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Monday, June 7, 2010

!Xiao S, Wang Lee Hom recommend “The Most Hardworking Newcomer”: Yen-J

After releasing his debut album [Thanks for Your Greatness], Yen-J accomplished much success. Not only did he beat out “heavenly kings and queens” to take the KKBox’s [Most Played Album] spot, Yen-J also took #4 on HIT fm’s global music chart. Many Taiwanese artistes including Xiao S, Wang Lee Hom, Blackie Chen, DJ Xiao Shu have also recommended Yen-J’s music to fans on their Facebook pages and blogs.

To have received praise from Wang Lee Hom and Xiao S as Cpop’s “shining newcomer”, Yen-J was both surprised and overjoyed. As Wang Lee Hom was his idol, Yen-J said he was so happy that he couldn’t even sleep. And thanks to these artistes’ suggestions, fans from all over have come to hear Yen-J’s voice. In an instant, the number of visitors to both his blog and Facebook has increased rapidly. It is quite amazing to see 10,000 hits grow into over 1,300,000 hits.

Before Yen-J debuted, he worked hard at keeping his blog and Facebook updated continuously. Although he is still currently busy with his promotions, he still finds the time to regularly share his thoughts and feelings with fans. Once, Yen-J came into work with his eyelids fully swollen. The staff then found out that he had spent the entire time until 6 am replying to each and every fan who had commented on his blog post. Not only were fans were deeply touched, the staff said that they had never seen such a hard-working artiste.

Everyday, Yen-J keeps a tradition of saying “Good night” to his fans on Facebook. His humble attitude has been complimented by many fans. Recently, Yen-J revealed on his Facebook page that he had lost his subway transit pass. He didn’t think that the very next day, his company received over 40 transit passes in the mail from fans. Staff joked that these were actually the “snowflake versions of the transit passes”.

Due to his increasing popularity., many commercial brands have invited Yen-J to endorse their products As for campus performances, he literally has one event every day. Staff worried that his busy schedule will affect Yen-J’s time for songwriting and sleep. However, Yen-J stated that although he is busy with work, songwriting is his way to relieve stress. He only needs to return to his world of music in order to forget all his troubles.

At the moment, Yen-J has already given songs for his 2nd album to his record company. This greatly surprised his company and manager. Having such an impressive newcomer under their belt, the entire staff will not relax. Look forward to another extraordinary performance by Yen-J!

Source: Epoch Times
Translated by: minchong92 @ AsianFanatics

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