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Thursday, March 25, 2010

!A super fun night [SS2 In Malaysia]

By  Ng Suzhen

Super Junior
13 JUNIORS: There were too many members on stage and no one noticed that three were missing from the line-up
What would you do if your favourite singer of all time was standing right next to you during a concert?
All just a dream? Not so for fans of Korea's Super Junior group who performed last Saturday night at the Putra Indoor Stadium, thanks to concert organiser Redstar Presents and event manage­ment company Marctensia.
Not only were the fans serenaded up close by these good-looking Ko­rean boys on the really huge RM6 mil­lion stage - some of the fans even got the chance to see them in close proximity as they surprised everyone by appearing amongst the crowd.
Considering Super Junior's popular­ity and the normally tight security on an act as huge as them, that stunt alone made every sen spent on tickets worthwhile.
Fans were dazzled by their appear­ance, no one seemed to really mind that three of the 13 were missing from the line-up. The excited screams were so deafening, we were surprised that the stadium did not shatter to pieces.
Unfortunately for The Malay Mail, we had a hard time trying to keep track of who was where with the huge line-up and stage. Constantly keeping count of the number of boys perform­ing on stage became some sort of an obsession after a while.
Super Junior
THEY DON'T JUST SING: Super Junior included skits in their performances
Not only did they perform as their main Super Junior group, they had solo performances and enter­tained the crowd in their sub units as well, which included K.R.Y and Super Junior M. For the uninitiated, the 13 members of Super Junior would sometimes be split up to form these sub units in order to cater to different audiences.
K.R.Y is targeted at a more mature audience group while Super Junior M performs in Mandarin.
The stage meanwhile, was also put to good use by Super Junior's scream­ing admirers.
Various gifts of cuddly soft toys and artificial flowers made out of fabric were constantly seen being thrown up the stage in the hopes that at least one Super Junior member might accept it.
No bras and pant­ies were spotted, however, which goes to show that Malaysian fans are in­deed a well-mannered bunch.
We went into the con­cert initially thinking that Super Junior was just a bunch of boys prancing around with their good looks.
However, we have to admit that we were thoroughly enter­tained that night. Not only were Su­per Junior good dancers and not-bad singers, they managed to tickle the funny bones too.
By the end of the night, we were rooting for our own favourite to come serenade us at our corner.
Dressing up as teenage girls and act­ing out a short skit was part of the highlights of the night.
While Hottest Baby (yes, each of them has their own moniker) Kyu Hyun sang Puff the Magic Dragon, the rest of the members acted out the story of friendship between a baby (Cutie pie Shin Dong with bib and pacifier) and Puff the dragon (with the Dangerous Cinderella Hee Chul complete with a dragon suit).
The rest of the members doubled up as bad guys trying to hurt the baby and the dragon. They include The Living Work of Art (Si Won), The Bubbly Boy (Ye Sung), Lovable Blur­ness (Ryu Wook), Ultimate Sweetness (Sung Min), Bejewelled (Eun Hyuk), Sexy Fishy (Dong Hae) and Fallen An­gel (Lee Teuk).
For a while, we thought that Kyu Hyun and Dong Hae were the most popular among the group. That is, until we realised that all close-ups of each person garnered the same ear-deafening screams from fans.
Altogether, a total of 35 songs were sung throughout the three-hour show, which included the big hit Sor­ry, Sorry and Supergirl.

Credit :http://www.mmail.com.my/content/31002-super-fun-night

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