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Friday, April 30, 2010

!100430 SNSD @ Official Website - 1000th day debut Pictures + Translation

It's already been 1000 days since SNSD and S♥NEs have been together! Wow~~ congrats^^
It hasn't been a short time, I'm so happy and touched to spend these times with S♥NEs. 
These times were very touching.
I also think that after 1000 days of debuting, it's like a new start^^
Thinking of the times we will be spending together...we will be working together and making decisions together~
Since there's still a lot of time left, let's keep having strength♥
My loving S♥NEs!! And my girls!!
We are the world's truth~!!! Hwaitaeng! Keke
Wow~^^ Thanks to our S♥NEs, SNSD is already at 1000 days of debut!
Thank you so much for always being by our side and being our reliable happy virus ♡
You know that you're always in our hearts, right?
I hope we can continue to be like that in the future~
I'm not sure what to say...I'm not good at expressing myself...
Hehe whatever...! I love you^^
To my people who have been with us for 1000 days...
My heart is so thankful to the point where I can't express myself in words.
I thank you so much and I love you so much♥
We have so much time ahead of us...
We won't be lazy and we'll repay everything you've done for us.
Let's continue to love each other more passionately...and more deeply!!
SNSD and S♥NE are one♥
"I will never step down easily from the spot I worked hard to get up to!"
1000 days...until forever...and...until "we" are at our last...
I will pray that we will be able to reach the top that is so hard to achieve.
happy thousand S♥NE~ I love you (xoxo♥)
It's been 1000 days since SNSD and S♥NEs have met~!!
Wow~~ "1000"...it's so fascinating~~!! Congratulations~~!! Hehehe^^
Thanks to S♥NEs, SNSD has been able to put on amazing performances~!!
When I think about the many performances we did with S♥NEs, those memories are unforgettable ones for me~~~
It was so difficult that I didn't want to practice, and when I really just didn't want to do anything..!!
I think of the S♥NEs with their pink balloons and cheering for us~~
Just thinking of that brings me energy and makes me work as hard as I can~!!^^!!
Hehe...S♥NEs are the best!! Kya~~!!
S♥NEs and SNSD cannot exist without each other! You guys are that precious..! ......Right~!? Hehe
S♥NEs and my 8 girls! 2000 days, 3000 days...let's be together forever~!
I love you~~!!!!! Hehe..
To my loving S♥NEs♥
It's already been 1000 days since we've made many memories together...
It's been 3 years since our fans and our members have come running without rest...
During that time, I've cried tears of happiness from the happy memories we shared,
We should have been tired of all the hard times, but thank you so much for overcoming those times with us..♥ Really..^^
Forever..SNSD! ^^
Hello. This is SNSD's tomboy princess, Sooyoung~^^! Hehe, so nice to see you!
(This is like a minihompy where there are so many chances to meet with the fans..but sadly, because there wasn't enough time, I wasn't able to say hello on the Internet.ㅠㅠ)
Is everyone doing good? Our S♥NEs?
Seeing all of you coming to our live performances with such energy and strength doesn't worry me^^
It's already been 1000 days since SNSD debuted~!!!!
(I hear Lee Seunghwan's voice somewhere...during 1000 days~~♪)
You've probably heard this many times already, but the amount of love that S♥NEs give us...
I'm trying hard not to think that it's something obvious hehe
Humans have to be familiar with the environment they live in..keke
When you continue to give us unconditional love, it feels familiar..
I won't forget those Into The New World days
I will continue to do my best in the right place in my life..
S♥NEs!! Please continue to love me~^^ Hehe
I'm always thankful! I love you! ^3^
S♡NEs!! Have you been doing well?^^
It's already been 1000 days since we've met! I think time goes by so fast~
During that time, there's been sad times and good times, but thank you for always being with us.
Let's continue to be together forever just like this~^^
The fanchants I hear on stage are really +_+ S♥NEs are the best! Keke
Let's continue to be together for a long time~^^
Don't cheat on us~? If you do, I'll hate S♥NEs~? Kekeke
You guys have such a presence as giving 9 unknown seeds water
Before a flower called SNSD blossomed, our precious S♥NEs have been together with us for 1000 days..!!
I, Seohyun, am really happy. And thank you so much~!
We are still lacking a lot of things and we still don't know much
But because of the unconditional love and support that S♥NEs give us
The happy times and the hard times have become very precious memories~!
SNSD and S♥NEs are each other's strength!!
Let's continue to make more memories together~!
We will continue to be S♥NEs' humble and hardworking SNSD~!
Thank you..♥

Translations: kkbluvv@soshified.com/forums


!BARKS Interview: Junsu’s Comments about Beautiful Love Drama 100429

First, Yuchun will have his Japanese drama debut by starring at BeeTV drama “Beautiful Love~kimi ga ireba~”, and since you’re in charge of the theme song, can you please give us your thought about the drama?

Junsu: Despite the fact that Yuchun also appear in the drama, still I think the drama has a great content, I worked hard so that I can heap up the drama with the songs. I visited the shooting location once as well, seeing everyone is working hard to produce good works, including Yuchun, giving me a lot of motivation too.”
– “Kimi ga ireba~Beautiful Love~” is the song that was written for the drama, please tell us your thought that you put into the song.
Junsu: To meet the expectations of the producer who kindly told he wanted me to sing it, the song’s lyrics was written to fit the contents of the drama and I tried to sing it in my own way.
source: [BARKS]
trans: [sharingyoochun.net]
shared by: [OneTVXQ.com]

!Lee Junki incurs huge losses after dropping jobs for army

JG Company expressed on the 29th, “We had received the enlistment notice on the 12th of this month but we had to apply for a deferment because of his movie and drama filming and ambassador role for the Expo 2010 Shanghai. But our application was rejected on the 28th and they requested Lee Junki to turn up for enlistment on May 3rd.”
They continued, “Lee Junki already said before that national service was something that every Korean male should go through and so he will go of course.
It’s just that he wanted to keep his promise with fans to finish his filming duties, so he submitted a deferment application. He is really sorry that he isn’t able to complete his jobs and especially apologetic to those who are affected by this. I also want to say sorry to fans for not keeping my promise.”
They added, “We respect the decision and we hope that they can find someone suitable to take over Junki’s role in Grand Prix and Faith.”
Having dropped out of Grand Prix which was in the midst of filming, Lee Junki will be returning all appearance fees that were given earlier. Although Junki had defaulted on the contract, this was something that was out of his control, but he will take responsibility and compensate the production for delaying the schedule.
After enlisting on May 3rd, Lee Junki will begin his 5 weeks of basic military training before starting his two year term as an active solider.
He will return as a civilian in 2012.

s: allkpop

!Jay Park to share his Hype Nation income with AOM?

Many of you know by now that 2PM’s former leader Jay Park (Jaebeom) will star in a new movie titled Hype Nation. Many of you also know that Jay is in a dance crew known as Art of Movement (AOM). Well, it seems Jay Park wants to give some of the money that he’s making from Hype Nation to his fellow AOM members.

On April 29th, Sports Korea held an interview with Hype Nation executive producer Jason Lee. In the interview Jason revealed that while they were finalizing the contract terms with Jay Park, Jay made it a point that although he’s the star of the movie, he wanted to give half of his money to Art of Movement. Jason then stated to Jay, “You know that’s going to be a big amount right?” And Jay replied that they’re all very close friends and it’ll be alright, he wants to share this experience together with AOM.
There’s also additional provisions in Jay’s contract which could potentially make him a lot of money. He gets a percentage of the box office sales, so if the movie is a major success, he has the potential to earn much more money than Rain / Bi did with Ninja Assassin.

s: allkpop

!Yoochun’s BARKS Interview – About Beautiful Love Drama 100429

– This series will debut in Japan, so what is your opinion about this first work (role) offer to appear in drama?
Yuchun: I have never done acting seriously, moreover the Japanese…. honestly it’s very uneasy.

– This is also your first time filming in Japan, how do you think about the actual shooting?
Yuchun: It went well, all co-stars, also thanks to the director and all staffs’ support, it was really fun. All the artists seemed to do it seriously, and I thought the artists schedule was a tight one.
– Please tell me the memorable scene during the shooting
Yuchun: Since the shooting went with no time to practice at all, everday at the end of filming I would still stay with my manager at home and studied the script for the next day filming. I had lack of sleeping time. The anxiety and pressure whether I have already prepared myself properly and the need to sleep soon, also I didn’t have any appetite to eat, it was really hard. But acting is fun and going for filming is fun too, I’m able to experience the life of someone that wasn’t me, it’s amazing. For a shooting that only lasted for one week, I received tremendous excitement!
– The role taken by Yoochun is Yonsu, the son of conglomerate, whose personality is so overbearing that is too hard to take by most people. Can you tell me the difference with your own personality?
Yuchun: Eventhough Yonsu is the son of a chaebol, he’s actually a lonely person. What human values, is not one that is important. Yonsu and I are very different but I feel like I can understand him. Someone like Hinata for Yonsu, to me currently is the members who are like family to me, and all fans, I’m happy because there are always someone who support me.
– Furthermore, while Yonsu was walking around showing an overbearing manner, in fact he’s in agony for his life bound. The inside of him is screaming to get freedom and that is one hard part you have to do, have you been prepared for it before the shooting?
Yuchun: There is may not any special preparation… I didn’t have much time (laughs). But, I’ve been imagining myself as Yonsu. I feel empathetic to this character, it’s hard to be him.
– Yonsu, after he came to Japan and met Hinata, his life changed. While for Yuchun’s own life, can you think of something you’ve met that has changed your life?
Yuchun: I have a lot~ In this drama, Since I met with many great actors, staffs, and director, I discovered the fun of acting. I could even dream now of becoming a performer who can act too. Those are things I met which changed my life!
– For this drama, I think there was a shooting scene where you and Hinata went on “Tour dates in Tokyo”, probably those places aren’t ones you usually go to on daily basis, right? So Yuchun san, do you have a preferrable date spot in Tokyo?
Yuchun: Asakusa! Even if not for a date, I want to go to somewhere private.
– After this first challenge in Japanese drama, would you like to continue acting from now on?
Yuchun: I want to try it again! But I also want to sing soon!
– Finally, thank you for your coorperation in this interview.
Yuchun: Yonsu and Hinata, I’ll be happy if you can feel the movements of their heart. Also, XIAH Junsu will sing the theme song “Kimi ga ireba~Beautiful Love~” for our drama, please check it out.
source: [Barks]
trans: [sharingyoochun.net]
shared by: [OneTVXQ.com]

!Preview of World Date with Kim Bum

In Early April we informed you about a special program titled World Date with Kim Beom. Basically to celebrate the 7th year anniversary of KBS World around the world, they’ve come up with this special program where 5 lucky fans from Asia go on a 4D3N trip all expenses paid trip to Seoul and Jeju Island and hang out with Kim Bum. The program will be something like Love Letter with a winner among the five lucky fans.

Female applicants who are interested needed to be above 20, hold an Asian citizenship (non ethnic Korean), speaks English, loves Korea and Kim Bum and can travel. Well out of the thousands of applicants, 5 have been chosen. The 5 applicants chosen are: Sasiwimon Buranabanyat (Thailand), Nadira Hanum Binti Akbar Shah (Malaysia), Ho Ruo Yun (Singapore), Tran Thi Mong Thuong (Vietnam) and Bianca Gonzalez (Philippines).
On April 25th, KBS Entertainment Weekly went on set and gave us a preview of sorts for the upcoming show. They interviewed Kim Bum and showed various scenes of the lucky applicants as they were filming the scenes for the show.

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!Style competition between sexy diva Lee Hyori and Beasty Idol 2PM


Who will be the style winner between, the style icon, Lee Hyori and 2PM who dominates females’ hearts with their muscles and abs?

Feel Parparazzi 'Mnet Trend Report Feel-The Real is going to aired at 11 p.m. tonight. They will analyze every aspects of the artists’ fashion style, prying on Beasty Idol 2PM and Sexy diva Lee Hyori’s comeback stage.

Lee Hyori has made a great comeback stage with Hip Hop sexy concept. She did smoky eyes, A.K.A Cat’s eyes, and matched glamorous monotone clothes together. This chic and funky style has been received interest from women in their 20’s

2PM changed their image from beasty idol, portrayed in the past, to Hungry Boxer. Gray tank tops, sleeveless hodies and bandages give out sexiness and masculinity.

We will find out trendy, chic fashion tips, behind the stage scenes and have a peek at both 2PM and Lee Hyori’s dressing rooms.
Source: Newsen Kor - Thai by Tik@2pmalways.comTik@2pmalways.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Thai-Eng by Kagetsu Crakerbaby K. @2pmalways.com

!The No. 1 male singer spot belongs to 2PM

2PM still gains popularity although they have gone through the crisis which is resulted from Jaebeom’ secession. They have risen to the top and took over the last year No.1 spot artist “Bigbang” for male artists’ survey in the first half of 2010.

Korean Marketing analysis institution conducted a survey on 1,314 males and females, living in 5 large cities in Korea (SoodoKwon, Busan, Daegu, Kwangju and Deajeon), range of age is 13-65 years old on 25-31 March. The topic of the survey is “Singers and stars’ popularity survey.” The results changed from those in last year, especially in Male singer field.

2PM who received No.2 spot after Bigbang last yea, found themselves on the 1st spot (19.8%) while 2AM(15.1%) and Lee Seungi (13.0%) got No.2 and No.3 on a row. The winner of last year, Bigbang, landed on No.4th spot. Moreover, Rookies like Beast and CN Blue were able to obtain the 7th and 9th place respectively. Tae Jin-ah, who is No.6 last year still gain supports from female’s fan in their 50’s, got the 9th spot.

[Information on female artists omitted.]
Source: Kukinews Kor - Thai by Tik@2pmalways.comTik@2pmalways.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Thai-Eng by Kagetsu Crakerbaby K. @2pmalways.com

!SNSD’s Jessica will be a regular on Happy Birthday

SNSD’s blondie Jessica has been chosen to become a permanent guest on KBS2TV’s Happy Birthday.
This will definitely be interesting since she’s not known to be the talker of the group on variety shows.
Happy Birthday’s PD Kim said, “Jessica has been chosen as a permanent guest. It’ll be interesting to hear a young person’s opinion on child birth and raising a kid.”
As you may have guessed already, the show is about pregnancy and the process of having a baby. They had their pilot episode in March and they received good reviews. It’s coming back for a season and even they decided to use the idol power.
The MC’s are Lee Kyung Kyu, Lee Soo Geun, Kim Sung Eun and Kim Ji Ho. The first episode will feature a woman giving birth to triplets.
Jessica really likes to experiment with herself. Let’s wish her luck!
The episode airs on May 10th.

s: allkpop

![news] Lee Hongki ” I really think that I have matured a lot in Japan” May Issue

Stepping into the diverse entertainment circle at a very young age, Hongki has an even experience side to him than most people of the same age. Whether acting or singing, he is filled with confidence, never questioning his own strength. Hongki who is recently completely putting himself into Japan activities, is awaiting to be loved even more.

Q: The opportunity to enter the entertainment circle?

Hongki: My mum’s younger brother is a fashion model, curiosity urged me to follow my uncle along to a few fashion shows. At that time the staff asked me: “Do you want to try standing on the stage for the first time? Do you want to try performing anything?”. I myself was very interested, my uncle and dad also did not oppose. After asking my mum, I went to a performing arts school for around five months. Afterwards me and my uncle both shot and wrote our own photoshoot, going back to the agency, slowly beginning to get work. During elementary school, I acted in many children dramas as a supporting role, continuing acting work with no rest. At that time I really liked singing. When going to karaokes with friends, they would often say: “Your singing is really good”, so I started to become more and more confident. At that time, my current agency asked me: “Do you want to have an audition?”, so it’s been like that up until this day.

Q: FTIsland are expanding in Japan temporarily. During the days in Japan, what have you learnt?

Hongki: Although there are less activities than in Korea, however after taking into account the extension of music, we decided to go there to study. I increased by two on the music scale. I really think that I have matured a lot in Japan. My throat is extremely weak, my vocal cords are smaller than ordinary people. I have been informed by a doctor before: “These vocal cords are not meant for singing.” However after they heard my singing, they thought it was extremely inconceivable. Before even if only I would sing a little, my voice would become hoarse, so I felt ashamed of myself. However, now in Japan we have many lives, from small live houses slowly expanding on a larger scale, giving rise to my own singing techniques. I feel that I have accumulated experience, my vocal cords are gradually becoming stronger. Thanks to this good fortune, I am now able to complete two performance stages in a day for two days continuously.

Q: The most interesting part to band activities is?

Hongki: Freedom. The limits dance teams have to determine beforehand are too many, but bands do not need to determine anything beforehand. When communicating with other companions, (one) can fully express their own feelings. Certainly, performing like that is extremely hard. I really dislike performances with rules.

Q: Lee Hong Ki’s fashion is very individual, how is the style you like?

Hongki: My general clothing style has many changes. When going to nearby places I will wear very casual and relaxing clothing; when I need to dress up, my fashion style is quite varied. I extremely like Japanese fashion. Shinjuku and Harajuku have very many fashion stores. Clothing is chosen to suit my mood of that day. Therefore, surrounding people only have to see my clothing to understand my mood. When my manager sees me wearing black clothing, he will worriedly say: “Hongki, what happened?”

Q: Hongki is fanatic of which brand?

Hongki: Recently, 90% of gifts received from fans are skull peripherals products. Until now the skull design trousers all are gifts from Japan fans, from clothing to accessories are all from this brand. The interior of my room is decorated in fundamentally black and white colours to match the skulls. Only the wash-room is dark brown, my bed is black, the everything else is white or black, it is like this… because this was how it was set up, so there is no way to change it, so until now I am still troubled.

Q: Ways to relieve stress?

Hongki: Sometimes I will go and drink with friends. In fact yesterday I was with Keun Suk hyung together at the same time drinking while recollecting things that happened while we were filming a drama.

Q: Goal for 2010 is?

Hope my own songs will be composed by me, now I am trying hard learning to compose.

Q: Ideal dream is?

Hongki: Become the top. Both music and acting I will try hard until people would say things such as “Lee Hong Ki is really amazing, he is someone who is worth us learning from”.

Q: In the future what type of character to you want to try acting?

Hongki: A villain. I hope I can act this role, the character can be bad to any extent.

Q: If “You’re Beautiful” makes a second season, will you still star in it?

Hongki: Of course I will. At that time what colour hair should my hair be dyed? (Heard the staff say white or red colour) Ah, but this really is difficult and straining.

Scan: 開心的樂樂 @ www.aprclub.net
Translation: `milkystars @ Silh0uette

![news] FT Island to debut in Japan by May, second half of 2010 album release in Korea

5 member band FT Island after two years will be taking on the Japanese Market and will officially debut!
FT Island’s music agency FNC said on the 27th, “FT Island signed a recording contract with Warner Music Japan last January”, “They will release their first major single in May and broadcasting activities will follow.”
FT Island has departed to Tokyo, Japan This April 27 and to prepare and have their singles for final arrangement. Their agency said that the reason why they did not let FT Island debut in Japan sooner is because of their nature as a group being a Band and they are taking step by step advancements and prepare for various performances and independent activities in Japan and they will learn more during their stay there.

FT Island’s “Prologue of FT Island – Soyogi” was released in Japan last June 2008 and has entered the Japanese indie music. It reached top 9 in the Indie Oricon DailyChart and was climbing the top spot.
FT Island will be appearing in various media broadcasts in the future. FT Island will be all over Japan for the first half of 2010. They will hold a concert in Japan and by the Second half of 2010 they will release an album back in Korea and scheduled to meet fans.

There has been a lot of love calls from Asian countries to have an Asian Tour in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and many more Asian countries.

Source: Newsen
Credits: Blueprincess824

![NEWS] Seungri: “I felt like I was standing naked in front of the public…”

When Seungri first debuted in Big Bang it felt like a dream full of happiness and joy, but just like that the inevitable fall came as well.
“I don’t know when I had started to feel that I couldn’t manage my own expressions, when I’m down I have to smile, and times when I’m in a good mood, instead I have to pretend that I’m profound.”
He had to show a side of youth, enthusiasm and childlike side of himself which he claimed doesn’t fit him. Sometimes TV seems to be the frame controlling him making him feel very depressed and frustrated.
When Seungri came across problems that were hard to solve, he would talk about it.
“I couldn’t really talk to G-Dragon hyung without making him mad, so I would cry to myself. Why can’t I do the expressions that I want to do, is it because I’m not professional enough? Can I still carry on with this?”

At this point, Yang Hyun Suk president summoned the cusp Seungri.
“You can’t even challenge yourself, then how are you going to shake people’s heart?”

Seungri thought that the senior’s words must be right, after that he became more comfortable during broadcasts. If he came across problems that were hard to solve again, he would be able to stand up and do everything on his own.
“I’m trying not to ever repeat the same mistakes.”
The show business life has a lot of controversy and difficulties, for which Seungri had many challenges in the future.
“The entertainment industry is a really scary place because of all the rumors. For example Goo Ha-Ra and I are friends, and because it’s just us two in the friendship of course the two of us would go out and have dinner, date, play and our relationship is just like that. But there will always be people who over exaggerate what they see, and then broadcast around about different parts they see. This is the most terrifying thing. So that is why I never worry over such things.”
Even though there was worries, Seungri would not easily talk to people about it, leaving people to think that he was cheerful and his self-confidence was natural at the same time, he would always protect himself.
“This is the only way to survive in the entertainment industry. In the past, I would talk to any of my friends about my worries “only you know about this hyung!” I would tell them. After talking to him, he felt very pleased. But then the next day, people would come up to me and say “Hey kid…work hard!” At that time I felt that I was naked standing in front of the public.”
Then he began to hate himself that his own heart was revealed, especially to the public about his private life. An artist’s fear is beyond the imagination of others.
“When I was in front of people I wanted to be dressed, as I was young back then I quickly understood later on that it was just my imagination, “This person is looking at me’ I would think. At one moment I felt that I was treating people like machines.”
Because of his original looks and his image in the public’s eyes he felt very distressed about it.
“Because I’m the youngest, there are many time when the hyungs can’t do something I have to do it for them. The youngest will have to do everything. In spite of this I will still be thankful that I can be with the hyungs and appear on the dance stage together.”
“Of course there should be more development ideas. Comparing phones that make calls and send text messages to other mobile phones that can’t, of course everyone will prefer the phone with a variety of features and I want to be a universal person who can do everything in front everybody.”

Korean article: asiae
Translated: joyee @ ibigbang.wordpress.com
Edited: alee @ ibigbang.wordpress.com

!‘Female Outsider’ E.via is hot issue with new MV ‘Shake’!

Uljjang rapper E.via is the hot issue. With the MV to her new song ‘Shake’ revealed on 29th April, it had gone up to the #1 spot with great interests coming from fans and netizens.
A GomTV official said after the MV is released, “This is the fastest record any solo female singer can get to the #1 spot with her new MV ever.” This is a feat especially since that now is the time where idols like T-ara, After School, 2PM etc are active.

But there has been much criticisms about the closeup on the skimpy outfits of the models in the MV and revealing of too much skin. Many also thought that the MV was too explicit. Though some netizens think that the scenes are no big problem, E.via’s company is currently editing the MV and is even considering refilming the MV.

E.via’s company’s stand initially was that, “We didn’t know that the MV will cause a problem since the song is a fast club tune and the concept goes well with it.”
Meanwhile, with her comeback, E.via has been given the nickname of a ‘female Outsider’ with her speedy rapping skills (She is said to have gone over BPM160 for her rap in the song).

S: TodayKorea, TVReport ll c:k bites

!Rain, “There was once a female fan thought she is pregnant with my baby”

Singer actor Rain reveals that he has been threatened (?) by a female fan who claims that she is pregnant.
He did a guest appearance on SBS show recently when he revealed the shocking episode. Rain said, “There was once when my house was under renovation, and a stranger woman had entered my house and I saw her sitting down.” He revealed that when he asked the woman who she is, her reply was “I’m pregnant with Rain’s baby.”
It turned out that the woman is a little mentally unsound. Rain joked, “It seems that there is one woman from each country who is pregnant with my baby.”

Meanwhile, the show will air on 5th May at 9pm on SBS ETV.
S:Newsen ll c:k bites

!2PM surpasses Rain to be #1 on Mnet M!Countdown with ‘Without U’

With the funeral for the victims to the tragical CheonAhn naval ship sinking held on 29th April, Mnet M!Coundown was canceled. And 2PM is announced as the #1 for the show.
2PM had surpassed Rain to emerge as #1 on the show on 29th April with the song ‘Without U’. Just 1 week into their comeback, 2PM has been gaining much popularity with their comeback song ‘Without U’.

The show on 29th April was replaced with showing the making videos for Lee Hyori, Rain and 2PM’s comeback. And the MCs for the show MBLAQ G.O and Lee Joon were also seen dressed in black suit.

S:Newsen ll c:k bites

!Thunder, “My sister Sandara Park calls me by ‘baby’.”

MBLAQ Thunder reveals, “2NE1 member Sandara Park, my sister, calls me by ‘baby’.”
Thunder revealed it during the filming of Arirang TV The M Wave on 29th April. When asked if he received any encouragement from Sandara Park for his first MC attempt, “Noona and myself, we have 6 years in age difference. And yesterday (28th) I sent her a message saying that I’m going to do a show in English and I received a reply from her ‘Wow, baby as the MC’. So I replied ‘Yeah’. Sorry for saying such mushy things.”

MBLAQ member G.O also sent his encouragement to Thunder. G.O is currently the MC for Mnet M!Countdown. Thunder said, “Yesterday I was going through my script and he told me ‘Just do it comfortably at your own pace’.”

And about his first MC attempt, Thunder revealed, “Actually I find both English and Korean difficult. I’m someone who is not good with speaking. I will work hard to keep improving myself.”
f(x) member Krystal is also the MC to the show alongside Thunder.
The show is set to air on 2nd May.

S: SPN ll c:k bites

!Can Kim Heechul save the Show?

Remember how Family Outing 2 was supposed to have 8 members at the beginning? They stopped recruiting with Jo Kwon as the 7th member back then and then said that they would leave it at that. But it looks like the original plan is back on as they announced that Super Junior’s Kim Heechul will be joining as the 8th member!
A Family Outing 2 staff expressed on the 29th, “We have picked Kim Heechul as the new family member. We will be shooting with him from May 17th onwards.”

Fans will need not wait long to see Heechul on the show as he will appear on the May 2nd and 9th episodes as a guest of Yoona.
This will be a major coup for the ailing variety show which has been on the decline since it begun a new season, amidst falling ratings and lack of laughter compared to the previous season. Heechul is likely to bring a new lease of life to the variety show with his personality but will it be enough to save the show?

Src: Star News
Shared by : hyukxenhae@sapphirepearls.com

![Concert] SS501 “Members’ Image Impression Ranking” Translation @ Japan Saitama Arene Concert

Chinese version:
韓流演唱會 日飯對於SS501的10大印象排行榜
1. 會認真回覆女朋友簡訊的成員是?
依序: 圭鐘(63.98%) . 賢重(11.21%). 亨俊(8.55%). 永生(8.20%) . 政玟(8.05%)
2. 最擅長安慰鬧脾氣的女朋友的成員是?
依序: 政玟(30.91%). 賢重(20.70%). 永生(19.84%). 圭鐘(17.25%). 亨俊(11.29%)
3. SS501之中最自戀的成員是?
依序: 亨俊(40.76%). 政玟(24.16%). 永生(18.76%). 賢重(14.95%). 圭鐘(1.37%)
4. 玩拳擊時最強的成員是?
依序: 賢重(60.46%). 政玟(14.95%). 圭鐘(11%). 永生(7.48%). 亨俊(6.11%)
依序: 賢重(132kg). 政玟&永生(128kg). 圭鐘(109kg). 亨俊(93kg)
5. 有女朋友了還會偷吃的成員是?
依序: 亨俊(42.49%). 永生(25.31). 政玟(14.23%). 賢重(13.87%). 圭鐘(4.10%)
6. 最擅長玩呼拉圈的成員是?
依序: 政玟(38.03%). 賢重(30.41%). 永生(11.29%). 圭鐘(10.42%). 亨俊(9.85%)
7. 最不會察言觀色的成員是?
依序: 亨俊(44.64%). 賢重(34.51%). 永生(11.65%). 政玟(6.90%). 圭鐘(2.30%)
8. 演出愛情片的時候,會在鏡子前練習kiss的成員是?
依序: 亨俊(31.78%). 永生(30.34%). 政玟(18.19%). 圭鐘(13.95%). 隊長(5.75%)
9. 和別人吵架和好之後,依然會耿耿於懷的成員是?
依序: 政玟(58.73%). 永生(14.67%). 亨俊(12.08%). 圭鐘(7.91%). 賢重(6.61%)
(妃茵: 從排名來看,可猜想某兩位兩個月冷戰,第一名那個肯定還耿耿於懷,最後一名那個大條神經的,目前肯定還是常遲到(笑))
10. 和哪位成員在一起會意外地感到無聊?
依序: 永生(36.45%). 賢重(31.06%). 亨俊(17.69%). 圭鐘(8.41%). 政玟(6.40%)

English Translation:
There is a survey conducted by Internet for Japanese TS before the concert
SS501 also corresponds to the vote and carried out some interesting game at a concert!

10 important point of SS501 “Members’ Image Impression Ranking” of Japanese TS

1. Which member will seriously reply girlfriend’s sms?
Ranking: KJ (63.98%) . HJL (11.21%). HJB (8.55%). YS (8.20%) . JM (8.05%)

2. Which member is the best at comforting angry girlfriend?

Ranking: JM (30.91%). HJL (20.70%). YS (19.84%). KJ (17.25%). HJB (11.29%)

3. The most narcissistic members in SS501?

Ranking: HJB (40.76%). JM (24.16%). YS (18.76%). HJL (14.95%). KJ (1.37%)
4. Who is the strongest when playing boxing?
Ranking: HJL (60.46%). JM (14.95%). KJ (11%). YS (7.48%). HJB (6.11%) [keke... I definitely would choose HJL also ^^]

When playing punching machine at the concert, the actual result is:

Ranking: HJL (132kg). JM & YS (128kg). KJ (109kg). HJB (93kg)

5. Which member will be cheaingt even having a girlfriend?

Ranking: HJB (42.49%). YS (25.31). JM (14.23%). HJL (13.87%). KJ (4.10%) 

6. Which member is good at playing hula hoop?

Ranking: JM (38.03%). HJL (30.41%). YS (11.29%). KJ (10.42%). HJB (9.85%) 

7. Which member is the worst at observation?

Ranking: HJB (44.64%). HJL (34.51%). YS (11.65%). JM (6.90%). KJ (2.30%)

8. When filming love story, which member will practice how to kiss in front of mirror?

Ranking : HJB (31.78%).YS (30.34%). JM (18.19%). KJ (13.95%). HJL (5.75%) 

9. After the quarrel with others, members who will still not able to put aside even after reconcile?

Ranking: JM (58.73%). YS (14.67%). HJB (12.08%). KJ (7.91%). HJL (6.61%) 
10. Which member do you think you will feel surprisingly boring when being with him?
Ranking: YS (36.45%). HJL (31.06%). HJB (17.69%). KJ (8.41%). JM (6.40%) 

Credit: ameblo.jp @ khj-triplerie+妃茵@TSTW
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English Translation: SS501fighting.wordpress.com

![NEWS] Celebrity Popularity Study for the 1st Half of 2010

According to a statement by media marketing research consulting company Lee’s PR & Research on the 27th, “We conducted an investigation into the most popular celebrities of the first part of 2010. 2PM and SNSD received 19.8% and 37.5% in the polls, respectively, making them the top popular male and female singers.”
Last year, 2PM received 21.7% of the vote and took 2nd place, but this year they raised their name to 1st place. Big Bang, who received 23.5% of the vote last year for 1st place, fell to 4th place with 12.3% of the votes. Behind 2PM were 2AM (15.1%) and Lee Seung Gi (13.0%),while rookies BEAST and CNBLUE took 7th and 9th place respectively, drawing attention.

Just wait and see for Big Bang to make their comeback this year, i guarantee that they will once again be Number 1 and dominate all charts!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

![Interview] 12plus interview with Siwon and Donghae

△How many times has Siwon been to Thailand?
Siwon: Including this time, I’ve been here 9 times, sir. But no matter how often we come to Thailand, our fans give us a great welcome which makes me think of Thailand as my second home.

△This is the second time coming to Thailand [for Donghae], how do you find it? Have you seen the previous CF?
Donghae : Firstly, I have to thank 12 Plus for choosing me to film this CF. I’ve seen the last one but this CF concept will be different from the previous one. For this one I must fall in love with Pancake* and I feel very happy that I’m filming with Siwon because we’re very close and I feel happy and honoured to have the chance to film a CF together with Pancake.

△How do you prepare for coming back to film the CF?
Siwon: Of course, I use the new product by 12 Plus which I use to make my face softer and control oiliness. It’s very suitable to Thai girls, you should find it and use it.

△How do you feel about having the chance to film with Pancake?
Donghae: I’m acting as a guy who’s fallen in love with in Pancake’s charm because she used ’12 Plus Miracle BB Powder’. She has a certain charm which made me fall in love with her. If fangirls want me to fall in love with you, don’t forget to use it.

△How do you feel about filming with other Thai stars?
Siwon : I’d like to thank 12 Plus very much for choosing me to film with Thai stars each time.

△How do you feel about your colleagues?
Pancake : I’m very glad and thankful that I was chosen to be a presenter, I’m very excited to be filming. I hope everyone will see the CF when it’s done.
Donghae : I’m disappointed that I’ve only been able to spend a moment with Pancake.
Siwon : I’ve heard that Pancake is the queen of CFs. I think that must be true because she’s a person who is very focused on her work. She’s a professional. I feel honoured to work together with her.

△When 12 Plus contacted you to work with 2 men, how did you feel? I heard that you were very excited?
Pancake : I wasn’t very excited because both of them are very professional. They’re very concentrated on their work and they also work fast. When they received the script, they tried really hard to learn it fast.

△How about Pancake’s filming experience?
Pancake : It was very enjoyable. There’re many scenes that take place in settings like Korea.

△Where did you go to film? Did you enjoy it? Tell me about it.
Siwon : For the filming this time, we went to Suan Luang Ror 9** The atmosphere there is as beautiful as something out of history. I really enjoyed filming and although I regret that it was raining during filming, the work was completed without problem.

△Have any fans followed you guys?
Donghae : This CF was filmed at Suan Luan Ror 9 so there were many fans who followed to support us. Even though the weather was not very good there were a lot of fans waiting for us there. I was impressed that the fans followed us everywhere. I hope everyone uses ’12 Plus Miracle BB Powder’ because it will make other people enchanted with you.

△How do you feel about Thai fans’ welcome?
Siwon : I have to thank the Thai fans and reporters. No matter how many times we come here, Thai fans support us. The fans give us energy to do our work dnd we will return the favour by working hard and doing well.

△This is Donghae and Siwon’s second time coming here. When you go back home, if you saw a fan use ’12 Plus Miracle BB Powder’, how would you feel?
Donghae : Like its name, sir. ’12 Plus Miracle BB Powder’. Something might happen, I might fall in love with that girl. I might suddenly hug her (laughter)
Siwon : I might help her put the ’12 Plus Miracle BB Powder’ on her face.

△ When you go back to Korea, who is the girl you would most like to take ’12 Plus Miracle BB Powder’ to?
Siwon : I would like to take it to my mom and younger sister. And friends in the same company such as Girl’s Generation. Even though they’re already really beautiful, if they used ’12 Plus Miracle BB Powder’ they might be prettier than before.
Donghae : I will take it for myself. I’d like to smear it on my face, I actually already use it. I hope everyone else uses it too.

△Right now you’re promoting ‘Super Girl’ with ‘Super Junior-M’ in China. Please give a message to your fans.
Siwon : If I hadn’t received love from fans, there would not have been the Super Girl song because the song is for everyone. Unlike Sorry Sorry, “Super Girl” is a song which shows happiness. If fans would like to support us, they can now purchase Super Junior M’s album in Thailand too.

△In Siwon and Donghae’s opinion, who is a Super Girl?
Siwon : I have to say that any girl who uses ’12 Plus Miracle BB Powder’ would be my Super Girl.
Donghae : If someone uses ’12 Plus Miracle BB Powder’ I am sure that that girl would be my Super Girl.

△This is Super Junior-M’s 2nd album. Will you have the chance to promote in Thailand again?
Siwon : Right now we don’t have any plans to promote in Thailand but if fans want us to, we’d come fast. We will try hard and I hope that someday the girls will use ’12 Plus Miracle BB Powder’, and on that day, we’ll come to Thailand.

△Say anything you’d like to Thai fans.
Donghae : We’re very thankful that we’ve received love from Thai and Korean fans for ‘Sorry Sorry’ and ‘It’s you’. Now the ‘Super Junior-M’ album is coming out in China and soon we’ll come back to Thailand again. Please follow ‘Super Junior’ and don’t forget to give us a lot of love because it will be our energy and don’t forget to use ’12 Plus Miracle BB Powder’ too.
Siwon : Thanks Thai fanclub a lot for coming to the Super Show 2 concert in Korea. We were very surprised and impressed that there were so many people there. Soon we’ll have a concert in Thailand too. We’re sorry for making Thai fans wait so long.
Donghae : Yes we’re very sorry that Thai fans have had to wait for a long time. We’ll have a concert in Thailand soon so please look out for it and love ’12 Plus Miracle BB Powder’ a lot too.
Siwon : Lastly, don’t forget to love Super Junior and 12 Plus Miracle BB Powder too, thank you.

△Before leaving, do you have any Thai phrases you’d like to say to your fans?
Siwon&Donghae : ‘You’re my miracle’
Donghae : ‘Your face is delicate’

* Pancake is Thai Super Star who is very popular and famous in Thailand
** Suan Luang Ror 9 was built December 5, 1987 to praise ‘King Bhumibol Adulyadej(The King Of Thailand right now)’ . Suan Luang Ror 9 is both a park and a botanical garden. It’s located in Eastern Bangkok, Thailand.

Interview has been done by http://www.pingbook.com
: here
by sonethloveshizz @ sj-world.net
Edited by
♥ jubee ♥ @ sjworld.net

![News] Park JaeBum to return to Korea with parents in June, press conference in the works

Former 2PM leader Jaebeom (23) will be officially returning to Korea as a movie actor and singer.
A representative of ‘Hype Nation’ said through a phone call to Money Today Star News on the 28th, “Jaebeom will arrive in Korea with his parents in the beginning of June.” This will be the first time that Jaebeom will be in Korea since he left for America last September, 8 months ago.
The representative said, “Although the precise date has not yet been determined, the film has to start shooting from the second week of June,” and “So at the latest, he will have to arrive in Korea at the beginning of June.
According to this representative, Jaebeom will be in Korea for 70 days to film the movie. He revealed, “He is planning to stay in Korea for about 70 days.
The staff of the movie ‘Hype Nation’ is largely from the Hollywood dance movie ‘Step Up,’ and famous American hip hop group B2K will also be making an appearance. Although Son Dambi had originally been cast in the movie, in the aftermath of the financial crisis in America plans for production fell through. This is why Son Dambi ultimately decided to announce a new album and take on other schedules and freely let go of her role in ‘Hype Nation.’
The female lead of ‘Hype Nation’ is currently being cast, and will be concretely decided sometime in April at the latest.
Source : Link
Credit : Sookyeong
Translations : 49.5bananas @ W2D

![News] Sandara Park casted as female lead to drama ‘My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed fox’ with Lee SeungGi?

With news that the upcoming midweek SBS drama ‘My girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox’ will be set for August airing, many netizens are curious as to who Nine-tailed fox (Goo MiHo), the female lead alongside Lee SeungGi to the drama, will be.
It has already been confirmed that Lee SeungGi will be the male lead to the drama. Previously Lee SeungGi shot to fame as a actor when his drama ‘Brilliant Legacy’ received overwhelming responses from viewers. In addition, this is also another drama by the Hong Sisters to look forward to.
The drama talks about the legendary nine-tailed fox who wakes up in year 2010 after being sealed for over 500 years. It will be a romantic fantasy drama, as stated by the the production team. As for the female lead, there are speculations that 2NE1 Sandara Park will be casted as the nine-tailed fox.

But the production team has commented that, “We have not yet confirmed anything about the casting for the nine-tailed fox character. About Sandara Park being casted, that is just rumours.

Meanwhile, netizens are already in heat discussions about how Sandara Park would really suit the role on various portal sites.
Source : Newsen + TVReport
Credit : Sookyeong

![News] BEAST to fly to the States on 28th April to take part in Hollywood Bowl Korean Music Fest

BEAST will perform in the States for the first time after their debut.
According to Cube Entertainment on 28th April, “BEAST will be flying to the States on 28th April to take part in the annual event ‘Hollywood Bowl Korean Music Festival’.
The 8th Hollywood Bowl Music Festival will be held on 1st May in LA Hollywood Bowl. The group has been receiving lovecalls from other Asian cities like Thailand, the Philippines, Taiwan and China. And in January, they flew to Taiwan for promotions and were well received by fans there.
Meanwhile, the group is preparing for their followup hit after their latest song ‘Shock’ did well winning them their first #1 on music shows.
Source : SportsChosun
Credit : Sookyeong


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