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Thursday, June 3, 2010

!Fan Report – Location Place for “Sunanare” 100602

An article from a Japanese blog
I know I’ve kept everyone waiting m(_ _ )m
Sorry for the delay in posting the article.
This is “The Sunanare Location Place Excursion! Visiting places related to Park Songsu♪ Shiodome, Higashi Ginza, and Shibuya”
Let’s go!!

After taking lunch at Tamachi Chegoya,
(T/N: a Korean restaurant again related to Sunanare. The blog author visited the restaurant before the afternoon excursion. Hope I had enough time to translate all the information…)
we went to the place where doctor gave Haru a hug.
That place…I know many should know the place by just looking at the scene.
I knew that place, too!!
The place is Shiodome, where Nippon Television Network Corporation (which greatly supports Tohoshinki) is locatied. Let’s go!
Getting off at Shinbashi station (Yamanote Line), and walking towards Shiodome…
Since it is Shiodome, there were many coporate employees and female office workers.
Together with K-san and Yu-chan, we were taking pictures talking, “Is this angle correct?” “This is the right one!”, etc.
Many were staring at us, but when we 3 get together, there isn’t anything to be afraid of.
Was this the place where Doctor hugged Haru?
We were comparing the capped image and the places many times, standing in the same place.
I’m sorry that my caps are not so clear.
Next time, Doctor, can you hug me instead of Haru?
Yu-chan said “The café where Doctor knelt down on the ground in front of Linda is in Ginza~” so we started our research right there.
The name of the café is “Café Serre”, a very fashionable café just near the Higashi Ginza Station.
Please click here for details.
Looking at the map, we walked from Higashi Ginza Station, and searched for the café…
There it was! It is on the 2F of ADK Shouchiku Square.
Going in from the front entrance, there was a big & smart staircase. When you go up the stairs, you can find the café.
There were people resting on the stairs, waiting for someone, and there were many industry participants.. maybe we came to the wrong place, but we had the nerve to go inside.
It was just after lunch time, around 14:00, so there were not many people in the café.
K-san was bold enough to ask “Where did Jaejoong sit?” The floor manager (with a wry smile) took us to the seat saying “I think here.” K-san again asked “What did Jaejoong drink?” but his answer was “Since the shooting took place in the early morning before the café opened, so we do not know what they drank. When we came, there were many cans of coffee drinks, so they may have drank coffee.”
(few sentences omitted)
We took pictures of Doctor’s seat.
(few sentences omitted)
We drank tea, and then, time was up for K-san and Yu-chan. They went back home.
I had to go to another important place, so I went to Sunanare’s holy place, Shibuya.
This is the place where Haru waited for Nakaji.
(few sentences omitted)
(other sentences omitted)
Source: Ito-channo hamatterumono
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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