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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

![TRANS] 100315 Jaejoong Sunao Ni Narenakute update from fujitv

For his first continuous drama, Jaejoong said
“For the first time I will be in a Japanese drama. It’s really a different work field than I usually have so I’m really nervous but I hope that I can have fun with the casts and film. I will do my best so please take care of me!” it seems that he is excited to crank in.

The producer who casted Jaejoong, Nakano also said
“Jaejoong has this overwhelming power of his existence that feels you can’t take your eyes off him, even through the screen. When wanting to make a new fresh youth group, I knew that a character like him will be needed. But when I met him in person, he was a humorous guy and his character is made to be like him. His is learning Japanese and acting right now and when going inside of the great actors I think he will make a wonderful chemical reaction.”
Tohoshinki is a Korean dance-vocal group and of course in Korea they are popular but in Japan they debuted in 2005 April and making it to the top stars. The Oricon ranking that was announced on 2/23 their first best album sold 413000 copies and made a record for Asian men artists. Jaejoong the guy who is in charge of the main part, he has a face as beautiful as a women and a frankness personality and a always caring for his members. Their personality is one of the reasons for their popularity.

This time what Jaejoong is going to challenge is, Eita who plays the new cameraman Nakaji, Ueno Juri playing a part time teacher at a private high school Haru, and Seki Megumi playing Haru’s best friend Peach, Tamayama Tetsuji playing the leader Rinda who meets Jaejoong the Doctor through out Twitter. Haru’s words on twitter support him and starts to have feelings for her. Please look forward to the Actor Jaejoong!

credit: fujitv
trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun

shared by : Dbsknights

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