.
Mobile brand Sony Ericsson had gotten themselves a new Digital Brand Ambassador, Wonder Girls, & these girls specially flown into Singapore for a Regional Media Launch. At the appreciation dinner, the Wonder Girls even flaunt their dance moves, teaching the audience how to dance the “Nobody” dance. The 5 of them showed their charisma; the atmosphere at the dinner were also lightened up.
After performing 3 songs, Wonder Girls were then arranged for a local media interview. What concerned them (the media) the most is about the newest member to the group, HaeRim (Lim). Originally, Wonder Girls consisted members, Sunye, Ye Eun, Sohee, Sunmi, Yubin. However, with a sudden announcement from Sunmi, deciding to leave the group to further her studies, untill completing her high school. New member, HaeRim, recently first appeared in a commercial film ads to the audience, however, her first performance with the group was back in China, also for a Sony Ericsson event while Singapore being the 2nd stop.
HaeLim revealed that:”I have so much more to learn, & catch up with the other members. Sometimes, I felt nervous, but really excited to be part of this.”
As for working with a new member, Ye Eun said:”It definitely takes time to build our chemistry together. We’re really happy that she could join us, she’s really talented. We’ll be working hard even more.”
“Song is even more popular than the Wonder Girls itself is definitely a good thing”
Wonder Girls’ representative song “Nobody” has succeeded in capturing much attention & popularity over many different countries. When someone asked “Do you think that the song “Nobody” are even more popular than the Wonder Girls?”, the girls firmly replied:”It is a good thing, being a singer/musican, we should be expressing our thoughts & feelings through our music. & “Nobody” has did it, it means we’ve achieved it.”
“The reason why “Nobody” is so popular?”
Yubin laughed & said:”I don’t really know… perhaps its the catchy tune, furthermore, it has those 60s retro kind of unqiue “taste” in it.” Sunye added:”This song is suitable for the young & old, it is easy for everyone to sing & dance along. We really am thankful for all the people liking that song.”
{source: lianhe zaobao}
Credits: wonderfulsworld

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