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Friday, March 19, 2010

![NEWS]Daesung: “If only I had a girlfriend to text…”

Daesung has been lonely lately. This is because he lost his cellphone during the car crash so he’s no longer in touch with his old friends, who he’d managed to maintain an unsteady but existent relationship with.
”When we were preparing our debut, I was so busy that I couldn’t contact my friends much. But I kept thinking of them after ‘Lies’ became a hit. I would feel lonely when everyone went out and I was left alone on our days off.”
After ‘Lies’ brought them to a slight a higher ground, Daesung was finally able to relax enough to look around him. But he says there was noone left.
He felt sorry to all the friends he had become distant with during the harsh training for his debut, so he subtly contacted them. Of course his old friends would understand his situation and take him back.
”My friends said they understood. I felt so bad. Whenever I saw one of my friends’ names while going through my cellphone, I missed them so much but I couldn’t call cos just so much time had passed.”
During their breaks, he contacted a lot of his old friends. But that damn car crash not only left Daesung with 8 weeks worth of injuries, but stole all his friends’ numbers from him as well.
”My phone went missing after the accident. I was knocked out so I don’t remember where it went, so now I can’t call my friends when I want to. Not to mention my yearbook’s disappeared somewhere too…”
He has found great joy showing his talents to the world and gaining fans and much love while performing as a singer. But living as a famous celebrity isn’t easy, even for Daesung.
”I used to really like walking. I loved to walk while listening to music. I feel a little confined and frustrated because I can’t walk anywhere I want like I used to. When I go home on the holidays, I walk around for a while with my face covered before going into the house.”
It hasn’t been that long since the members all got their own rooms. Three months ago, he shared rooms with Seungri. Although they’ve never clashed or anything and they do find each others’ presence natural now, he’s so happy now that he has his own room. Everyone needs their own personal space, right?
”I never leave my room nowadays. (laughs) Even when I eat I’ll order something from my room and eat it there. I think I spent most of my time alone watching movies though. I like sad, emotional, romantic movies. I’m not really into comedies when it comes to movies, but I like variety shows. Watching movies alone at night is so much fun.”
Daesung has been thinking lately that he wants to make friends. He’s close with many hyungs and noonas [older guys/girls]from ‘Family Outing’, but he wants to meet friends his age too.
”I can’t tell whether my cellphone is a watch or a phone. Sometimes I’ll leave my phone with some of the company people because of a concert or something, and when I get it back later I don’t have a single text. ㅠㅠ I wish I could have a girlfriend to even just exchange text messages.”
”I even watched the New Year countdown alone this year. I thought Youngbae hyung would be with me so I purposely didn’t make any special plans but I ended up watching it by myself. I watched them count 3, 2, 1 and ring the bell, then I turned off my TV, prayed and went to sleep.ㅠㅠ”

Translation:  sjay.x@BBVIP

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