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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

{ARTICLE} SME to Hangeng: You’re still under contract with us


SM Entertainment has reminded Hangeng, the Chinese member of boy band Super Junior, that he is still under contract with the agency and that all his activities should have its approval.
Hangeng filed a lawsuit against SME last December in South Korea to terminate his exclusive contract, saying that it was disadvantageous to him.
He left South Korea and is living in his native China.
Since then, Hangeng has been charting his career as a solo singer outside SME.
SME’s action is regarded as a response to many activities that Hangeng has been doing in the past several months including TV appearances.
Recently, Hangeng and Chinese singer Zhou BiChang recorded the official song for the Asian Games that will be held in Guangzhou, China this November. The song has topped 20 music charts in different parts of China.
Hangeng is also set to release his own album.
In an article in a Chinese website, Hangeng talked about his lawsuit.
“In Korea, artists terminating their contracts are very common. If that artist is a solo artist, the termination just needs to go through the necessary procedures to complete, but it is more sensitive if that artist is in a group, as he/she not only needs to face the company, but also the fans and members who make up the group who have been together for many years,” said Hangeng in a translation by sj-world.net, the international forum for Super Junior fans.
Hangeng is leaving up to his lawyer to work on the lawsuit while he is focusing on his career.
In addition to singing, he said he is interested in making movies and his dream is to act with his idol Jackie Chan.
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Manila Bulletin
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[NEWS] Choi Si-won says “never dreamed of being a singer or actor”


Super Junior member Choi Si-won, who recently starred in TV series “Oh! My Lady,” has confessed that he had never dreamed of becoming a singer or an actor.
“It was not my dream to be a singer,” the singer said during an appearance on KBS2 TV’s celebrity talk show “Win Win,” which aired Tuesday evening. “I just had the dream that I wanted to make my name known quickly and becoming a celebrity was the fastest way to do that, so I went to an entertainment agency.”
When asked by host Kim Seung-woo if he had any fears about becoming an actor without any preparation, Choi answered, “It is very scary but if you don’t take on a challenge because you are scared, what can you achieve in life?”
Choi, 23, debuted in December 2005 as one of the 13 members of idol group Super Junior, which quickly became one of the most successful K-pop acts throughout Asia. He is also a member of sub-group Super Junior-M, which focuses its activities in the Chinese market.
He has also crossed over to acting, appearing in dramas “Eighteen, Twenty-Nine” (KBS2, 2005) and “Spring Waltz” (KBS2, 2006). He also had a supporting role in war epic “A Battle of Wits” (2006) alongside top Hong Kong star Andy Lau.
The pop idol recently won favorable reviews for his portrayal of fictional superstar Sung Min-woo in the SBS TV series “Oh! My Lady,” which co-starred Hallyu star Chae-lim.
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[NEWS] Super group Super Junior says it’s here to stay


Marriage and military service loom, but won’t break up the band

Super Junior, the Korean super group founded in 2005, had some major changes to its lineup last year, but its fifth anniversary year looks like it will be another successful one for the group, which is one of the largest boy bands in the world.
Last month, when Super Junior released its fourth full-length album, it sold 100,000 copies in the first week after its release on April 13. Industry experts expect the album, titled “Bonamana,” will surpass the group’s previous sales record, achieved with its third album “Sorry Sorry.” That album sold 250,000 copies and topped the album sales chart when it was released in March last year.
At a time when other groups such as Girls’ Generation are eschewing the regular full-length CD format in favor of mini albums, digital albums and other kinds of special albums, that’s quite a feat.
Despite their success, the up-and-coming idol group has struggled this year. Three of the band’s members – Han Geng, Kang-in and Kibum – left the group during the recording period. In the coming year, the band is facing new challenges, with marriage and military service looming on the horizon.
In a recent interview with 10 of the band’s 13 members, however, the boys seemed committed to staying together for years to come, no matter what life may throw their way.
Here are some excerpts from the interview.
Q. What has made you such a strong group over the past five years?
A. Heechul: We really talk a lot. If there are problems, we talk until they are resolved. Lack of communication always creates problems.
It must have been difficult for you to make the new album without the three other members of the band.
Sungmin: We felt pressure taking their places, but it has also given us an opportunity to think about how important each member of the band is.
What do the three other members think about the new song “Bonamana”?
Leeteuk: Kang-in said the group’s dance moves are awesome and Kibum said he was sorry that I have to fill the space he left.
The choreography for the song is pretty impressive.
Eunhyuk: The dance moves were created by American choreographer Nick Bass, who was inspired by figure skating and short track skating.
Many people have said the title song for the current album is very similar to the group’s previous hit song “Sorry Sorry.”
Leeteuk: Maybe that’s because the new song is so characteristic of what we do and that’s what makes people think that Sorry Sorry and the new song are alike.
I think that criticism like that is better than nothing because it shows that Bonamana has made an impression on the public.
Heechul: For me, the criticism is flattering because it is a sign that we’ve found our signature sound. In fact, Leeteuk and I didn’t like the idea of [Bonamana] as the title song because we didn’t think the electronic sound represented us.
But after recording it and practicing the dance moves, I’ve changed my mind. I think the song suits us.
Shindong proposed to his girlfriend [in a numerical code] in the liner notes and his actions have since become the talk of the town. What’s happening with that?
Shindong: I was thinking about decoding it for the public after the album was released but my fans have already decoded it.
I haven’t heard from my girlfriend since I popped the question, but if she says yes, I want to get married as soon as possible.
Do you think you will still perform as Super Junior even if some of you get married?
Heechul: It’s our goal to keep singing and dancing as Super Junior when we are 30 and 40, even after marriage and our military service.
Do you have any secrets for keeping fit?
Yesung: Siwon always inspires us. Now we’re in a kind of competition [to build muscles.]
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By Lee Dong-hyun, Sung So-young [so@joongang.co.kr]

Winter Sonata actor found dead

KOREA- South Korean actor and singer Park Yong-ha has been found dead at his house in southern Seoul on Wednesday, the police said.
Park's mother found him lifeless hanging from a cell phone charging cable in his room, according to the police.
After repeatedly saying "I'm sorry" to his family including his father who is suffering from a stomach cancer at around 0:40 a.m., he went into his room, local news reports said.

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He earned his fame as a hallyu celebrity through TV drama "Winter Sonata." Park was particularly popular among fans in Japan and Southeast Asia. He was also scheduled to play the lead role in upcoming drama "Love Song," a remake of the film "Chum Mil Mil," with actress Yoon Eun-hye.
-The Korean Herald/Asia News Network

ShinDong and Park GyuRi transform into Avatar on ShimShimTaPa

MBC radio ‘ShimShimTaPa’ DJs ShinDong and Park GyuRi transform as characters from movie Avatar.

The 2 had promised to transformed as characters from Avatar even though the South Korean team did not managed to enter the top 8 World Cup teams on their Twitter on 28th June. And on 29th June during ‘ShimShimTapa’, the 2 were really seen transformed as Avatar characters.

Listeners’ comments were, “I was shocked to see them with the makeup”, “This is incredible”, “Fun” etc. ShinDong said, “We did say that we will transform as Avatars if S.Korean team enter the top 8 in World Cup, but even though they did not managed to do so, we have came to the show transformed as Avatars.”
Park Gyuri said, “Today you will be able to see us on ShimShimTaPa. Even though the S.Korean team did not make it in World Cup, they have worked hard and ShinDong and I have decided! Please look forward to our Avatar transformation.”

Meanwhile, the 2 also posed with DJ Park GyungRim with their blue Avatar makeup on.

Source: MTStarNews
Translated by: sookyeong.wordpress.com

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Donghae’s Confession – “I want to be in love”

Donghae’s Confession – “I want to be in love”

Super Junior’s Lee Donghae revealed that he wants to fall in love (be in a relationship).

On the broadcast of MBC Music Lalala on 23rd, it is the joint stage with idol group and singer-songwriter.

This day, Kyuhyun was asked the question of “What is the kind of idol group life that Super Junior (thinks) have”. He replied “The hidden sorrow/ words that are below the pretty appearance”. Kyuhyun expressed his honest feelings, that the word idol has become their label and because of this, they are always required to appear using a brand new image and this make him feels burdened.

Following on, he said, sometimes there are anxieties in their hearts. At the same time, Donghae also expressed his true feeling and this led to many laughter. Because an idol has to follow many rules and is unable to be in a relationship freely, he confessed saying he wants to meet a girl and fall in love/ be in a relationship.

Also, in the show, there are many beautiful songs combination in this show because of the collaboration between new-generation idol Super Junior and new-generation singer-songwriter.

Credit: 海世代
Chinese translation: 朴海希 = 海朵
English translation & editing by: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com
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Leeteuk, “I have been in 5 love relationships before”

Super Junior Lee Teuk reveals that till present, he had been in a love relationship for 5 times.

On KBS 2TV Happy Together Super Junior members EunHyuk and LeeTeuk were guest appearances, and MC Park MiSeon asked them on the number of the times they had been in a love relationship. Lee Teuk answered 5.

EnuHyuk then responded to Lee Teuk's answered, "If I reveal more, the dominion in the entertainment zone will change," with a smile. He added, "I have seen Lee Teuk perform with a love bullet suddenly in the midst of a sad and heavy song."

source: Sapphirepearls || MTStarnews || sookyeong.wordpress.com
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Details revealed from Hangeng’s Press Conference

Details revealed from Hangeng’s Press Conference

Surprise VCR: The organizers presented Han Geng with a nice VCR where some of his friends in the entertainment industry congratulated him and wished him luck! Some of the familiar faces that appeared were Joey Yung, Kenny Kwan, Huang Yi, the Happy Camp family, Meng Tinwei, Guo Degang, An Youqi, Yu Quan, Xie Nan, and, they saved the best for last, Jackie Chan!

On the Lawsuit: Talking about this case, a fake verdict(?) could be fast. But half of the year is gone and Han Geng still hasn’t gotten a clear response. It was said that, the other party used some underhanded means. It was stated that in February, the judge in charge of the case was changed suddenly.

Concert details: When asked if there would be any special guests for his concert, Han Geng said there will be.

Album details: In He Jiong’s opinion, he worked with a fantastic production team for his album. According to Han Geng, he worked with Yuan Wei Ren, a producer from America, and also Michael Jackson’s choreographer. He added that Han Geng’s been the second artist he’s worked with after Michael Jackson. As for what style of music his album will be? here will be fast songs suitable for dancing, though he also hopes to try out jazz, R&B, folk songs, and ballads.

Album release: July 27th, 2010 (Asian Wide Release)!

Credit to: Baidu
Translation by: huiwensg @ geng_bao
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Hankyung Talks about Paying SM Penalty fee for Cancelling his Contract

Singer Hankyung came out to an official event after he filed a suit against SM Entertainment and revealed his upcoming activity.

Hankyung held a press conference in Great Wall Mutianyu with Chinese media and his attorney present on the 22nd. He discussed the release of his solo album and his lawsuit against SM. Hankyung revealed, "After today, I will be officially doing solo activity."

Also, he revealed that, "on July 17th and the 18th, I will be having a concert where my fans can preview my solo album titled 庚心 which will be officially released on the 27th. His attorney added that, "even though the lawsuit against SM is ongoing, Hankyung releasing his solo album and doing solo activity is all legal."

After Hankyung was involved in a lawsuit against SM for cancellation of his contract, many rumors surfaced such as 'someone is helping Hankyung from behind,' and 'he signed a contract as a member in a group of 8 people.' During the press conference, he discussed the rumors surrounding him.

Hankyung claimed that, "the rumor of me trying to gather $2,000,000 to pay the penalty fee for canceling the contract is not true." He explained that, "if I win against SM, I don't have to pay a dime. So that will not happen."

Lastly he said, "I've been practicing my choreography since January and my upcoming solo album will not be related to Super Junior. The album will be comprised of songs for me."

Meanwhile, Hankyung has filed a lawsuit against his management company SM Entertainment on December of last year to nullify the effect of his contract. Afterwards, he stayed in China for 7 months instead of joining Super Junior on stage.

Source: Sports Chosun
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

[News] SS501 without Kim HyunJoong “4-member group? New member? It has not been decided yet”

Credit: news.nate.com/view/20100629n05187 + (Eng Trans) xiaochu @Quainte501.com
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Without Leader Kim Hyun Joong, SS501’s future activities have not been planned yet.

Management company Key East revealed on 29th that “Kim Hyun Joong has signed an exclusive contract with Key East.”

Following that, Kim HyunJoong will move his activities from DSP Media to Key East. And with the change of management company, naturally he will be dropped out of SS501 too.

SS501 management company DSP Media said to Newsen through a telephone conversation today “Whether they are going on as 4-member group or adding a new member, we have not decided on SS501’s activities yet.”

Currently, SS501 members besides Kim HyunJoong, are approaching the ending of their contract with DSP Media which is the top priority rather than the planning for the activities.

Kim HyungJoon’s new management company Key East holds artistes like Bae Yong Joon, Lee Na Young, Choi Kang Hee, Lee Bo Young, Bong Tae Kyu, Lee Ji Ah, Park Ye Jin, So Ee Hyun, Hong Su Hyun, etc.

Key East in cooperation of their affiliated company DA (Digital Adventure, a Japan public listed company) which has a lot of know-hows, will make aggressive support for his overseas activities. DATV, a cable channel which specializes in Asia Entertainment will also help in various promotions for Kim HyunJoong.

Key East representative Yang Geun Hwan said “We will foster his diverse potential as a singer and actor, in order to show an even better side of him, he will have a fresh start. Considered to be the Hallyu star of the next generation, we will help him to develop himself to cross over the Asia stage and be a world class entertainer, with specialized and intensive support from us.”

Review: BEAST rocks Malaysia with showcase

Credit : K-popped!
Words by Syd
Photos by Syd & Orch1d

Local Kpop fans were pleasantly “shocked” on June 26 when BEAST rolled into Malaysia for an exclusive showcase in conjunction with the promotion of their Shock of the New Era Asian Version album.

BEAST, stylized as B2ST, performed to a full house at KL Live and boy, they sure brought the house down with their spectacular performance.

SHOCK: B2ST performs live in Malaysia. Woot!

Fans were already in line for the showcase as early as 6am but the crowd was only let into the venue at about 8.15pm. Before the party started, an announcement was made cautioning the fans not to push as 35 people had already fainted.

FULL HOUSE: The crowd at B2ST's Exclusive Showcase in Malaysia

At 8.50pm the six B2ST members took the stage in white suits, all looking very dashing and charismatic. They performed their BEAST is the Best intro before launching into their debut hit Bad Girl. The crowd went wild.

IT'S SHOWTIME: B2ST takes the stage

Next, the B2ST members were introduced in a mini interview. When asked what they thought about Malaysian fans, their one short answer – “So beautiful” – elicited deafening screams.

After that, the boys performed Mystery, complete with the ultra-cool head move before slowing things down a little with the ballad Easy.

 MUCH LOVE: B2ST thinks Malaysian fans are "So beautiful". 
You guys aren't that bad yourselves ;).

While the boys went backstage for a costume change, three fans were invited onstage for a dance / sing off. The super excited fans were asked to dance and sing to B2ST’s smash hit Shock, and the audience was asked to select the best performer. The winner got to remain onstage for a photo session with the idol group!

The boys soon appeared onstage in red suits and happily took pictures with the ecstatic fan girl.

LUCKY FAN: (5th from left) 'OMG, omg, omg, OMG, omg, OMG, OMG....'

After performing Special, a lucky draw followed where another fan was invited onstage to be serenaded by the boys. Miss Siti’s number was called and she floated on cloud nine to the stage where B2ST devoted their attention to her while singing Oasis.

 MESMERIZED: 'Oh, Hyun Seung, you have such perfect skin.'

SITI: 'Oh gawd, I'm gonna cry tears of joy.'

SURREAL: 'Oh freak, Gi Kwang has his arm around me. 
Fish! Fish! Fish!'

B2ST then performed their smash hit Shock. Fans sang along to the song and the energy hit the roof. For encores, the boys performed a medley of Bad Girl and Mystery. Gi Kwang provided some fan service (bared his abs) as this point. The girls went wild.

Hit play for the smokin' hawt Shock performance! (Video by Syd K-popped)

All too soon, the boys bid farewell to the crowd. Before disappearing backstage, Dong Woon said: “I love Malaysia!” and upon hearing the fans’ excitement, Doo Joon popped out from backstage and added, “Me too!”. The crowd went berserk.

After the showcase, the organizers announced that there is a one-hour autograph session for those who had bought B2ST’s Repackaged album. Below are pictures of the boys after the show :).

SAY KIMCHI!: One for the media

WAITING: (left to right)Yo Seob waits patiently, Hyun Seung takes a quick sip 
of water while Doo Joon makes sure his marker has ink :P

SCRIBBLE: Gi Kwang (left) to Dong Woon: 'Hey bro, stop peeking 
and don't copy my signature.'

Happy Beautys: Delighted B2ST fans with their autographed CD

Malaysians, don't forget to grab a copy of entertainment glossy Galaxie for Liz Kpopped's review on BEAST's Exclusive Showcase in Malaysia. We'll tell you which issue exactly so stay tuned!

Asia's Superstar, Super Junior, now ready to sweep Asian Charts with its "No Other"

Asia's Superstar, Super Junior, now ready to sweep Asian Charts with its "No Other"

Asia’s Superstar Super Junior,
Releasing the 4th Re-packaged Album on June 28th!
Ready to Sweep Asian Charts with ‘No Other’ following ‘BONAMANA’

After topping KBS Music Bank chart for 3 weeks in a row, winning the Triple Crown in SBS ‘Popular Song’, and conquering various other music charts with the release of the 4th Regular album, “BONAMANA”, Super Junior is releasing the 4TH Re-packaged Album on June 28th.

In addition to existing 11 songs in the regular album, this Re-packaged Album also includes the follow-up song, ‘No Other’ and a more powerful remix version of ‘Shake it up’. Moreover, the album contains other songs such as ‘All My Heart’ and ‘A Short Journey’ which were written by the members of Super Junior and subsequently, the fans will be able to experience and enjoy improved and matured musical capabilities of Super Junior.

Elegant and polished Dance-Pop ‘No Other’ Presenting New Appeal of Super Junior!
‘ No Other’ , the new song that will continue the Super Junior craze from ‘BONAMANA’, is a dance-pop with the impression of south hip-hop based trendy beat and major style synth riff. The elegant melody was created by New York based composers such as C-2, Ryan Jhun, and Reefa, who is famously known for producing great hip-hop artists like The Game, Fabolous, and Ludacris. Combined with the lyric, which explicitly expresses the feeling of love toward the lover, written by Kenzie , the song has more than enough appeals for the public to witness another side of Super Junior.

2 Songs Written by Lee Teuk, Dong Hae, and Eun Hyuk,
Presenting More Mature Musical Sensibility!
‘A Short Journey’ with Kang In, attracting Fans!

‘All My Heart’ is a ballad composed by Lee Teuk, the leader of Super Junior, and Henry, the member of Super Junior-M. To precisely convey and deliver the feeling of warm-hearted sensation like the title of the song, acute sounds are removed as much as possible and the pop-like tone was created by playing the acoustic guitar instead. Also, Lee Teuk participated in the making of the song passionately even during his busy schedule for his first written song and this passion and enthusiasm seemed to have contributed to perfecting the song.

Lyrics written by Eun Hyuk and the song composed by Dong Hae, ‘A Short Journey’ was created through the friendship and the bond between the two members. The simple and repeated refrain and the melody that uses various scales give refreshing feeling to the listeners. Also, lots of anticipations and responses from fans are expected as Kang In, who is about to serve in the army, participated in ‘A Short Journey’ with much more mature vocal skills.

In addition, this album also includes the remix version of ‘Shake it up’ from the regular album. U pgraded with the chopped and screwed sound and the mixture of the Euro-pop and hip-hop the remix version provides more powerful and elegant sound that it becomes a great source for fans to experience a various styles of Super Junior’s music.

Source: Super Junior's Official Site
Shared by: Zunjiwu @ SJ-WORLD.NET

[100629/Hangeng] To perform with the China Symphonic Orchestra plus, a 3D Hangeng on his concert?

To perform with the China Symphonic Orchestra plus, a 3D Hangeng on his concert?

Han Geng will perform with the perform with the China Symphonic Orchestra + 3D Han Geng?

Han Geng, first solo album to be released next month on the 27th, represents a brand new start in the industry. 20 million pumped into producing the new album, recording is done in Taiwan, China and America, the music video is also filmed in New Zealand.

[Compiled by: Sina, Sohu and Ren Min]

The dance of song was choreographed specially for Han Geng by Michael Jackson’s choreographer. Dancers in his MV were also Michael Jackson’s team of dancers. Han Geng is the only artiste who worked with them after Michael Jackson. Han Geng also invited many famous producer to help in the production of his album: Yuan Wei Ren, Fang Wen Shan, Ah Di Ar, Chao Xuan Bin and Zheng Nan.

2010 [Geng Xin/Heart of Geng] Han Geng’s concert in Beijing, will be held on the 17th and 18th of July at the Beijing Exhibition Centre. This is Han Geng’s first solo concert after his debut.
The theme of this concert is [Geng Xin/Heart of Geng], in Chinese, it represents the brand new start and brand new journey of Han Geng. It emphasize on the renewal and evolution of Han Geng’s skills. So, in the concert, Han Geng would venture into ways of performing he never tried before. Other than music genres he does that everyone knows of, to show Han Geng’s ideas on his music, he would also be trying the other genres like orchestral, percussion and unplugged. To perform with the China Symphonic Orchestra, it will show the affectionate side of Han Geng. To perform in an unplugged manner, it will show Han Geng’s clear and crisp voice. He will also be performing with China’s top notch percussionist during the fast-paced song.

For fans to know more about Han Geng, other than his superb dancing skills, he will also show his affectionate side. In the aspect of dancing and visual, there will be a breakthrough in the concert. They would be using the newest projection technology, Suspended Invisible Screen, showing a real and a virtually 3D Han Geng performing a Sci-Fi Dance routine. Unable to distinguish the differences, it would give the fans an unbelievable and cool feeling.

Source: Baidu
Translation: huiwensg @ geng_bao

[100627/Hangeng] Ex-Super Junior member Hangeng becomes Show Luo's Pupil

Ex-Super Junior member Hangeng becomes Show Luo's Pupil

Ex-Super Junior member Han Geng 韩庚, who made headlines with his abrupt departure from the hugely popular Korean boy band, will release his new album titled "Geng's Heart 庚心" next month on July 27th. The new album symbolizes the start of a new music path for Han Geng. Production costs for the new album hovered at around $20 million, which included the costs for recording the upcoming album's music in Taiwan, mainland China, and the United States, as well as filming for an MV on location in New Zealand.

The distribution for Han Geng's upcoming album will be handled by music label Gold Typhoon, which is also home to big-name Taiwanese music artists such as David Tao, Elva Hsiao, and Cyndi Wang. Furthermore, Han Geng became a pupil to fellow Gold Typhoon music labelmate and good friend Show Luo.

Promotions in Taiwan on August

Han Geng was recently selected as the ambassador for a Great Wall of China conservation advocate group, where he also held a press conference at the Great Wall regarding his honorable role. At the location of the press conference, five thousand balloons inscribed with the Chinese character 'Geng 庚' were released into the sky to commemorate the event.

It was also announced that next month on July 17-18, Han Geng will be in Beijing to hold two solo concerts, and it is predicated that he will arrive in Taiwan in August the following month to meet with his Taiwanese fan base.

Non-attendance in Golden Melody Awards

In addition to being part of Super Junior, Han Geng was also part of Chinese Mandarin language sub-group Super Junior-M as the group's leader. The sub-group was nominated for the Best Performing Group category at Taiwan's prestigious Golden Melody Awards (GMA) this year, but eventually lost out to Taiwanese hip-hop trio Da Xi Men 大囍門 for the award.

Prior to the recent GMA ceremonies, Super Junior-M's management expressed that the sub-group would not be attending the award ceremonies due to promotions for the larger group's latest album. Han Geng's current management also expressed that the former Super Junior-M leader would not be in attendance due to a busy schedule.

Blossoming Friendship with Show Luo

Post-Super Junior Han Geng befriended popular entertainer Show Luo after the both of them filmed a soft drink ad together. In addition to Show Luo welcoming Han Geng to the Gold Typhoon family, the senior and junior entertainer often chat with each other. It was revealed that of all the things Han Geng and Show chat about, the most frequent topic is about naughty Korean words

Source: Apple Daily
Thanks to: Cpopaccess
Shared by: Zunjiwu @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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INTERVIEW: D-NA “The Rebel Image, It Just Fits Us”

[NoCut Interview] 5 member male idol group D-NA who have returned with their mini-album 'Awake'.

[Image: ^Group D-NA (supplied from Open World Entertainment)]

Male idol group ‘D-NA’ (Mika Hyunmin Injun Karam Jay) has had a comeback as rebels.

D-NA has charged in with the release of their latest mini-album ‘Awake’ and their promotions for their title song ‘Stumble Stumble’. For D-NA who had debuted in March with their online album ‘Admiring Boy’, ‘Awake’ is their first official offline album.

The D-NA members have revealed that “It seems like we have now properly debuted” and that “We are glad that we are now able to give our album as a gift to people. They say that the first batch had been sold out so we are so surprised while happy of the fact that there are fans out there who are actually buying our albums” with a wide smile.

D-NA had decided on a new concept of rebelling. ‘Admiring Boy’ had shown a pure, youthful image, but this showed a more mature image. The title ‘Awake’ also means ‘a boy awaking as a man’.

Member Injun has said that “it is an image that we don’t have to force ourselves to look like men so it fits us very well” and has explained that “you can see it as the process of becoming a real man”.

The leader, Mika and the youngest, Jay said in one voice “Rather than a really young feeling, we think that this concept suits us more” and that “we’re working naturally”.

The title song ‘Stumble Stumble’ is a dance song in an electronic pop genre and was composed and written by the composer Ahn Young Min. The members revealed that “cause we liked all the songs, we had to think for a long time on which one would be our title song” and explained that “after much discussion, we decided to choose ‘Stumble Stumble’ as our title song”.

D-NA who has just passed their 100th day after debut. For the last 4 months, they have performed, held a showcase in Japan, and started a new project. The members have all said that they have no idea on where all that time had disappeared to.

Member Hyunmin has said that “There is a lot of worry going on because I had lost weight. I didn’t lose it intentionally, it just went away by itself since I was so tired”

Even though it is exhausting, D-NA is enjoying the busy schedule. Especially Karam who said that, “My mother has covered her beauty salon with D-NA posters to the extent where it is like our poster exhibition hall. My mother is excited on the fact that her name is being mentioned on t.v.” and while laughing, revealed that “as her son, I am very happy to see her like that”.

Karam than revealed that “I have a lot of relatives who have businesses in the beauty industry, so my relatives have all put up our posters on their beauty salons” and that “I am determined to work very hard for my family and for my fans”.

The leader, Mika, said that “We have learnt how to control our conditions, and the members’ tru colours have come out. We have also learnt the know-hows on stage” and that “we have gained more resilience when we have to participate in activities”.

[Image: ^Group D-NA (supplied from Open World Entertainment)]

Mika (@Mika90628) and Injun (@Injun0309) has started the online social network Twitter not too long ago. Mika has said that “we haven’t even promoted overseas but there are people who are following me from Japan, Thailand, needless to say Singapore, and also from Brazil” and that “I think that I really need to improve my foreign languages to be able to communicate with all these fans”.

D-NA has now shed their soft hair* and is now taking dignified steps as singers. They have said that, same as when they debuted, “we want to become known around Asia as D-NA” and again revealed their dreams.

“We have become a little bit more known. This is a time where we should work as hard as we can to steady our place. We’ll have to show D-NA’s potential to develop. But we are not going to rush ourselves. We are thinking of showing ourselves slowly one by one. We have endless possibilities on what we can do. Please support us because we will become Asia’s D-NA”

TRANSLATOR'S NOTE: *i'm not really sure if that is what its supposed to mean but it seemed the most valid. i'm assuming that they're referring to the fact that young boys have "softer" hair than grown men so yeah....

CREDIT: nocutnews.co.kr (source) + kimchiluv@enchanteDNA (translator)

SOURCE: enchanteDNA forums post

[News][2010.06.29] HyunJoong Signed Exclusive Contract with KeyEast

It is confirmed that Hyun Joong has signed on with KeyEast Entertainment. BUT, SS501 is NOT officially disband yet! As you read from the news, there are HIGH chances that the 5 boys will work together on future albums if all parties are willing and able to fit their schedules. We all believe in Leader and the boys, right? So please continue to keep this faith & love and await their return. Don't get disheartened or saddened.

Credit: News Nate + Key East + (Eng Trans) SS501fighting.wordpress.com
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SS501 Kim Hyun Joong moved agency side, “Singer.Acting will have to be in parallel”

“Flower Boy” Kim Hyun Joong joined hand with “Hallyu Star” Bae Yong Joon

Kim Hyun-joong abandons renewing with DSP medias which did for the last 5 years together, moved to the agency Key EAst belonged to Bae Yong Joon and Lee Na-young. The Key East side said on the 29th “Steadily growing in popularity across Asia, Idol star Kim Hyun oJong enjoys leading the Asian cultural contents has signed an exclusive contract with Key East company.” and “While future in Japan, our subsidiary company DA (Digital Adventure, publicly traded companies in Japan) in cooperation with the management active support for international activities, Kim Hyun Joong will be conducting a variety of promotion along with DATV Asian Entertainment cable channel.”

Kim Hyun-joong after 2005 proper form making a debut with SS501 members, as leading Hallyu star is said has enjoyed hand-counted tremendous popularity in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Hong Kong, etc. Especially, aired in early 2009 KBS 2TV drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ take role in the F4 Yoon JiHoo debut as an actor, ‘Jihoo Sunbae Syndrome’ evokes has enjoyed a high popularity as a actor. And through the ceremony of MBC entertainment show “We Got Married” to make public the countenance which is human also earning the love of the feminine fans to one body.

Key East representative Yang Geunhwan said “With the potential to develop a variety as in both Singer and actor, will give you a better look with a fresh start.” and “In the meantime, in order to be the next generation of the hand-counted Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong in the Asian stage, to the development to be more specialized beyond the international entertainers and intensive support will not be spared”

Another official also said “Kim Hyun Joong but also the committed SS501 other team members who do not want to break as well. If there will be a willingness of the other members and music activities will continue to keep.“ and “And if we have good music, solo ideas will also open actively.”

Currently Kim Hyun-joong finishes SS501 album activities which are sold recently, The next appearance of the work is carefully reviewed.

Kim Hyun Joong confirmed to leave DSP Entertainment

For the past couple of months, there have been rumors circulating that SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong would leave his agency DSP Entertainment once his contract comes to an end.
Well, it’s been confirmed that this one is true after all.
A related source confirmed on the 28th, “Kim Hyun Joong has decided not to renew his contract with DSP Entertainment. … He will move to another agency.” It’s also been reported that Hyun Joong will enter Keyeast (키이스트), an agency known for its prominent actors including Bae Yong JoonPark Ye Jin, Bong Tae Gyu, Lee Bo Young, Lee Na Young and Hwanhee, so it’s very likely that Hyun Joong’s career will take the acting route.
Due to Kim Hyun Joong’s decision to leave DSPE, there are now questions about the rest of the members of SS501. Many wonder if this will mark the end of SS501, or whether the rest of the members will follow the routes of Shinhwa and g.o.d and complete promotional activities together with Hyun Joong under different agencies.
UPDATE: According to new reports, DSPE hasn’t decided whether SS501 will gain a new member or become a quartet, implying that, although Hyun Joong will be leaving the group, his departure won’t mark the end of SS501. As the rest of the members of SS501 are working on renewing their contracts with DSPE, fans can only hope for the best until an official statement is released.
Stay tuned to allkpop for future information regarding this matter.

Source: Newsen (1 & 2)
SHARED: Allkpop

JYPE to hold auditions to form a band

JYP Entertainment is joining forces with Korea National University of Arts (KNUA) for the 1st JYP Band Audition.
JYPE is known for creating some of Korea’s biggest K-pop stars such as Rain, Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, J-Lim (Lim Jeong Hee), g.o.d. and Byul. As opposed to their usual auditions that focused on singing and dancing, this will be the first time that JYPE is holding auditions for people who play instruments.
The first requirement for this audition is that you have to have been born between 1987 and 1996. There are no limitations on race, gender and schooling. The audition categories are guitar (acoustic, electric or bass), drums, piano and synthesizer.
In order to apply, you must upload a video of your performance to Daum TV pot by July 5th. Those who have been chosen from the online audition will be invited to the final in-person audition to be held on July 10th at the KNUA SAC Art Center. Those who are accepted in the final audition will be given the opportunity to train under JYPE and also will be given admissions to KNUA with a scholarship.
JYP Entertainment is going to be busy in July with miss A’s debut, 2PM’s 1st concert and this audition.
Here’s a video of the Wonder Girls stating all the audition details:

Credit : Allkpop

ZE:A unleashes concept photo for comeback!

With the influx of 2010 comebacks over the past few months, rookie groups have struggled to make their mark in the kpop arena, but it looks like ZE:A is eager to rev things up (intentional pun, sorry) and spike the summer temperature with their comeback.
After entertaining us with Mazeltov and treating fans with a delectable bad boy concept with All Day back in April, this nine-member group is back with a racer concept. With stripes and polka dots marked as some of 2010’s most popular fashion trends, why not add the checkerboard pattern into the mix?
(click for full size)
Credit :Allkpop

TVXQ’s JaeChunSu demands $2.5 million USD from SM Entertainment

Three members of boy group TVXQJaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu—have been very constant with their actions against their “ex-agency” SM Entertainment so far, as they’ve already filed in (and technically won) a group lawsuit to terminate their seemingly-unfair contract once and for all.
Today, it’s been revealed that the trio is now demanding 3 billion won—which roughly converts to about $2.5 million in U.S.—from SM Entertainment, to fairly compensate the earnings they’ve made from various TVXQ-activities to date.
According to JaeChunSu’ claim, since the trio’s contract with SM is now void (since October 2009) due to its illegality, the profit that SME earned from the contract should now rightfully be returned to the three members. Since the whole group has earned 60 billion won in total, the trio believes each member deserves at least 10 billion won, deducting SME’s own expenses. However, they have decided to demand only one tenth of that amount for now, ultimately seeking for 3 billion won (2.5 million USD).
To support their decision, the three members also argued, “SM Entertainment claims that 13-year-long contract is needed for overseas activities, but it’s unacceptable. We members are the ones who have to pay for the damage if the contract is broken in any way, and its amount is too high to be acceptable.”
Latest reports have announced that the trio will eventually increase the amount of compensation, but the final amount hasn’t been decided yet.
Demanding such an overwhelming amount of cash may serve justice to the trio, but it definitely does not seem like an easy route. Hopefully these issues will be resolved soon.
Source: Nate

4Minute's Interview For Tower Records,

Korean girl group, 4Minute has announced that they'll release their second single in Japan. Their momentum is unstoppable, suddenly, we realized that Tower Records had an exclusive interview with them. Check it out!

This last May 5 2010, 4Minute, a Japanese girl group achieved long-awaited debut single [Muzik 』. Last August 5, at ZEPP TOKYO LIVE, they had their First Solo Concert in Japan entitled as: "4Minute Live Energy Vol.1 [Muzik』" After the day of the concert, we made a quick-interview of the members who are surprisingly, all 1990 babies.

Q: Almost a year passed, did anyone had any changes about themselves or has someone just seen some changes about their environment?

Ji: I think, each one of us, as well as the fans, helped each other to become better, and we're working harder to meet fans' expectations.
SoHyun: I, particularly, didn't have such changes, though I'm still hoping to improve more.

Q: Your performances are always powerful. Everyone are so attractive and sexy on stage, and personally, I think, your group was the First Asian performer whom I can compare to Destiny's Child. Are there any other female artists or celebrities you look up to?

Ji: I am very thankful to hear that. face_01.gif All of us feel the same way everytime we perform with various artists. Through watching a video and stage performance with a variety of artists, we try to learn something good from them. We also use our admired idols as our inspiration for setting a better goal in our career.

Q: You really love dancing and a lot of Japanese FanGirls try to imitate your dancing. Do you have any advice for them?

HyunA: You have to practice hard! (One of the members laughed) Yeah! We all have to practice hard all the time. But thanks to our fans who come to concert halls and event who bring their good luck signs. It gives us more confidence and strength to do better on our performances.

Gayoon: (nods) Practice hard. . . And sincerely enjoy dancing.

Q: Are you very careful with your fashion and makeup? Also, please tell me where you buy the best brand.

Ji: I think, I'd still prefer the natural make-up. That's my best feature. . . (laughed)

Q: It's cute!

Ji: Thank you! (laughed) Well. I think eye make-up makes a strong image of a woman. It can also show a sexy and smoky character. Well, my charm point is... (points to her nose) here? (One member laughed) Just kiddin' ! I actually don't know what my charm point is. face_05.gif

Gayoon: My concept every time I'm on stage is usually "cool and sexy" and a lot of people tell that to me. I think, it's mostly because of my make-up on my eye area. It's not only me, but all 4Minute members seems like have this image whether we're on or off stage. But sometimes, I would like to answer people that when I'm off stage, I'm really quiet. (laughs)

SoHyun: I think it's also the eye make-up. I radically change the other corner of my eye line. As the youngest of the members, I want to look dignified, yet powerful. Well, my charm point probably is my mature look. And on stage, we can be like rascals. (Laughs) Well, we can appeal just like that. face_04.gif

HyunA: The eye make-up is indeed very important. Everytime we do our make-up, we make it sure that it looks something special, but moreover, the overall look is still very important.

Q: What do you think about Japanese girls' fashion sense?

Gayoon: I usually wear shorts, and when I was walking on the streets when we were in Japan, I realized that Japanese fashion is very unique that it's actually like an epidemic that girls should follow.

Q: This is the last question, what music have you been listening lately? Would you like to recommend some of them? If you like a Japanese artist, then please tell me so.

Ji: Because of the events, as well as the concert that we had in the past, I got more interested on Japanese culture. I try watching some TV series, listen to some music, and through that, I could learn more new artists.

Gayoon: I would recommend MUZIK Japanese Ver. (One of the members laughed) We had a hard time recording it.

SoHyun: "The first thing I heard recently of" Muzik "the Japanese version? (Laughs one of the members)."

Q: Busy schedule! Thank you so much!


Tower Records
Translation + Reporting: ashleylovesasia@4-minute.com

[ NEWS] Second Japanese single to be 'I My Me Mine',

As mentioned before, 4Minute will be releasing the 2nd Japanese single on 28th July. Now the song title is revealed, it will be a Japanese rendition of I My Me Mine.

New Single「I My Me Mine(Japanese Version)」
First Edition A (CD+DVD) UMCF-9541 ¥1,500 (tax in)
First Edition B (CD+DVD) UMCF-9542 ¥1,500 (tax in)
Normal Edtion (CD) UMCF-5062 ¥1,000 (tax in)

First Editions A and B will include live images of the Zepp Tokyo concert on 8th May in the special DVD as well as 1 member's solo shot trading card at random. Normal Edition will have a group shot trading card.

On a side note, Japanese fans are saying there is a high chance of I My Me Mine being the follow up song and the choreography should already be more or less done. Do you think this is so?

Source: UMJ
Translation: kueensora@4-minute.com
Special thanks to MaknaeHeaven for the tip.

[10.06.24] 4Minute talks about "seen music", being sexy and meeting fans' demands, INTER

With Hot Issue and Muzik, 4Minute created a craze in Korea. Now they are gaining more popularity with new song Huh. 4Minute climbed onto the top place of M!Countdown with Huh during the period of debut anniversary, after which the members said, "Rather than being the best in the industry, we want to be the only," showing great determination. Recently an interview with them was conducted by TV Daily.

When the reporter told them the "outcome was good", JiHyun said it felt as good as a dream. In Huh, the emphasis on the "seen music".

GaYoon explained, "The public's standard is getting higher, music these days cannot only be heard, it must be visually intriguing. That's why we put in so much on costumes, makeup and choreography." Just for the "seen music", 4Minute has chosen outfits and leather boots which reveal their body figures. Topping off with large accessories, they look sexier and more charismatic.

Although the style this time is stronger than ever, this fusion of grandeur and sexiness is definitely an attention magnet. Regarding this, HyunAh commented, "We didn't show our sexy image intentionally, but everyone says it's good, we're thankful. I think those who are devoted to their career are the most charismatic. Usually people describe our performances as sexy instead of beautiful." SoHyun continued, "Actually even our outfits for Muzik were not very revealing, but everyone says we're sexy. Sometimes we wonder what kind of reactions everyone will have if we have a truly sexy performance."

With increasing popularity, 4Minute has to attend many kinds of music shows and World Cup activities every day, their schedule was packed. 4Minute also joking calls themselves "Events 4Minute" because of the group's busy life.

JiYoon said, "Regardless of how busy our schedule is, we won't feel tired as long as we're together. A good team spirit is our moving force." GaYoon added, "Many people don't believe that girl groups have good bonds between members, but we are definitely the most bonded and united girl group."

4Minute members listen to the smallest requests from fans, they even have discussions after each event. "We always try to meet the demands of fans. If they say a certain part of the choreography is good, we'll work hard to perfect it. If someone says a live performance is needed, we'll do it as well. We take great care of the fans' requests," said GaYoon, "We accept their suggestions and appear with a more perfect stage. Fans always leave messages like "They must have discussed" and I will want to tell them "Yes!" "

4Minute members are not afraid of changes and are always ready to show everyone the unique features of the group. When the reporter asked what kind of commendation they would want to hear, the members replied, "4Minute is still the best!" This line excites them the most.

Source: Korea Star Daily
Translation: kueensora@4-minute.com

[NEWS] 100629 Everything 2AM has sung has become a hit!

May be taken out with full credits. You are not allowed add yourself to the credits nor edit the credits.

아이돌그룹 2AM이 2010년 가요계에 새로운 공식을 쓰고 있다.

올 상반기 2AM이 발표한 곡들 중 무려 5곡이 주요 음원 차트에서 1위를 차지했기 때문.

2AM은 '죽어도 못보내' '잘못했어'를 포함해 '우리 사랑하게 됐어요' '잔소리' '바보처럼' 등 발라드, 댄스, 듀엣곡, 드라마 OST에 이르기까지 다양한 장르의 곡으로1위를 차지하는 기염을 토하고 있다.

특히 이들의 첫 댄스곡으로 화제가 됐던 '죽어도 못보내'는 이미 싸이뮤직의 명예의 전당에 올랐으며 ㈜금영에서 집계 발표한 2010년 상반기 애창곡 순위에서도 1위에 올랐다.

2AM 의 매니지먼트를 맡고 있는 빅히트엔터테인먼트는 "2AM이 상반기에만 5곡을 연이어 히트시킬 수 있었던 것은 타 아이돌그룹과 달리 전 연령대로부터 폭넓은 사랑을 받고 있기 때문인 것 같다"고 전했다.

한편 MBC TV '우리결혼했어요 시즌2'에서 조권이 불러 화제가 됐던 '이사송'이 오는 7월 1일 '고백하는 날'이란 제목으로 전격 발매될 예정이다.

Idol group 2AM is writing a new formula in the music industry of 2010.

This is because no less than 5 songs announced by 2AM in the earlier half of this year has taken over the number 1 spot in major music charts.

2AM is showing the unpredecented occasion of taking the number 1 spot with songs of various genre, including 'Even if I Die, I Can’t Send You Away', 'I Did Wrong', 'We Fell in Love', 'Nagging', annd 'Like A Fool'.

Especially, the song that became a hot topic because it was the first dance song performed by them (2AM), 'I Did Wrong' has already been entered into the CyMusic Hall of Fame, as well as becoming no. 1 on the 2010 first half's most loved song presented by the company GeumYoung.

Big Hit Entertainment, 2AM's management company, said, "We think it was possible for 2AM to make a hit of 5 songs in consecutive order in the first half of the year is because, unlike other idol groups, they receive love from all age ranges".

On the other hand, the 'Moving Song' which became a hot issue because Jo Kwon had sung it on MBC TV 'We Got Married Season 2' is set to be sold with the title 'The Day of Confession' on the coming July 1st.

[FANACCOUNT] 100628 Fanaccount for 2PM's It's Skin fansigning

May be taken out with full credits. You are not allowed to add yourself to the credits nor edit the credits.

T/N: This fansigning was held sometime last week, it was the same fansigning the PM members apologized for on their Twitters for holding a badly organised fansigning.

As a Big Bang fan..
I went to the Myung Dong It's Skin 2PM fansigning.
(Why I went is a private matter so pass...)

To be honest… Since I'm a Big Bang fan I wasn't going to go… But since I won the prize it felt like a waste if I didn't.

I hung around Myung Dong, ate and went shopping until just over 6PM, and headed over to It's Skin.
They checked my text and identity and I received my wrist band, and told me to come back at 7 so I finished off my shopping.

I've never been to a fansigning before… (I haven't even been to a Big Bang one… T_T)
I went there at 7 and waited in line.
2PM fans brought along A LOT of presents.
I thought, were we meant to bring that many presents?
Since the cameraman kept filming, I covered my face.

At the entrance, the bodyguard said they weren't allowed to take in their presents.
The fans' presents were all piled at the entrance… woah.. I thought, will they actually take all that home ?
(There were huge teddy bears and toys and stuff… They would take it right?)

Five people went in at a time, and I was the 5th person in line.
There wasn't anyone following behind me.
The order was...

Wooyoung Nichkhun Junsu Taecyeon Junho Chansung

When I was in line they gave me a name tag to put on my right chest.
It felt like it was so that they didn't have to say our names.
My bag strap was covering my name.
The guard told me to show my name.

Chansung saw my name and looked at my face once. But I was covering my face so he couldn't see my face. He signed and pushed the bromide photograph towards Junho.

Before signing, Junho asked me why I was covering my face. I said the camera people behind me kept filming. He said "Ah~ Cause they're filming~" and said even still it's okay… (Excuse me but… I'm not okay… T_T Public TV is embarrassing T_T)
He kept moving his head up and down trying to see my face. But I firmly stood still.
After Junho signed he asked for a handshake so I let my hand out. As we were shaking hands, Junho was meant to push the photo towards Taecyeon but it wouldn't move so he picked it up with both hands and gave it to me.
But as he handed it to me, if I received with both my hands my face would've been exposed..
Junho I'm sorry but I'll take it with one hand, cause nuna's a cool chick ! -_-;

I went towards Taecyeon.
But at that moment, I was thinking why didn't I say hi to Chansung and Junho… Why didn't I say anything…
When will I ever see 2PM this close ever again… and I suddenly started to regret…
So I was thinking of saying to Taecyeon that I really enjoyed watching Cinderella Sister… but all he did was look at me once so I couldn't say it.

And then I was infront of Junsu…Ah he's friends with our leader…I suddenly felt a sense of familiarity.
His skin was nice. I don't know if he was wearing makeup but his skin looked nice and soft…
Junsu wasn't signing, instead he just put both his hands on top of the bromide photo.
He was just sitting there… so I looked at Junsu's hands. He was putting on his ring. Silver rings.. 2? 3?
(This is just my thought but I think he was putting on his rings to control the tempo with the person in front of me. The person infront of me was still getting her sign from Nichkhun so if he just signed really quickly I would've been left just standing there? Just my thought)
Junsu slightly laughed and he was shaking his head and signing really slowly.
In my opinion I think Junsu's sign was the prettiest.

And Nichkhun
I thought he was going to look really good looking, but compared to seeing him on TV… umm.. how should I say this…
On TV he looks almost like an angel but in real life instead he looks more human.
He's good looking. But while he was signing he didn't even look at me once.
I just stared his eyebrows.
I was staring at Nichkhun like that as I moved along and all of a sudden the bodyguard goes "You can exit through here".
What is he talking about??? It seemed like I hadn't seen everyone????
But turns out as I was looking at Nichkhun's eyebrows… Wooyoung had already signed. It really was for an instant but it ended just like that ……
Bye Wooyoung-

One line summary: In my opinion, Junho looked the best in real life. I guess he doesn't get a lot of camera time.

+ Summary: What is It's Skin?? The fansigning looked shady -_- I got the text in the afternoon and I don't know if fansignings are meant to look like that but
It was weird -_- I'm not even a fan and I was annoyed… I think the actual fans would've been more annoyed.

[NEWS] 100628 2PM to hold their first independent concert

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2PM이 데뷔 후 첫 단독콘서트를 연다.

2PM은 7월 31일과 8월 1일, 서울 올림픽 공원 체조 경기장에서 데뷔 후 처음으로 단독 콘서트를 연다.

2PM의 소속사 JYP 측은 "2PM의 첫 번째 단독 콘서트는 그 동안 2PM이 무대 및 예능 등 다양한 활동을 통해 보여준 매력이 여과 없이 담길 예정이며, 모든 관객들이 2PM과 함께 즐길 수 있는 공연이 될 것"이라고 밝혔다.

또 “많은 팬 분들의 관심과 사랑만큼, 2PM 멤버들 역이 자신들만의 콘서트와 무대에서 팬 분들을 뵙게 되기를 기대하고 있다.”며 “올 여름을 더욱 뜨겁게 달굴 2PM의 첫 콘서트에 많은 관심과 사랑을 부탁 드린다.”고 전했다.

2008년 9월 싱글 ‘Hottest time of the day’로 데뷔한 2PM은 '10점 만점에 10점'에 이어 '온리유'(Only you), '어갠엔어겐'(Again & Again), '니가 밉다', '하트비트'(Heartbeat), '위드아웃 유'(Without U)등 연이은 히트곡으로 국내 대표 보이그룹으로 성장했다.

2PM will be holding their first independent concert since their debut.

On July 31st and August 1st, 2PM will be opening their first independent concert since debut in Seoul at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium.

An associate of 2PM's company JYPE stated "None of the charisma that they have shown in stage performances and variety shows will be filtered out for 2PM's first independent concert, and it will be a concert which the whole audience can enjoy."

"As much as the interest and love the fans have been showing, the 2PM members are excited to meet their fans through their own solo concert", "we hope for a lot of interest and love at the first 2PM concert which will be hotter than the coming summer."

Omit info about 2PM's song promotions since debut.


[NEWS] 100628 Jay's first filming for Hype Nation delayed to the 29th

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[뉴스엔 이언혁 기자]

2PM 전 멤버 재범(본명 박재범, 영문명 Jay Park)이 29일 영화 '하이프 네이션' 첫 촬영을 시작한다.

재범이 출연하는 3D 비보이 영화 '하이프 네이션'(HYPE NATION) 한 관계자는 28일 "당초 비보이 대회에 참가, 재범이 첫 촬영을 가질 계획이었으나 팬들이 몰릴 경우 안전사고의 우려가 있어 이를 부득이하게 취소하게 됐다"고 밝혔다.

이어 이 관계자는 "영화는 24일 30초 분량의 스팟을 필두로 촬영을 시작했다"며 "28일은 크루 위주의 촬영이라 재범이 함께하지는 않는다"고 전했다. 재범은 이날 분량에 이어 29일 첫 촬영에 돌입한다.

재범은 28일 대회 참관 여부를 놓고 고심 중이다.

2PM's former member Jaebum will begin filming Hype Nation for the first time on the 29th.

An associate of Hype Nation 3D stated on the 28th, "Initially, Jaebum was going to participate in a b-boy competition and begin the first filming but it was canceled due to safety reasons in case there will be a rush of fans. The movie began filming about 30 seconds on the 24th. The filming on the 28th will be focused on the crew so Jaebum will not take part." Jaebum will begin filming for the first time on the 29th.

Fans have been wondering whether Jaebum will participate in the b-boy competition on the 28th instead.

[NEWS] 100628 Tory Burch compliments Nichkhun's handsome looks

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2PM 닉쿤, 세계적 디자이너도 인정한 '절대 외모!'
[티브이데일리=조의지 기자] 세계적 디자이너 토리 버치도 닉쿤에게 반했다?

닉 쿤은 지난 23일 서울 청담동 토리 버치(TORY BURCH) 플래그십 스토어 오프닝 행사에 참여했다. '태국왕자' 닉쿤은 이날 행사에서도 단연 눈에 띄는 셀러브리티.

특히 네이비 수트를 캐주얼하게 매치한 닉쿤의 패션에 토리 버치는 닉쿤의 깨끗하고 아름다운 외모와 잘 어울리는 패션이라며 감탄했다.

미국 사교계 패셔니스타 토리 버치가 지난 2004년 자신의 이름을 내걸고 런칭한 '토리 버치'는 전 세계적으로 총 600여 개의 매장에서 연간 3000억원의 매출을 올리는 글로벌 브랜드.

Global designer Tory Burch has fallen in love with Nichkhun?

Nichkhun participated in Tory Burch Flagship store's opening event on the 23rd at Chungdam, Seoul. 'Thai Prince' Nichkhun was an eye catching celebrity at the event.

Wearing a casual navy suit, Tory Burch complimented Nichkhun's fashion sense and stated that it fit well with his clean, beautiful looks.

The fashionista of the American fashion world, Tory Burch launched 'Tory Burch' worldwide in 2004 and has opened over 600 different stores, a global brand that brings in over $300 million yearly.

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