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Sunday, May 30, 2010

!‘I’m Not Lonely’…. Who Are Best Friends Of Opposite Sexes Amongst Idols? 100528

Actor Cha Seung Won once said, “A celebrity is someone who has to give up a lot. It gets lonely.” As he said, a restricted life for celebrities leaves little room for freedom.
This is more so among idols these days. Although they receive much love from their fans, they also have to give up a lot of things in return. However, there are some idol stars who have it all from the fans’ love of to best friends.
TVXQ member YoungWoong Jaejoong and BoA are so close that not only do they share their troubles with each other, they also ask each other for advice when it comes to relationships.
In the past, when YoungWoong Jaejoong sent BoA a text message saying “What do I mean to you?” on MBC’s ‘Yoo Jae Seok and Kim Won Hee’s Come to Play’, BoA replied with a warm message of “I can’t say! I treasure you a lot!” and became the envy of many fans.
Source: [tvreport+Yuaerubi]
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