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Monday, March 1, 2010

!Part two of the fan meeting by Fortyninepointfive Bananas

**This is the next 37 minutes of the 4-hour-long audio file. Transcriptions courtesy of Fortyninepointfive Bananas.

Hi everyone,
I’m still overwhelmed at the response I’ve received, and I can only hope that my humble tumblr provides some of you with some comfort and (hopefully) trustworthy information. I’m doing all of this on my own, sitting in my dorm room here in the US, so you really only have my word that I’m doing these translations as best as I can, but it’s all I can offer you. I promise, on my love for our lovely shoo shoo leadja (슈슈~), that what I write will, to the best of my ability, be an accurate translation. I have no agenda, and I’m not here to convince anybody. I just want to provide as much information to non-Korean-speaking 2PM fans as possible.
part one (first 90 minutes)
  • Q: A girl says she went to her English professor and asked him about Jay’s Myspace comments, and how bad the insults really were. He said that Jay’s words could in not reasonably be interpreted as a condescending post against Korea (my own note: really, this is exactly what she said. But we all speak English here… I love Jay, but it certainly wasn’t crazy to find his post about Korea a bit negative, let’s be real now), and that it would be ridiculous to think of it this way. So why couldn’t JYP hire an English expert to explain the proper translation to the public and protect Jaebeom?
  • JYP REP: “We tried, but people did not listen.” *Laughter and sarcastic comments* He continued, “Though you may not believe us, we responded to this situation as fast as we could, but it got out of hand. We cannot control what other people write, or the media…[the tape gets fuzzy] We do think that those words (i.e. what Jay wrote on his myspace) can be easily misunderstood. And ultimately we can’t control what outside people (i.e. netizens, media) do. And from an outside, external perspective, it is impossible to know how we truly tried to hold him close and protect him…[more static]. As I expressed to you before, this place where we are today, this is a truly heartbreaking and distressing place for all of us to be.”
  • Q: People have been saying that Jaebeom was kicked out of Korea and was made by JYP to promise he would not come back to do activities here. If this is not true, if Jaebeom wants to come back, but if it is true that there is some mistake in his past that cannot be revealed, but even so Jaebeom decides he wants to take responsibility for it and make a comeback in Korea, and if JYP can’t allow him to come back through JYP, but Jaebeom agrees to go through a different entertainment company, is JYP not going to prevent this from happening? (OMG most convoluted question EVER. Basically she asked: If Jay wants to come back to Korea to sing and dance after taking responsibility for his big personal mistake, he can’t come back through JYP. But if he wants to come back through a different company, will JYP block his return?).
  • JYP REP: I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking, but as I said before, Jaebeom isn’t contracted with any CFs or companies or productions, so he doesn’t have any penalties… [Fans interrupted, saying, that’s not our question, actually, we’re asking about an entertainment company]. JYP REP: There is no clause or contract to prevent him from doing whatever he wants in Korea. If he wants to make contracts with any party, we have nothing to do with that and will not stop it.

Read the rest of the translations HERE at the writer's blog.


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