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Sunday, March 14, 2010

![News] 'SHOCK' story- the Real Beast

Six member male group, BEAST and their new song "SHOCK" came back with their shocking new concept. Their latest second mini-album, called "Shock Of The New Era" was released alongside their new strong performance with a beast-ly feel. "We come back as real men," all the six members agreed of the changes.
▶ Stage Life

After their debut in October Last Year, Beast has been running without a break towards their goal to be the best. By grabbing attention with "Bad Girl" and "Mystery" on their debut, they're rising one step higher with the greed to be bigger.

"In preparation for this album, we spent a lot of nights practicing... We came up with choreography, hair, clothes and everything else. We are ready to come back to the stage after this much of stress..." (Yang Yo Seob)

The youngest, Son Dong Woon, showing powerful dance moves that reflects excessive enthusiasm and also their revealing costumes, to Yong Jun hyung's thigh muscles problem that involves hospital. Also Leader Yoon Doo Joon who danced heavily caused an injury to his chin. All has been revealed.

"We try to leave behind our boyish image and shifting to manly, overflowing with power kind of image. Our choreography is supposed to show this. Don't You feel the power? (laughter)" (Lee Ki Kwang)

HyunSeung, who wish to highlight his presence among the other six members, said that he had done something special.His style secrets was build by reading many fashion magazines.

"From Make Ups until clothing styles, (I) decided them myself. I put more thought into make up than any other member did, including the bold asymmetrycal hair on the screen, but then the end vote says it doesn't work that well."
▶ Yoon Doo Joon- Lee Ki Kwang Variety-Acting challenge

Yoon DooJoon has been famous through his impersonation of the announcer Hwang Su Gyeong on MBC 'Sebakwi' and KBS2TV 'Star Golden Bell'. He is currently a regular on MBC "Sunday Sunday Night - Danbi".

"To tell you the truth, at first the shooting of 'DanBi' was very tiring. It's very hard to fit in with the seniors, and also exhausting to work on it while doing Musical activities. But now, I really enjoy it."

A few broadcasts ago, Fin.kl Sung Yuri came as a guest star. Despite showing a strong crush on her, Yoon Doo Joon did not manage to get her contact number. He said, "Yuri Noona*'s (*T/N : Elder Sister) stylist sent a message to me 'After seeing the broadcast, we're sorry' " and DooJoon ended it with a laugh.

Lee Ki Kwang who's starring as SeHo on MBC Sitcom 'High Kick Through the Roof', now is trying to challenge
the variety world by joining MBC 'night' new corner, 'Hot Brothers' and was picked as one of the fixed MC on the first recording. "My character did not make a significant incident but I've learned a lot. His character and wits makes me feel more confident."
▶ Happiness of rehearsal with girl groups.

Early March, Beast moved to a bigger dorm. They have to wake up at dawn, the bathroom line already shortened the time to get ready.

"We can play in the living room. I hope I do not feel too comfortable playing in the house. (laughter)" (Lee Ki Kwang)

Jang Hyun Seung explains, "It's in the south east. Lighting and ventilation are excellent, and of course the funnest part is that it's overlooking the Han River."

From moving to new album, these boys still have a further goal to achieve. "We want to get number 1 but that's not significant now. We want BEAST's music to be known by our own color." (Yoon Doo Joon)

Boy groups want to be as big as the girl groups nowadays. "Girl groups are strong. But we will rise again. Of course we are happy to have activities at the same time with girl group. When we watch the girl group members doing their dry rehearsal intensely, the broadcast seemed more interesting. (laughter)" (Jang Hyun Seung)

CREDITS: joins (SOURCE); giggle.@B2ST Rising (TRANS)

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