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Thursday, March 25, 2010

!Super Junior Worked Its Magic in Malaysia!

IF you have never been to a Super Junior concert, then be warned: the electrifying South Korean sensation can jolt you with their heart-thumping, ear-throbbing act.
Super Junior played to a sell-out crowd at The 2nd Asia Tour Super Show 2 Live in Malaysia 2010 in Putra Stadium Bukit Jalil in Selangor last Saturday night.
Some 15,000 ELFs (short for Ever Lasting Fans, referring to Super Junior fans) screamed and waved glowsticks in their official colour – pearl sapphire blue – throughout the concert.
One really needs powerful lungs, strong arms and boundless energy to be an ELF. And, yes, perhaps be half-deaf as well. My ears are still ringing from hearing “Super Junior saranghae!” (“Super Junior, I love you” in Korean) repeatedly at the concert.
The concert began at 7pm with performances by local Mandopop duo Thomas Jack – who were accompanied by eight dancers – and teen singer Iqwal. The South Korean group made its entrance at 8pm.
As the boys emerged at different locations around the specially built stage, fans went into an ear-splitting screaming frenzy and the concert venue literally throbbed with excitement.
Also known as SuJu or SJ, the South Korean act delivered 35 songs in Korean, Mandarin and English during the four hour-long concert.
Opening with their fast numbers – ThirstyUIt’s YouShe’s Dangerous – the guys showcased their various dance skills through high-energy dance choreography to tunes that were often punctuated with colourful blasts of pyrotechnics.
Super Junior did not even need to have that many choreographed sets; they stole their fans’ hearts with their playful nature.
Realising their infectious charm, the boys effortlessly worked their magic on the crowd. When they left the stage, even video clips of the boys had a similar effect on fans.
One of the highlights had the 10 members introducing themselves individually in the most entertaining manner: The Dangerous Cinderella Heechul, The Living Work of Art Siwon, Hottest Baby Kyuhyun, The Bubble Boy Yesung, Loveable Blurness Ryuwook, Ultimate Sweetness Sungmin, Bejeweled Eunhyuk, Sexy Fishy Donghae, Cutie Pie Shindong and Fallen Angel Leeteuk.
It was a shame that Kang-in, Kibum and Han Geng were unable to join their bandmates. Still, the 10 boys easily brought the house down with their mischievous antics.
The specially built RM6mil stage was shaped like the Chinese charactertian (which means field): resembling a square box enclosing a T-cross in the middle, with die-hard fans tightly packed into four separate grids.
The interesting stage itself featured even more surprises as the boys could make their entry and exit at various points. Watching them appear and disappear from different directions added a delightful element of surprise. As promised during a media conference held some two-and-a-half hours before the concert, several of the boys appeared dressed up as girls towards the end of the show.
With fans clamouring for an encore, the boys emerged wearing cute headgear and obliged fans with songs like Pajama Party and Carnival. They even aimed waterguns at fans and cast all sorts of knick-knacks, which the crowd happily grabbed to keep as souvenirs.
Before taking their leave, Super Junior revealed that they were in the midst of preparing their new album, and thanked fans for their steadfast support over the years.
Their concert tickets reported record-breaking sales with the RM138 tickets completely sold out within two hours of the presale itself. The RM238 tickets were sold out in less than a week. That left fans to scramble for the RM458 tickets in the rock pitt, which put them practically within reach of the boys as the stage was built embracing the standing zone.
Debuting in 2005, Super Junior comprises 13 members, which makes them the biggest boyband in the world. The boys have 19 releases to their name, including studio and live albums as well as singles, compilations, soundtrack and various other collaborations.
Singing in Korean, Japanese and Mandarin, Super Junior easily appeals to music fans across Asia.
Super Junior The 2nd Asia Tour Super Show 2 Live in Malaysia 2010 was organised by Redstar Presents and managed by Marctensia with SM Entertainment and Dream Maker as concert supervisors.
Thanks to Nadya_Dyana @twitter in Malaysia for the tip… :)
Source: star online
cr: skyseto@thestar.com.my
Taken from : http://koreanupdates.com

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