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Monday, March 1, 2010

!Hottests reveal incriminating photos of 2PM members

As fans and readers know, 2PM’s Junsu made headlines last year when Thai performer Waii claimed to have been in a relationship then with the hottie, then broken up with him because of the public. This rumor was unofficially denied by a JYPE rep via Twitter (with hints of a lawsuit), but unearthed photos linking Waii to megastar Rain (an ex-JYPE artist) and CUBE Entertainment have cast a shadow of doubt on the whole matter. Junsu himself denied even knowing Waii, but this recently unveiled photo indicates otherwise:

Now, defenders can argue that we obviously don’t know for sure that this guy is Junsu, but this is pretty incriminating evidence.
Furthermore, a photo of what looks like a possibly intoxicated Taecyeon Seulong (2AM) and Wooyoung with some girls has been revealed:

Another photo has been unearthed, revealing 2PM’s (underaged) maknae Chansung allegedly drinking alcohol. These photos were supposedly taken in September 2006, making him sixteen at the time:
So why the sudden surge of unfortunate photos being released by 2PM fans of all people? It’s been said that many Korean Hottests kept these photos from being released to the public in order to protect 2PM; however, after the now-infamous Jaebeom conference (in which a rep unwisely asked fans why they hadn’t protected their idols), many damaging photos and quotes have been revealed.
It took four days for Jaebeom to go from one of Korea’s top idols to an exiled young man; it’s taken only three for 2PM (or 1:59PM, depending on your stance) to reach this low point in their careers.


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