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Monday, June 21, 2010

[NEWS] With Jaebum's return, the industry has gotten noisy again, Jay fans vs 2PM fans

With Jaebum's return, the Korean music industry has gotten noisy once more
He himself must clarify his reason for expulsion

Jaebum, the 'hot potato' of the industry, has returned and the once quiet Korean music industry has gotten noisy once more. On the 18th, Incheon Airport turned into turmoil with the arrival of Jaebum. The '2PM Jaebum termination controversy' had been floating in the industry for quite some time but has finally come back to the surface. Hardcore Jaebum fans are once again bringing the conspiracy behind Jaebum's withdrawal back to attention.

There are a lot of wild rumors about Jaebum running rampant. The situation has currently reached a point where it's embarrassing to even say the kinds of hateful rumors that have spread far and wide so far. Regardless, Jaebum's former agency, JYP Entertainment, has not said anything regarding this. It's easy to understand the reason for their silence. JYP Entertainment has already become a 'malicious company' because of Jaebum's fans. No matter what rationale JYPE uses to clarify, it will only further stimulate the already agitated fans. Fans are even using JYPE's head leader, Park Jinyoung, and his private life problems to further their arguments.

The only person with the key to solve this controversy is Jaebum. There have been many criticisms brought forth now that Jaebum has entered Korea and a lot of them are demanding him for a clarification. By just completely ignoring such a big controversy and choosing to bury it by promoting his movie instead makes him look completely selfish. Judging from what he wrote on his homepage before his departure, it seems as if the possibility of Jaebum making a detailed statement on the problem is slim. However, if Jaebum wishes to officially continue his career in the nation, he must solve the misunderstanding amongst the fans in whatever way possible.

Jaebum fans 2PM fans remain on opposing sides. The feud is so deep that it becomes impossible to believe that they were once the same root. It has come to the point where Jaebum has asked his fans, "I love 2PM and support them. I hope the fandoms stop fighting and respect each other." However, to hardcore fans, such words fall on deaf ears. There have been a flow of reports to various press agencies about 2PM Taecyeon fans illegally using and pirating social security numbers in order to fabricate public opinion on internet message boards. (*click on url for more details)

Jaebum fans have shown that they will believe in their star unconditionally. By using these fans, Jaebum's associates have been promoting positive public opinion on the internet. They have also been continually promoting an obscure movie with an ambiguous identity, 'Hype Nation,' nonstop. For now, Jaebum will be staying in Korea for over two months in order to film 'Hype Nation.'

Sports World, Journalist Kim Yongho

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