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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

![Event] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong “Samsung Card” Why not? March/April new events details+promotional banner image

Like that once! Do You Have (1) You want to try?
Samsung Card will make it work.
Please send a note with a demonstration of Impressive and fun ~ A total of 10 minutes will be made into reality starting by Samsung Card
Application period: ~ till 2010/04/30
Application target: Anyone can join
Everybody’s various services, Samsung Card
Samsung Card is associated with six kinds of services you applied for benefits, a total of 12 people (each 2 persons) selected by the lottery will benefit
Application period: ~ till 2010/04/30
Application target: Samsung Card Former Member
March/April Promotional Banner:

English Translation by Ode (thanks ^_^):
1st banner
Green : “I haven’t at all got to say ILY for once”
Yellow : “I haven’t at all got to go on a backpack journey for once”
2nd banner:
Red : “I haven’t at all got to fish with the polar bear for once” (ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ~~)
Green : “I haven’t at all got to go on a holiday with my parents for once”
3rd banner:
Blue : “I haven’t at all got to say ILY for once”

Credit: samsungcard.co.kr+miniquilt@ daum blog
Don’t reedit
English Translation: SS501fighting.wordpress.com

!Inkigayo and Family Outing 2 to be postponed

In view of the naval tragedy, SBS has decided to cancel all entertainment-related programs scheduled for this weekend.
Affected programs include Smile on April 3rd, 1000 Songs Challenge, Inkigayo, Family Outing 2, Gold Miss on April 4th.
In an official press release, SBS stated, “In view of public sentiment following the sinking of the Cheonan naval ship, we have decided to cancel all scheduled entertainment programming for this weekend.”

Golden Fishery scheduled for March 31st has also been canceled by MBC. They are still in discussions over whether Music Core will go on as planned.

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!Super Junior’s Vietnamese fans faint at MTV EXIT Concert

This past weekend the boys of Super Junior were in Vietnam performing their best hits at the MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) concert in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Nearly 50,000 people attended the concert and according to Viet Nam Net, as many as 20 fangirls fainted. Here’s the story according to Viet Nam Net.
Nearly 50,000 people flocked to Hanoi’s My Dinh Stadium on the evening of March 27 to enjoy a concert featuring Korean boyband Super Junior. Though the show started at 7pm, thousands of teens arrived as early as 3pm to find a good spot.
At 6pm, the stadium was covered in the sapphire colors of Super Junior on T-shirts, balloons and banners everywhere. The Korean band performed the last songs of the show to keep fans at the concert until the end.

One hour after the show began with performances of Vietnamese hip-hop group Big Toe, singers Huong Giang, Phuong Vy, Hoang Hai and Anh Khoa, the host had to ask the audience to keep order because 20 people had fainted.
With only four songs – “Sorry Sorry Sorry,” “It’s You,” “Happiness” and “Rokuko,” performed by 8/13 members of Super Junior – Vietnamese fans went crazy. After the band left, many teens bearing Super Junior banners lay down on the ground. Many others cried: “We have been waiting for you for five years! We will remember you a lot!”
Though the departure time of Super Junior had not been disclosed, when the band left the stadium, many teens immediately got into buses for Noi Bai airport to see their idols off.
Super Junior is one of the leading bands in Asia, so most of the audiences at MTV Exit were their fans. Kate Miller-Heidke is a very famous singer in Australia, but she is unknown to Vietnamese audiences. Whenever the name Super Junior was called out, fans went crazy. Over 20 fans were fainted and needed assistance from health workers.
After the show, the road from the stadium was jammed for nearly two hours.
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!Seo Woo wants Taecyeon’s number

The filming set of the new drama Cinderella Sister was revealed through KBSPark Soo Hong and Choi Won Jung’s Reserve. (The filming set was reported to have roughly cost around 2 million US dollars.)

Through this show, actor Chun Jung Myung revealed that actress Seo Woo was interested in 2PM’s Taecyeon.
He joked, “They’re giving each other their numbers,” when the two were sited sharing a private conversation during their drama’s Gosa. A Gosa is a ritual that is held to bring good luck and success to a certain event, and in this case, the drama.

Chun Jung Myung continued to corner Seo Woo by stating, “Everyone but Seo Woo got Taecyeon’s phone number. She keeps begging me, ‘Can you help me trade numbers with him.’
Seo Woo kept denying all this but her denials just encouraged Chun Jung Myung to tease her more and so he stated, “And so I told her that I would plan an outing and to trade phone numbers then. She’s just doing that because she’s embarassed.
Seo Woo was Chun Jung Myung’s target during his interview, but during hers, she complimented him by stating, “He’s like a vitamin for our drama.”
The first episode of Cinderella Sister set to premiere on the 31st!

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![news] Wonder Girl's new member Hae Lim attracts attention on her appearance

Wonder Girls girl group updates recently released a video with its new member hyerim and her unnatural appearance attracted netizens.

Last March 29, through the world's UCC site YouTube showed a video of the Wonder Girls where they said their resolutions for the new album, according to updates. In the process, unnatural appearance of new member hyerim were caught by netizens. .
New Member hyerim had a consistently bright smile, unlike other members she seemed unnatural and rigid. In addition to her style, unlike other members who wore a more modest appearance she appeared wearing a shirt that stood out. In turn, her remarks do not forget to have a tense appearance.

Meanwhile, the Wonder Girls are coming to Korea in May and scheduled to be released one full album is accelerating.

Photo: Youtube, Wonder Girls channel 'capture
Source: Tvreport
cr: dkp

![NEWS] Han Geng made first public appearance after case of contract termination!s

Yesterday night (Night of 26th March), Han Geng attended the finals of the Migu Show. Since the news breakout of his contract termination last year, he made his first public appearance. This attracted large amount of media and fans, causing chaos at the studio. Before the activity starts, he accepted a short interview from the media. As for the news everyone cared for, the progress of his contract termination case and about his new company, he kept mum about it. He stated that, ‘Now isn’t the time to discuss about this issue’.

Many fans attended the show causing chaos
Media waited two long hours for a seven minutes interview

Since Han Geng’s dispute with his Korean company last year, there were a lot of reports on him but he had never appeared in front of the public crowd. Yesterday was the last episode of the Migu Show, they invited Jay Chou and him as guests, and this was also his first public appearance since the news breakout.
Han Geng’s fans got the first hand news and waited at the studio since in the afternoon causing a big human jam. Those who had the tickets started queuing 4 to 5 hours before the show while those who don’t have the tickets were wandering around. The situation was quite chaotic.
That night, the organizers arranged Han Geng for a media interview, but the interview was delayed and delayed again. The media waited a full 2 hours before the interview started. Before the interview, it was made cleared that there should be no questions about the contract termination or any questions related to the current news of his new company. During the interview, the organizers arranged a ‘main member’ for asking the questions. So all the questions were about the activity that night and there was also time set aside for fans to give presents, causing the 10 over media at the scenes to be extremely unhappy. This situation causes the media there to start a ‘war’ of questioning. In this situation, Han Geng was extremely awkward so the interview only goes on for 7 minutes and was hastily wrapped up.

Went to the America for dancing and singing courses
Denied opening a dance school with Jay Chou

Han Geng stated in the interview that he stayed in America for half a month. He was there to improve on his dancing and music capabilities, including learning from Michael Jackson’s dance choreographer. He said, ‘I had some free time on hand so I decided to recharge myself and do things I loved.’ There was news stating that Han Geng had started to prepare for his new album in America. He denied the news of him preparing for his new album. ‘I wasn’t doing any preparation for any new album there. I was just there to learn more things because I wanted everyone to see a brand new Han Geng.’

There were reports about Jay Chou and him opening a dance school the day before, he shook his head and denied this piece of information. ‘I don’t know who came up with such news again’

Avoid talking about contract issues
Don’t mind collaborating with Super Junior members again

Han Geng’s publicist reminded the media again and again before the interview that no questions about the case should be asked, because if there is any discussion, it would affect the progress. But, the fate of Han Geng’s future is under great attention. He admitted that there were several companies that made contact with him but he would not talk about it now. He only said that he is also currently still waiting for the outcome so he cannot talk about it and did not reveal anymore.

Han Geng also stated that he had not thought much about his future. He did not make a comment about the news of him joining a new group; he just said that he did not think about whether to come back as a soloist or a member of a group. But, he hoped that he can work with some outstanding artistes in near future. If there is a chance, he felt that collaborating with members of Super Junior again would not be a problem. Even though going through the contract termination crisis, he expressed that he is still in contact with the members of Super Junior from time to time, proving that their relationship is still good, not strained.

Source: Ent163
Translated by: huiwen@sj-world.net

![TRANSLATIONS]Big Bang featured in COOL Music magazine

Even though the “BIGSHOW” in Seoul has been over for quite some time, but BIGBANG’s impact doesn’t seem to be reducing. They are currently making efforts through their own ways to carve a name for their group in the present age. Without a doubt, their appearance today had very much excited the VIPs and reporters at the scene, beginning at the red carpet, the scene was surrounded by burst after burst of chatterings, each louder than another. BIGBANG member said frankly that “they had always wanted to take part in charity activities” “to do more meaningful things as such”, so they specially donated the costumes that they wore during the “BIG SHOW”. Although TOP wasn’t able to be present due to his personal schedule but the fans still gave the fullest support to the members.
The youngest member in the group Seungri, who is outspoken, entered the hall leisurely, appearing self confident as usual. Only when the fans showed signs of danger due to pushing, that he turned back to his ‘friendly outlook’ and immediately helped to maintain order. Daesung was still smiling brightly like a sunflower, was often asked and surrounded by fans for a handshake. He shows more natural shyness as compared to the members who are more nonchalant. On that day Taeyang’s style, if you really want to say it … then it is ragged. Stubbles with huge sunglasses, Youngbae who is although disadvantaged in terms of height, made a strong presence. GD on the other hand, was more composed, as compared to his usual infectious character on stage, perhaps the seniors made him nervous? Fortunately after leading the members into the event hall, he immediately became active again, making faces, foolish smiles, being funny and all.
Although previously they have been concentrating in Japan but BIGBANG did not forget about their fans in Korea. When participating in TV programs in Japan, the members will always use various ways to express this feeling. “While doing overseas activities, we always feel lonely and tired. During times like these we really missed the V.I.P!” Not long ago, they were finally awarded with the Best New Artistes award at the 24th Japan Golden Disk award ceremony, making an victorious debut in Japan. In order to soothe their Korean fans’ anxious hearts, BIGBANG released <Lollipop Pt.2> last month. Although it is an advertisement song but it received much love and support. Besides these activities, TOP is anxiously preparing for his solo album, with the intention of releasing a new song in the first half of the year; Taeyang has been invited as a guest performer for American singer Brian McKnight’s concert in Seoul on April 1st; Seungri finally fulfilled his wish of attending Chung-Ang university’s theatre and acting faculty. As for BIGBANG’s official comeback in Korea, well…..we can only depend on heaven’s will and hope for our wish to be fulfilled soon.

As the members are usually rather quiet, therefore BIGBANG’s waiting room rarely will have high decibel(?) situation. When there are fans gathering outside the room, except for Seungri who will raise his hands and wave, the others will just smile and enter the waiting room. Seungri’s carefully planned escape plans are always thwarted by the hyungs’ loud exclamations. So while on standby, he would always wait for opportunities to look for excuses to stroll around the corridors but will always be held back by the hyungs. Taeyang doesn’t talk much but always managed to find something that will make himself happy. Ever since Daesung starred in [Family Outing], watching his program has become Taeyang’s favorite hobby. TOP’s sharp eyes still let people feel memorable. GD’s fashion sense has extent to the waiting room. When there is nothing to do, he will try on more advanced style. Of course GD’s pet has also become a regular guest at the TV station, when no one is paying attention to him, he will look for a comfortable position to sleep.

Translated Miseremei @ bigbanghaven
cr: jenpai@ibb

!So Nyeo Shi Dae and Brown Eyed Girls win awards at the 7th Korean Music Awards

The 7th Korean Music Awards ceremony took place on 30th March in Seoul KangNamDong Kunsthalle.
And amongst the list of musicians recognised for their good music released in year 2009, girlgroups So Nyeo Shi Dae and Brown Eyed Girls are the 2 idol groups awarded for 2 award categories each.
Go under the cut for the full award winner list.

7th Korean Music Awards
▲Album of the year= Seoul Ensemble (‘Life is Strange’)
▲Song of the year= S0 Nyeo Shi Dae (‘Gee’)
▲Musician of the year=Seoul Emsemble
▲Newcomer of the year=Guckkasten, Apollo 18
▲Best rock album=Seoul Ensemble(‘Life is Strange’)
▲Best rock song=Guckkasten(‘Mirror’)
▲Best modern rock album=Black Skirts(‘201′)
▲Best modern rock song=Broccolli You Too(‘Letter song’)
▲Best pop album=Lee Sora(7th album)
▲Best pop song=Lee Sora(‘Track8′)
▲Best dance and electronic album=Brown Eyed Girls(‘Sound-G’)
▲Best dance and electronic song=Brown Eyed Girls(‘Abracadabra’)
▲Best rap and hiphop album=Drunken Tiger(‘Feel gHood Muzik:The 8th Wonder’)
▲Best rap and hiphop song=San Ee(‘Rap Genius’)
▲Best R&B & Soul album=Radi(‘Real Collabo’)
▲Best R&B & Soul song=Jung Yeop(‘You Are My Lady’)
▲Best jazz & crossover jazz album=Song YeongJoo(‘Love Never Fails’)
▲Best jazz & crossover crossover album=Park JooWon(‘집시의 시간’)
▲Best jazz & crossover jazz album best performance=Kim Chaek&Jung JaeIl(‘The Methodologies’)
▲Best movie TV music=’Mother’
▲Netizens’ choice male artiste=Jung Yeop
▲Netizens’ choice female artiste=Baek JiYoung
▲Netizens’ choice group=So Nyeo Shi Dae
▲Committee special award=Shim SungRak
▲Achievement award=Jo Dong Jin

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!FujiTV Club Staff’s Blog Update – “Sunaoni Narenakute” Billboard in Shinjuku 100331

“Sunaoni Narenakute” @ Shinjuku
When I was walking on the underground passage of Shinjuku,
(T/N: a very famous railroad station in central Tokyo)
I found an enormous billboard!

The Thursday night 10pm drama starting April 15,
“Sunaoni Narenakute”.
Eita-san, Juri Ueno-san, Jaejoong-san of Tohoshinki, Seki Megumi-san, and Tetsuji Tamayama-san,
Gorgeous star-studded!
Please look forward to the youthful group drama, of those who came to know each other through the Twitter☆
Nakano P, who has been the director for “Last Friends” (T/N: Eita and Ueno were casted for this drama) and “Buzzer Beat”, will be in charge of this drama.
Nakano P, how will you add the spices this time?
I am really anxious! +。:.゚ヽ(*´ω`)ノ゚.:。+゚
The title of the drama is also very dramatic and impressive!
Yes.. there are times when “Sunaoni Narenakute” (T/N: I cannot be honest) 。。。( ̄□ ̄;)looking away
Clear pictures from Japanese blog “Margret Inoue no Honne Talk”
Source: FujiTV Club Staff’s Tsuredure Diary & Margret Inoue no Honne Talk
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

!Kboom Magazine – May 2010 Special Issue, Tohoshinki

Posted Image
Continuing on from the March and April 2010 Kboom issues, we’ll show everyone from when Tohoshinki began, up until the release of their best album. The truth is, from the beginning of last year, the editorial team already decided that we “will follow Tohoshinki’s movements and release three consecutive special editions”!

Posted Image
[BEST SELECTION 2010] was released on 17 February 2010 and on the day before, on the 16th, upon arrival at the shops, they already held the record of another Oricon #1. They had a record number of 220,000 copies sold on the day of release and received their number one ranking. Not only that, less than a week of its release, the sales surpassed 410,000 copies and Tohoshinki rewrote the entire history of foreign artists in Japan.
In various shops, there were also special Tohoshinki counters on display and on the 16th, when the discs arrived at the shops, there were about 100 people queuing outside the shops. The streets were filled with Tohoshinki’s music and Tohoshinki was everywhere in Shibuya. The main attraction in Shibuya was the huge poster showing the 5 members. There were even Korean fans who made a special trip down just to see the advertisement with their own eyes.
Not only CD shops, but book shops also set up special, huge Tohoshinki counters and attracted large crowds of fans who wanted to take pictures. The sale of original Tohoshinki goods also caused the traffic flow at the shops to go through the roof. Each shop also had special packages for the best album and fans could be seen visiting different shops to grab copies of it. It seems like we won’t know when Tohoshinki’s popularity will fade. No, in future, their fans will just continue increasing.
Five in the Black @ My Humble House Tokyo
Posted Image
Posted Image
Step by Step @ Minato Mirai 21
Posted Image
Posted Image
Bolero @ Hotel Higashinihon
Posted Image
Posted Image
Ilsan Cheese Pizza Shop
Posted Image
Posted Image
Junsu’s parents own a pizza shop on the second level of [Rafestar] building in Ilsan. Once you arrive, the first thing that catches your eye is that the walls at the stairway from the first to second level is covered by fan’s graffiti. Korean, Japanese, Thai and other languages could be seen among the graffiti and you can’t helped but be impressed by the cute graffiti that is dedicated to Junsu and Tohoshinki.
Also, within the shop there is a huge glass wall and even though the area is a little small, it’s filled with pictures of Junsu. What was a greater gift to the visiting fans was that Junsu’s dad welcomes everyone with a smile. The fans who were there were also delighted by his warm welcome. On such a rare visit from Japan, I definitely won’t forget the photos I took with Junsu’s dad!
The shop also sells two of Junsu’s favourite pizzas, [BBQ Chicken] and [Raudobari], so be sure to try it! The seasoning for the chicken is really good and the [Raudobari] is filled with tofu. All the pizzas cost roughly KRW$20,000 each and their specialty is that all of it is made from the finest grade flour. What’s surprising about the flavours is that it includes soy bean paste, which seems to be a Korean favourite, and there’s a sweet aftertaste when you get to the crust.
Before leaving the shop, I made a pact with Junsu’s dad that we will take some time out to do an interview the next time I visit.
Cre Beau Boutique (owned by Junsu’s mother)
Posted Image
Located near the pizza shop is the cosmetique boutique owned by Junsu’s mother. It was a little hard to find because it was located within an office building but I was reassured after getting clear instructions from the pizza shop.
Of course, the boutique is also decorated with large pictures of Junsu. Initially, Junsu used the Cre Beau products and it was hugely beneficial to his skin, so he introduced it to the other members, which resulted in Junsu’s mother operating her own boutique. Although I didn’t get to meet her in person, she comes to the boutique once daily, so if you’re lucky, you’ll get to meet her.
t/n: omitted description of cre beau items
Yunho’s filming location for [Heading to the Ground] @ [BHC Chicken]
Posted Image
This chicken shop is located at a quiet corner of Ilsan. In the drama, Yunho got into trouble with the football club and had to pick up a temporary job; this is the location. The shop has Yunho’s signature framed up but there were not a lot of visiting fans because it’s a spot that is hard to find. When I went to visit it happened to be the time that school let out and it was so cute to see the children coming into the shop clutching money in their hands.
[O-Jung.Ban.Hap] filming location @ Seoul Plaza Hotel
Posted Image
Posted Image
The Seoul Plaza Hotel was present in both the [O-Jung.Ban.Hap] MV and Yunho’s drama.
Time Out Gelato
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
This might be more popular than the major ice cream chain stores. With an orange shop exterior and a cute interior, the shop is decorated with not too many of Yoochun’s pictures. Also commonly seen in Japan, the shop offers more than 10 different flavours of gelato, of which there is also Yoochun’s favourite – green apple! This sweet and sour flavour is not available in Japan and the price is as cheap as KRW$4,000. It’s perfect for the upcoming season.
Filming location for [Purple Line] near SM Entertainment
Posted Image
This is one of the locations where [Purple Line] was filmed at; the road where Changmin walks on in the night scene. Another scene which depicts Yunho walking along the street is located right in front of a famous boutique near SM Entertainment.
Filming location for [Postman to Heaven] @ [Angel in us Coffee]
Posted Image
Posted Image
This modern yet quaint coffee house is [Angel in us Coffee]. The interior of the shop is decorated with different kinds of mugs that were each signed by celebrities and they also sell cute original goods.
Of course, this was also the location where Jejung and Han Hyo Joo were sitting at the coffeehouse in [Postman to Heaven]. It’s a little different from the movie and it’s decorated with plants. Even so, one can sit at the same spot and imagine… Isn’t that a fun thing for a fan to do?
SM Entertainment
Posted Image
The doors were closed because it was a Korean public holiday on the day I visited. Even so, I still went to look at the SM Entertainment building. It’s just like any other plain building. I wonder how many Japanese fans have visited…
[The hat he wore again...]
Everyone knows this right? The hat that Changmin wore in the Japanese version of [Rising Sun] had to be put on once again. It happens towards the end of the PV after Changmin’s “Ah….” The hat keeps falling forward and you can see Changmin struggling to pull it back. It makes one wonder, “Why didn’t they re-film that?”
[The amazing "polite speech"]
The Korean society has strict rules about seniority and respect. Even among the members, it exists. This is especially so for Changmin, who is two years younger than Yunho and Jejung. In Korean culture where one cannot be “friends” with each other even with only a year’s age difference, even now, Changmin still uses “polite speech” when he speaks to the other members in Korean.
[I'm the centre!]
This is something that happened during [O-Jung.Ban.Hap]. After Yunho’s solo dance portion, there is a hand that reaches out. Does it belong to a fan…? This hand belongs to no one but Changmin. Changmin was the one who told Yunho his placing after the dance solo by pushing his back. He is indeed the “strongest” Changmin, always able to calmly point out the correct placing. He must be the only one that can take on this role.
[I learnt to dance on my own]
Tohoshinki’s top dancer is Yunho, this is something that is also acknowledged by the other members. Yet, the fact is that he picked up all his dance moves by watching and practicing. He would watch the recorded videos of the dances as he practiced in front of a mirror and repeated practice on his own.
[Changmin who was unexpectedly muddle-headed]
This is something that happened during one of the Japanese fanmeetings. Changmin wore the wrong shoes and had to go around barefoot and wore the dancer’s shoes to rehearsal. There’s also a cute side to dependable Changmin.
[My hobby is watching "My Sassy Girl"]
It is commonly known that Yunho is a mega fan of Jeon Ji Hyun. During his trainee days, he would watch “My Sassy Girl” everyday before going to class. He must have been such a disturbance to Super Junior’s Heechul, whom he stayed with then.
[Originally tone deaf]
Jejung, who has such a wonderful voice, used to be tone deaf before his debut. He must have worked really hard, consulting his friends and joining the school’s band.
Source: [heyjj]
Translation credits: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net
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!Japanese Fan Report – Yunho at Michael Jackson’s Memorial Concert 2nd Night 100328

An article from a Japanese blog (Part 2)
20100328 Report of the concert, lovelier than yesterday(^^)
Today, again, we went to the concert~
(T/N: the blog authors YELLOW and BLUE went to the concert on both 27th and 28th.)
YELLOW and BLUE again.
Today was sunny.
Well, the weather was cold again, but it was warmer than yesterday, we didn’t need body warmers.
Today, we heard that the doors would be open on 4:00pm, so we arrived at the venue on 3:45pm,
but it was still in the middle of the rehearsals~
Yunho was dancing~
We could catch a glimpse of him, but he was still wearing plain clothes, and the staff said to keep on walking~~
We only thought, “Oh, that is Yunho during the rehearsals”…
Yunho~ are you still during the rehearsals~? (Lol)
The rehearsals continued after that, and the doors were at last open around 17:00~
Today, we stood in a line in order to get into the venue in numerical order
(yesterday, it was first come, first served basis).
Just that time, we found RYO, one of the Toho dancers!!
Our tension was upward at a burst!! BLUE went to greet him.
He came to see our Yunho~~
So delighted!!!!
RYO~~~ Thank you~~~!!!
Today’s performance started!!
We stood in a rather rear block, but our place was near the front.
We were battling with the others and also with the partition, much more than the day before.
Yunho appeared on the stage~~ from the beneath, with the sound BANG! So cool!!
Yunho!! Oh~~!!
I really like this costume~~
I think the neckline was plunging more than yesterday, so sexy.
His dance was sharper than that of yesterday.
His fingertips were moving, beautiful fingers~ the ring on his right fourth finger was sparkling~
And, he was pointing right and left~~ oh, he pointed to us again~~ oh, we were so excited…
It was as though we were to fall down behind!!
He got us~~ (lol)
The S line movements of Yunho’s waist & hip were beyond imagination~~ so lovely~~
The time when he was tangling with the lady guitarist~~ there was a difference in their heights,
That eye line from the above, that Yunho does regularly~~ his neck was so lovely, I wanted to touch his neck~~
BLUE was saying that she wanted to touch Yunho’s butt from his back・・・
(T/N: YELLOW favors Yunho and Changmin, and BLUE favors Junsu.)
He made the greetings with puff and blow~~
I didn’t remember what he said・・・
I think it was shorter than the day before, maybe?
②Smooth Criminal
I didn’t see in details yesterday・・・
During the first appearance, Yunho’s shadow was reflected in the white curtain, and Yunho was dancing backstage.
His shadow, dancing, was cool, too~~
Then, the curtain opened, and Yunho appeared~
Of course his face was full of charismatic charms~~
Maybe Yunho’s hands were big, when he held the hat, the hat seemed small~~
Oh, today, though he swiftly inclined his head, his hat did not fall off~~
Maybe he was alert and abile today. For a moment, I thought that the hat would fall off, but it didn’t, well done!!
He was hot and cool~~
During this song, he slipped, and nearly fell down, and I was worried~~
But he immediately recovered~~
Anyway, Yunho was so cool, he was duplicating Michael’s dance~~
Sorry, I could not express any further…
③They Don’t care About US
The dancers of this song had a helmet on their heads, they were like Goomba (T/N: characters of Mario), cute heads.
During this song, there should be a dance gyrating his hips, but thanks to the great lighting-up and smoke,
I could not see clearly…
Oh, his neck is long, or to say correctly, his neck became slim, his nape was clean-limbed during his marching steps~~.
He was beautiful~~ Beauty was added to Yunho’s manly charismatic charms~~
I realized that Yunho was inflaming us by saying “JAM!!”
Yes, we were calling out together with Yunho, such a delightful song~~
And the illumination was~ bluish~~ since Yunho was white and glittering, it was beautiful~~
What did I not explain yet~~?
We could see his very cute smile many times during this song, oh, I said outloud, “So CUTE!!”
After he performed with the bass guitar, he blew a kiss to the guitar player and run backwards~~
So cute again~~~
After the performance with the guitar player, Yunho bent backwards, still continuing the guitar playing gesture,
He bent backwards doing the air guitar, but he was bending backwards as if he was dancing the limbo, so cool!
Yunho was always tapping the shoulders of his partners, so cute.
~Yunho call~
The performers inflamed us, the Yunho call, which was not called yesterday.
Today, the costume was different~
Yesterday, it was like the bike riders with the black jacket, but today, he was wearing a sleeveless outfit.
Like a long vest, black in color.
He had on black gloves.
We were able to see his upper arms, yoked and manly~ aggressively cute. We could see his armpits, too. (lol)
Thriller was the last song, I seemed to be excited, I could not remember in details..
Anyway, his Thriller dance was cool, all the other dances were cool,
The dances of the surrounding dancers were fascinating,
Yunho was hot looking, eye lines from above, hair blowing…
Oh, that eerie HAHAHAHA, Yunho was also saying them, cute and funny.
Yunho~ terrific!
~Last greetings~
Everyone stood in a line, and bent their knees together~
Yunho was saying something, but I could not understand~
But I was somber for a moment~
Yunho seemed to be saying~~ I’ll do my best as Uknow Yunho~~ but you are already doing your best.
I was very impressed by him.
Yunho was hugging the performers. He was hugged by the men performers. (lol)
He was blowing kisses. I thought his performance was better than yesterday.
His vocal was, it was not the regular Yunho of Tohoshinki,
It was that throatily voice.
It was totally different from the regular Yunho, and was good, too~~
All the other performers, they were better than yesterday.
The vocals were different~
Yunho was really hot and cool.
What should we do~ he is always our Yunho, whom we are proud of.
I am proud that I love him.
Good job.
Sweet dreams~~
Good bye, Korea~
Yunho~ we will be waiting for you in Japan~~~

Source: In 東方神起 and eternity. ~toko? wantebakk~ & kisyh26 @ youtube
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

!Tohomobile Staff Blog Update – Jaejoong’s first time riding a train in Japan 100330

First Personal Experience!?
He’s doing well at the drama’s filming o(^-^)o
JeJung looked very excited at his first time riding a train in Japan ☆
Source: Tohomobile Staff Blog + linhkawaii
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

!“Sunao ni Narenakute” Website Updates – Character Introduction, Jaejoong 100330

Source: Sunao ni Narenakute’s Official Website
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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!Tohoshinki’s Upcoming Releases in Japan 100328

・6/16 : DVD「No Limit ~Heading to the Ground~Complete Edition DVD-BOX I & II」 (Featuring Yunho)
・5/26 : Single「JUNSU Solo Single」(Junsu)
・4/24 : Single「Hi Ya Ya Summer Days」
・4/22 : Music Score「Piano Piece Toki wo Tomete Song by Tohoshinki」
・4/10 : Photograph Collection「Tohoshinki’s Otakara Photobook The Secret」
・4/07 : Special Book「Tohoshinki’s Eternal Cassiopeia」
・4/05 : Magazine「I Want to Know More! Korean TV Drama Vol. 36」(Jejung)
・4/03 : Magazine「Nikkei Entertainment! May Edition」
・3/31 : Mix Record「Koda Kumi Driving Hits 2」 (LAST ANGEL feat. Tohoshinki)
・3/27 : Magazine「ARENA37° SPECIAL May Edition」 (Toki wo Tomete Special Documentary)
・3/26 : Special Edition book「Korean Stars Special Catalogue 2010 edition」 (Yunho)
・3/25 : Magazine「Takarajima (Treasure island) May Edition」 (Tohoshinki, Follow the Truth of Their Break-Up Theories! 4 pages)
・3/26 : Special Edition Book「KBOOM May Edition ~Limited Dale Special Edition~ The Tohoshinki that KBOOM Editorial Staff Loves」
Source: oops-music.com
Translation: Park Hachimi @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

!Jaejoong’s anan Issue will be #1704 Confirmed 100330

*Kind of interesting Eita is issued this week. ^^
It is finally confirmed and announced officially by anan (Magazine House)!
Jaejoong will be featured in the next anan issue #1704.
It will be out on sale on April 7th, 2010 (Wednesday) in Japan.
It does now write if Jaejoong will be a cover or not.
It simply writes “JEJUNG! Jaejoong will talk about love”.
Source: anan
Translated by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ.com
Shared by: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }


Bonus Cute Photo of JJ from Sunao ni Narenakute
From Weekly Women’s Magazine
businessman JJ super cute~~

!Easy Magazine – April 2010 Issue, TVXQ

T/N: I don’t have the actual scans for this so I’m not sure, but I think these are either excerpts or quotes from the members with regards to their thoughts on the past.
Shim Changmin:
Everyone has grown up and compared to the past, the way we think have changed. However, because we’re together everyday, some of the changes are not immediately noticeable.
For myself as well, when it comes to things pertaining to myself in interviews, I will suddenly realize the change. I guess everyone is like that, this is just a natural progression, I think it’s a good thing.
After entering this world (t/n: music industry), I could experience happiness and also hardship and pain that people from normal walks of life can never experience. So I always think that I’d like to change the bad into good things and no matter what it is, it should not hinder my progress forward. I’ll continue to work hard like that.
Jung Yunho:
For now, I still want to put in even more effort than I already have to do my best. No matter what happens, I will always hold myself responsible first and tell myself that I can’t make myself detestable to everyone just because of my own shortcomings.
This is a characteristic that stayed with me through childhood until now, and after becoming the leader of TVXQ, I wanted to (let us) become the best in everything, so that may have worn everyone down and sometimes I even found it hard to take a breather.
The members also have very different characters so the ways of thinking are different, but at the end of the day, a leader was still necessary to take the lead. When I kept thinking like that, I became strict without being aware of it and because of that, I get anxious and frustrated over certain things.
Kim Jaejoong:
At the end of 2006, we swept all the major awards in Korea. However, we came to Japan after that and a lot of people didn’t know us and the stages where we performed didn’t even have seating capacity and the microphones were wired. Also, when we were singing “O-Jung.Ban.Hap” we wanted to die at the atmosphere.
After 4 years, now everyone has expectations towards us and we will continue to do our best and work hard until we reach the peak.
Kim Junsu:
When someone is sad and you can accompany that person in crying and hurting, wouldn’t you reduce that person’s pain by half? Aside from himself, no one else can fully understand that person’s pain. It may be impossible to share the pain, but because we share the same feelings, it feels as if the hurt and pain is halved.
I don’t know what the future holds, but knowing who will be there with me, it’s good.
Park Yoochun:
I still remember, it’s because there were the members, fans and staff with me, that I wasn’t lonely. I might have felt down sometimes and wanted to seal my heart when I performed onstage, so there were times when I didn’t have confidence and felt scared.
Source: [hey!jj]
Translation credits: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net
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![Event] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong ~ Japan “TONYMOLY” official website member “Happy Birthday Event”

Japan “TONYMOLY” official website member “Happy Birthday Event”
Two kinds of benefit for member in the birth month:
1. Can get discount for products
2. Can get a special birthday greeting card (Like the one in the second photo)

Credit: TONYMOLY Japan official site+Chinese translation: 妃茵@TSTW
Don’t reedit
English Translation: SS501fighting.wordpress.com

!No M!Countdown, Music Bank and Music Core for this week

n view of the CheonAhnHam sinking incident, there will be no Mnet M!Countdown on 1st April.
According to a Mnet official on 30th March through a phone interview, “This week, Mnet M!Countdown will not go on air. Instead we will air a 1/4 length of Mnet M!Countdown highlights video.”

Other than Mnet M!Countdown, KBS Music Bank and MBC Music Core have confirmed that they will not be airing their music shows this week. As for SBS Inkigayo, discussions are still in the midst as to whether the music show will go on air on 4th April.

Meanwhile, with the CheonAhnHam sinking case on 27th March, SBS Inkigayo did not go on air on 28th March. Other than that, SBS ‘1000 songs challenge’ and SBS ‘Finding Smiles’ were replaced with the airing of old dramas. And on 29th March, MBC ‘Come To Play’ and KBS ‘ChitChat of the Beautiful Ladies’ were replaced with the airing of documentaries.

s: k bites

!2ne1 to appear in “Reality Star” along with Big Bang & Lee Hyori.

Reality Star’ is the real professional channel of popular idol groups in Korea will be airing in April, and there will be celebrities appearances  such as Big Bang, 2NE1, Lee Hyo-ri, etc. The program will show a star as an ordinary person and the daily appearance of humanity such as, `Big Bang’  the Republic of Korea’s top idol group. Big Bang from a trainee days before the time they introduced. ‘Off the record, Hyo’ syndrome, which inspired the Republic of Korea Sexy icon Lee Hyo-ri and the debut of the 10 years before one can glimpse into private life were not disclosed. `2NE1TV ‘member, four members of the group 2NE1 distinctive charm and power is delivered 24 hours a day vividly.
Reality ’star’ will be starting on April 1 at 5:00 a.m. and `Big Bang ‘ is the first to be broadcast.

Source: nate
Translations: iluvdolphinz via google

Thx @airatotzkie for the tip!
Originally taken from koreanupdates.com

![NEWS] World Cup Concert is Canceled!

April 10, 2010 should have been the day where 2NE1, 2PM, 2AM, BEG, T-ara and Beast will perform for the World Cup to support the Korean soccer players for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.
Due to what happened with the Korean Naval Ship recently, various variety shows and music shows have been canceled and it looks like the World Cup Concert will be canceled as well.
The representatives were sorry for the cancellation of the event.

Picture credit: as tagged 
cr: let's play:2ne1


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