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Sunday, February 28, 2010

![News] Later revealed that Kim Yuna had an ankle injury

Kim Yuna made South Korea proud by winning the gold medal and by setting a new world record during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. However it is later revealed that she had an ankle injury a month before the Olympics.
On the 27th, Kim Yuna told SBS news that it was hard for her to train with an left ankle injury. She said, “One month before the Olympics I had an injury on my left ankle. I think it might have been because of the exhaustion from all the practice,” revealing the truth for the first time. She also added, “I assumed that I will have to face this kind of situation sometime, and since I had experience I didn’t worry too much and waited and like I expected, everything went along fine.
Her ankle injury happened because her skates didn’t fit her feet. Her skates gave her more pressure on her legs and eventually after the treatment the pain had lessoned. However, despite the pain, the figure skating queen showed flawless acting. With her ankle pain being revealed, many are crediting her gold medal through her fighting until the end.
Credit : Sookyeong

![Pics]Jaejoong in Scawaii Magazine March 2010 Issue

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!SNSD's 'Black Soshi' Preview for Next Track, "This Time We Will Cheer for Unnies and not Oppas"

[NewsEn Reporter, Kim Hyungwoo]

SNSD revealed the secret about 'Black Soshi' for their follow up track.

SNSD's first Asia tour 'Into the New World' Encore concert was held on February 28th at the Olympic Park Fencing Stadium in Seoul. During an interview, SNSD commented, "
although we won't expose any details, SNSD's hidden sexy side will finally be portrayed."

In the music video of SNSD's title track 'Oh!' which was announced and released last January, the last scene provided a glimpse of SNSD's follow up concept. Fans dubbed the preview as 'Black Soshi' after watching the full music video.

SNSD commented, "In 'Oh!' we were calling out to the oppose, but for 'Black Soshi,' we will be standing on the side of the unnies and singing. 
We already have finished the filming of the music video. Please look forward to it."

In regards to the competition arisen from the comeback of groups such as KARA and T-ara, SNSD commented, "We are happy to see the return of many brilliant performances of girl groups. We are very excited at the thought of sharing the stage with the others.

After their encore performance in Seoul, SNSD will be performing in Shanghai, China in April, and Bangkok, Thailand in May and will enter their Asia tour.


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![News][2010.02.27] SS501 who is going to end their Asia Tour: We can enjoy the concert already

5 men team idol group SS501’s Asia Tour Concert ‘Persona’ long expedition which started since last year August is coming to a perfect end.

On 27th & 28th February, SS501 hold their Asia Tour Concert Encore Concert in Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium and bring their Asia Tour Concert performance to a perfect end. Starting from Korea, following by touring Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand and other Asia Countries with their performance, gaining support from few 10s of thousands of fans. On 27th February, before the start of their concert, SS501 held their press conference, giving their thoughts of the Asia Tour. Member Heo Young Saeng said: “At the beginning would trembled and panic. However, for now, has already getting more skillful and familiar, able to enjoy the concert. This would not be a full stop, we have thought of continue to hold our Asia Tour Concert in future, sharing with more fans.”

Here’s the question and answer.
- Talk about your thoughts regarding the achievement received from the Asia Tour Concert
“Through many interactions and breathing the same breath with uncountable fans, we can feel the stage and audience more realistically. It have also allow us to have room for maturity in terms of songs, dance and stage. I think we have improved in all areas in our performances during these 6 months. Now, SS501 who is in our mid 20s will have the ability to show a stage which fits our age.” (Kim Hyun Joong)
What have you obtain from the Asia Tour Concert?
“Able to compensate many points which we are lacking. Especially in the process of the concert, each member has prepared their own solo dance, able to show a completely new look to our fans. This has also became a chance to allow each member to show their own speciality/strong point, we have also grown up a lot.” (Park Jung Min)
If there anything which you feel regret?
“Starting from last fall, going through winter and now towards the spring. I felt that it is a pity to stop like this. However I don’t think that this is the ending. If this is the first Asia Tour, then there will be plans for the 2nd and 3rd.” (Kim Hyun Joong)
When do you plan to schedule a concert again to meet with your fans?
“As long as there’s a place with fan, even for now, no matter where we would want to go to them. However, first we need to plan for the production of the new album. If the production of the new album is completed, we will be able present good music via the concert to meet with everybody.” (Kim Hyung Jun)
When is the new album expected to release?
“(Name after the team) We plan to release in ‘501 day’. Although the plan is to released the album on 1 May, however it is not decided whether it is the 2nd album or mini album.” (Kim Hyun Joong)
Have you heard of the recent idol group ranking in the popular website
“I saw in our team, Park Jung Min is actually rank first.” (Kim Hyung Jun)
“Although many has think so, but in actual fact it is not true. I am just a supporting role beside the leader. Rather than saying that a particular person in SS501 is a leader, might as well say that we complement each other and supporting each other. However, my skin is really ranked 1st. Even the makeup artist has acknowledged it.” (Park Jung Min)
“Jung Min’s skin is really good. His skin would not turn worst as he aged, I am really envy.” (Kim Hyung Jun)

Credit: isplus.joins.com
Chinese Translation:vivid@hyunjoongchina.com
English Translation: SS501UFO.blogspot.com

![TRANS] Yunho's dad message to YoonhoThailand

Dear Yoonhothailand

I recieved your email with pleasure.

I was very impressed and happy by your members doing charity and volunteering in YoonhooThaliland Hompage for his birthday.
You guys always support YoonHo with love and faith and I am thankful for it.
A couple of days ago was Yoonho's birthday, and I am going to send a message about the amazing works of precious fans of him.

"Last January 31st, even though Yoonho and my family did not participate,
we felt so grateful becasue not only korean fans of 200 met on the auditorium of Kwang Woon University
for celebration of his birth day, but also many fans from Japan, China, Tailand, and Asia,
met on the same time of the same day to have a meaningful event."

"Especially, in the 2/6/10, fans gave very meaningful birthday gift for him which is not expensive gifts for
him but charity for struggling teenagers and neighbors in poverty-moreover especially from precious fans of him."

"Yoonho really appreciates this and wants this to keep happening so Yoonho fans have been doing these
volunteering works and charities, which results in $35000,0000 of charity -only considering 2010, from all over
the world, and Yoonho and my family were greatly moved and happy."

Especially, another $45000000 from Korean homepage:WISH, his soccer drama gallary, Yoonho star, Yuji-kyung sung, and other
foreign homepages: China YoonHo bang, Yoonho family, Eyes on U, Japanese fan blog, Yoonhothaliland were collected by their
participation.(on top of these, some were done anonymously and by individuals.)

The charity money went to Haiti Earthquake volunteer, Korean underpriviledged organization, and others in China and Thailand.

Everyear, We are amazed by your works and are deeply happy.
Thank you for all the fans that gave the best gift for Yoonhoo, this year again."

Take care


please send a message for Yoonhotahliand members that we love you!

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![News] Super Junior-T mentioned in The Independent Newspaper

**This is the 2nd time SJ has been featured; first it was “Choi Siwon”**
Korean boy bands are back in the top end of Twitter’s trending topics on Thursday, February 25.
Super Junior-Trot, otherwise known as Super Junior-T, are a sub-group of the popular Korean boy band Super Junior. Super Junior-T are highly regarded in Korea for their “trot songs” (trot songs are recognizable for their distinctive background “trotting” beat and are one of the oldest forms of Korean pop music).
The vibrant fan following of Super Junior-T fans are using Twitter to congratulate the band on their third anniversary.
An article about Gmail Lab features on technology blog Mashable has been retweeted around the social network Thursday morning. Google announced it was going to implement six Gmail features that had been trialed in its Gmail Labs (Google’s Gmail testing environment where everyday users can opt to help Google test new mail features) and retire five others.
The term “Click” appeared at number eight in Twitter’s most talked about topics list on February 25. “WARNING Clicking on DMs saying: “This you???? http://…” will hack your account! Do NOT click these links!” wrote users warning of phishing scams spreading through the Twittersphere
The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on February 25 at 9:30 AM GMT are:
1. #nowplaying (unchanged)
2. #SuperJuniorTrot (new)
3. #nothingworsethan (new)
4. #ThatsYouHuh (new)
5. #forUs (new)
6. Gmail Retires 5 (new)
7. #its2010whyyoustill (-5)
8. Click (new)
9. #uever (new)
10. My Top Subjects (new)

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![News] Super Junior rules Twitter (than American Idol?)

As Twitter goes global, so goes the Top 10 Most Tweeted Brands chart (look for it each Friday), a collaboration between Advertising Age and What The Trend, the social-media trend-analytics service. U.S.-based entertainment brands used to routinely bigfoot the Twitter “trending topics” list,

But this week 13-member South Korean boy band Super Junior actually outranks “American Idol” (sorry, Simon Cowell),
Thanks largely to Indonesian fans tweeting their love. Partisans of U.S. pop culture can console themselves that pint-size crooner Justin Bieber (who is originally from Canada, but signed to the U.S.-based Universal Music Group) is still the most-tweeted entertainment brand (or brand of any sort) on Twitter,
While the Jonas Brothers cracked the Top 10 once again — but only because of Chilean and Argentinian fans begging the boys to visit their countries.
Credits: welovesuju@twitter
Thanks to the active twitter accounts for international ELFS  @welovesuju @twelfs @sujunesia etc.

screen shot by: shaynekay@dkpopnews

!Speed skater dances to Brown Eyed Girls’ Abracadabra on Olympic podium!

And the series of kpop-Olympics overlaps continues! Earlier this month, we reported that 2NE1 was mentioned by a Korean announcer during a speed skating run; many viewers also noticed that the Wonder GirlsNobody was played before the awards ceremony after Kim Yuna’s epic win for figure skating.
As many viewers know, the short track speed skating relay team of Korea (Kwak Yoon Gy, Lee Ho Suk and Sung Si Bak) received the silver medal for the 5000m relay race yesterday. During the medal ceremony, Kwak Yoon Gy jumped onto the podium right before the team received their medal and did a certain saucy hip sway that we’ve all come to know and love. Although many worldwide viewers were probably baffled by the sudden move, those that were in the kpop know-how immediately recognized it as the Brown Eyed Girls‘ iconic Abracadabra dance.

Watch the action on film at 4:10 here (only works on some browsers).
Meanwhile, Canada (Olivier JeanCharles HamelinFrancois Hamelin and Francois-Louis Tremblay) won the gold medal and the United States (Travis Jayner, Jordan Malone, Apolo Ohno and my favorite, JR Celski) received the bronze. Despite the heated drama that has been scuffed up recently due to some controversial skating & judging, it’s glad to see Kwak lighten it up with this move.

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![Fanaccount] Details on the rumours about the fan meeting!

The rumors coming out about the fan meeting are pretty awful and from what I can tell on tumblr and 2OneDay it seems that the rumors of the members being rude or arrogant, or dragging Jay’s name through the mud, are making many fans of 2pm shocked and upset. I want to try to clear these up, just from one fan’s point of view…
I’m Korean-American and have lived and gone to school in both the U.S. and Korea. I live in the U.S. at the moment, but my home is Korea, because that’s where my entire family lives. I downloaded the audio file of the 2pm-JYP-fan conference that’s been going around to hear it for myself, because I was very skeptical of most of the fan accounts that have been floating out. I’m fluent in both languages and so I hope you will trust me when I try to clear up some of the (mis)translations that have been floating about…
  • The 2pm boys are very respectful throughout the whole fan meeting, as far as I can tell. On the contrary, I think the fans are being unnecessarily rude. The fans spent the first 10 minutes of the meeting arguing that they should have the right to film the meeting, even though the JYP rep told them several times that although he would allow audio recording, he could not allow video footage out of fear that it could later be manipulated by other people to put the 2pm boys in a bad light. On hearing this (perfectly reasonable) request, the fans burst into laughter and made many snide and condescending comments (caught on tape) about how unbelievable the JYP rep’s requests were. I could hardly believe how rude some of their words were. The 2pm boys stayed silent during this exchange, but the JYP rep did not raise his voice, and merely repeated his requests until the fans agreed. As the file went on, some rude fans interrupted the boys several times as they were replying to the fans’ questions.
  • Junho never said “I honestly hated Jaebeom hyung,” as has been alleged. His words should not be taken out of context. What he did say was, “We were so excited for him to come back, and we worked hard, here in Korea, and so did Jaebeom hyung in the States. We tried to give hints to our fans that he would come back, and we worked hard to make a path so he could return. But when we heard what happened… we, too… for just one moment… we hated Jaebeom-hyung.” He said “we,” not “I” (“저희들” is plural). The way he worded it was to explain that his momentary hatred of Jaebeom was because he was so deeply disappointed that after all of their (mutual) work, Jaebeom wouldn’t be able to return… he did not hate Jaebeom for what he had done (whatever it is), but because what he had done would prevent him from returning.
  • When Junho said, “We worked so hard to make a path so Jaebeom hyung could return” the fans laughed sarcastically and said, “Who made that path? Who?” And he corrected himself to say, “We all worked, both our precious fans who loved Jaebeom and us members, too, we all worked together to bring him back, didn’t we?” (Just as a personal note… I felt really sorry for Junho here. Ultimately the 2pm boys worked their incredible butts off in order to build up goodwill in the public eye after Jaebeom left, and as he said later, they never stopped thinking about Jaebeom throughout all of their performances, variety shows, etc. And for him to be attacked by the fans for saying that was so disrespectful, I think.)
  • When Chansung said that they still love Jaebeom hyung, that they think of him still as a best friend, and that in the future if they miss him they think it will be okay to honestly say that they miss him, the fans laughed at him.
  • One of the loudest fans was a mother (she said multiple times that she had a son around the age of the 2pm boys)—[what?!!! aren’t ajummas a bit too old to be showing up to these kinds of things?]—and she attacked the boys for throwing Jaebeom away “like human trash.” She said that no matter what your family members do, you have to hold them close and not throw them away. And she said for betraying Jaebeom (she said it’s as if they “killed him,” and left him to be the “trash of the nation”), the fans would throw away 2pm. [I’m sorry, but this kind of fan attack is just ridiculous, un-fucking-believable.] The 2pm boys were extremely respectful in response, and asked her politely when she was finished if she would like to add a question for them to reply to. She said a few more words but again, there was no actual question. But anyway, they responded and said, “We are so sorry to have hurt you. We understand your feelings because we are hurting, too. We honestly think that silence is only way we can protect Jaebeom, and we are telling this to you from our hearts.” They went on to say that it was some issue that, out of their love for Jaebeom and their desire to protect him, they could not speak of to the fans. They said that even after they are married and have families, they will always think of themselves—“all seven of us”—as a part of 2pm, and this is why they must protect him until they die [the “until we die” part sounds less dramatic in Korean, fyi—it’s a more commonly used expression in Korean than English]. They repeated that they had to do this because they loved him, and they apologized several times.
  • There are rumors going around that the 2pm boys said they could never forgive Jaebeom. This is patently false. Junho explicitly says, “We have forgiven Jaebeom.” He goes on to say that despite the fact that they have forgiven him, and though they will always love him as a brother, the mistake he made was too serious to reveal to the fans, and that they, too, would feel as shocked and speechless as the 2pm boys did if they knew what it was. He apologized for having to say that.
  • Wooyoung said, “Please understand this truly, we have not thrown away Jaebeom hyung in our hearts. Please, let’s make a promise between us. Not between us 6, but between our 7 members and all of you who are here today. We promise that we are protecting him until the end.” In response, some fans laughed and sniggered, saying “쳇” (it sounds like “chet” but the “t” is very light) on the audio file [in Korean, ”쳇” a common way to say that you don’t believe the other person’s words. It’s very condescending and rude, unless said in a joking way among friends.. which this is clearly not].
  • There was a question about whether the 2pm boys had heard the news from Jaebeom’s mouth directly, or only through the company. Junsu responded and said that they had first heard the news from their CEO, but afterwards they spoke on the phone with Jaebeom and the seven of them talked it over together, directly.
  • When the JYP rep was explaining why they wrote that Jaebeom could not return because of a big personal problem (instead of covering it up with a less harmful answer), and he said that he needed to protect the 6 remaining members so that they would not be seen as betrayers/traitors to Jaebeom, many fans interrupted him to say, “But we already think that they are traitors.” [It breaks my heart to think that the boys had to sit there and hear that from their fans without even being able to defend themselves.] The rep went on to finish his answer and did not respond to those accusations.
Please note: this is not a complete translation. These are parts that I personally picked out because I think they help refute some of the awful rumors going around. Also, the file gets grainy and difficult to understand at some points.
And even more than that, I have a huge assignment due next week so I don’t have time to listen to the whole thing right now. This comprises about the FIRST NINETY MINUTES of the audio file… I will listen to more and add more when I get the chance, but I wanted to do this because I think this is really important, on behalf of 2pm fans who don’t understand Korean and can’t read Korean. I hope some of you find it useful. Feel free to re-blog.
P.S. As a quick update, and just to clarify: some of the fan accounts that are going around *are* true. From the first 90 minutes I listened to, the following is TRUE:
  • All 6 members acknowledged that they agreed to the fact that Jaebeom should not return as a part of 2pm.
  • One of them (sorry, I can’t identify the voice) did say that what Jaebeom had done “is bad enough that we can’t let it come from our lips and go to our fans” and asked for understanding and forgiveness that they cannot say any more than that.
  • The JYP rep did say “To put it as a metaphor, the six members, and our company, are like the victims in this situation, and Jaebeom is the attacker.” The quotation itself was part of an explanation as to why they were honest in revealing that Jaebeom had made a big mistake in his private life, and why the company was trying to protect the other six members of 2pm. I personally don’t think it was as awful as other fans seem to think, although it isn’t pleasant to hear that Jaebeom was “the attacker,” but it’s up to you as to how you want to interpret it.
  • The JYP rep also said (as part of the above comment) that the six members are “just as important as one member.” He never said that the six were “more” important than the one.
  • Someone (I can’t tell who—I believe it was the JYP rep) answered “Yes” when asked if Jay’s private mistake was serious enough that even if the Myspace controversy had never happened, Jay would still have had to leave the group. I’ve seen accounts that all the members also said yes, but on the audio file I hear only one voice. Maybe they nodded; I don’t know.
I’ve been following the rumors on 2OD and I believe these are the only ones I can confirm I heard on the file, for sure. Please keep in mind that 1) It’s only the first 90 minutes of the 4-hour file; 2) I can’t see their body language, obviously, so there’s nothing I can say about that; and 3) some parts of the file are staticky and difficult to understand, but I’ve done my best. I trust our 2pm boys, and I believe in them.

Credits to http://fortyninepointfivebananas.tumblr.com/post/416760244/on-the-rumors-about-the-fan-meeting-updated-see-extra Source:dkpopnews

!SBS Inkigayo 28.02.2010 – SNSD wins triple crown with ‘Oh!’

Today on SBS Inkigayo, So Nyeo Shi Dae won Mutizen with their latest hit song ‘Oh!’! This is their triple crown win with the song on the show.
Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.
T-ara with Crazy Because of You + I’m Really Hurt
    KARA with Umbrella + Lupin 
    OneTwo with WaLaLa LaLaLe

      Take 7

      • U-Kiss with Round and Round
      • 2AM with Won’t Let You Go Even If I Die
      • CN Blue with I’m A Loner
      • Kim Jong Gook with It’s This Person
      • 4Men with Unable

      Hot Music

      • TRAX w. SuJu Kim HeeChul with Let You Go
      • HyunAh ft. BEAST Joon Hyung with Change
      • Ahn Jin Kyung w. H-Eugene with Bad Person

      Fresh Music

      • SunMin with Lost
      • Three Muskateers with Eat Eat
      • Lydia with Woman’s Proposal
      • Aurora with 따따블



      !TaecYeon and WooYoung on SBS Inkigayo, fans: “fake smiles” vs “do you expect them to put up a sour face”

      Amidst the loud cries of unhappiness from fans with member leader JaeBum’s permanent succession from the team and also termination of contract with JYP Entertainment, 2PM WooYoung and TaecYeon appeared as MCs for SBS Inkigayo as usual.
      They had appeared as the hosts on SBS Inkigayo aired on 28th February as usual. There has been requests from fans for the group to put their shows and TV programs on hold amidst such this case, but it seems that their show appearances will continue as usual.
      What was even eye catching were the joking and bright features of the 2 members on the show, they were seen commented on Super Junior Kim HeeChul, “Has he become prettier?”.

      Fans who were watching the show commented on the show’s discussion board, “I’m disappointed to see that they are able to go on shows and smile again right after JaeBum’s permanent succession when all this while, they seemed like they were having a hard time as a group”, “I’m shocked that they were faking their smiles”, “I’m speechless” etc.
      However there were also fans who commented, “Do you expect them to put up a sour face as entertainers appearing on the show?’, “I’m really puzzled by the other 2PM members get all the criticisms to. This is too much?” etc.
      Meanwhile, JYP Entertainment released an announcement on 25th February announcing JaeBum’s permanent succession from the team and also contract termination with the company. And on 27th February, the remaining 6 members of 2PM also had a conference with fans.
      S: mydaily

      !BEAST ‘Shock Of The New Era’ album leaked out, “This is definitely not noise marketing on our side”

      BEAST’s upcoming album has been leaked online.
      According to Cube Entertainment on 28th February, the full title song ‘Shock’ to the group’s upcoming 2nd album ‘Shock of the new era’ has been leaked online.
      The company rep said, “We heard about the news of the leakout on Youtube, we are currently doing our best to track the source of leakout. Appropriate actions will be act accordingly on the one who is found to have leaked out the song.”
      The album was initially set to be released on 2nd March. With this incident, the rep said, “We can only do an online reveal on 1st March. This leakage is definitely not noise marketing on our side. We are hurt that the album cannot be released as planned.”

      !First Episode of We Got Married featuring Seohyun and Yonghwa

      The long anticipated first episode of We Got Married featuring the CNBLUE Yonghwa and SNSD / Girls’ Generation Seohyun coupling finally aired.
      The episode began with Seohyun hanging out with a couple of her fellow SNSD girls in the van, Seohyun then travels by herself on her way to the MBC Studios. Meanwhile Yonghwa is patiently waiting with his CNBLUE boys at the MBC Studios for her, you see random shots of people coming into the people (Super Junior Shindong). Seohyun finally arrives walks into the building and meets the CNBLUE boys along with the other boys. Yonghwa and Seohyun then split up from the rest of CNBLUE and get into the van to start their coupling.
      There were many funny moments but I don’t want to ruin the whole thing for you. My favorite part was when Yonghwa sang to Seohyun:
      The interaction between the two is a bit awkward at the moment but they definitely are adorable together, it should be less awkward as they grow more comfortable with each other. Can’t wait to watch more episodes between them, it seems the preview for the episode shows them shopping together.
      Check out the whole episode below.


      ! Translated Question&A at 2PM-fans conference on 27th February

      With many curious about the content to the conference between 2PM 6 members and the fans which took place on 27th February, a list of answers and questions by 2PM fan union was released after the conference.
      1. Despite Underground having corrected our document of questions and resubmitted them, why have you opened this conference without answering them?
      Jung Wook: Park Jaebum has requested for us to reveal his withdrawal at the end of February and so we couldn’t answer the questions. We are opening this conference in order for the members to have an honest talk with the fans.
      2. What the fans wanted as communication with JYPE. Why are the members present at today’s conference?
      Jung Wook: In order for the members to express their honest thoughts. If only I had come to the conference, the fans wouldn’t believe the members.
      3. JYPE announced that the members agreed to Park Jaebum’s withdrawal on the 6th of January. Are there any refutes against this statement?
      Members: We all agree to the statement.
      4. We would like an honest response as to why the members continued to speak of Jaebum’s name in broadcasts and their interviews even after the decision was apparently made on the 6th of January.
      Members: Despite his withdrawal, he is still a good hyung to us. I don’t think it’s a problem to be honest in saying that we miss him. And from now on, if we miss him, we will say so. We don’t think it will be a problem.
      5. After the termination of the contract with Park Jaebum, what are you required to do by law?
      There is nothing left.
      6. Until when is the income distribution active?
      There is no fee for the termination of his contract. Income earned up to December completed its distribution in January.
      7. Please explain what the company is doing to handle the mental and physical stress that has been placed upon the members and their families with the various rumors that are circulating.
      Jung Wook: JYPE is not responsible for the personal and social lives of the celebrities within our agency. We believe that Park Jaebum must take full responsbility for his actions. The rest of the members are victims to this case, while Park Jaebum is the attacker.
      8. It is not hard to ask for articles to be taken down and for hateful replies to be deleted. Why didn’t the company take a stance on this issue?
      Jung Wook: Honestly speaking, we have never had to delete articles or replies before this issue. However, after the issue broke out, our company has tried our best.
      9. Despite revealing that decisions have been made on the 6th of January, the company has been using Park Jaebum’s name for marketing. Please reveal your reason.
      Jung Wook: It is impossible for JYPE to control the media and the press. It is true that the decision was made on the 6th of January but we had already come to an agreement to release the information late February.
      10. On the official notification, you described the reason as ‘a severe personal mistake.’ Will you be taking responsibility for specifically using the words ’severe’ and ‘mistake?’
      Jung Wook: I will reply with three reasons.
      1. After this ‘mistake’ occurred, we didn’t want the remaining members to turn into betrayers. The 6 members are just as important as the one.
      2. The notification was to all of Korea. We could not lie.
      3. The 6 members are the victims and if we did not speak of the truth and reveal it as a severe mistake, people will get the wrong idea.
      11. Does Park Jaebum know about the conference with fans? Does he know that the reason for his withdrawal is ‘due to a severe personal mistake?’
      Khun: I have texted Park Jaebum recently. He knows that we are holding this conference. He wanted to give us a video recording.
      Jung Wook: He knows of the notification, too.
      12. In the future, will 2PM be adding a new member or deciding another leader?
      Jung Wook + Members: There are no plans.

      13. Is there really no chance for Park Jaebum’s return? And if he returns through a different company, what is your opinion on the matter?

      Jung Wook + Members: There is no possibility for him to return through 2PM.
      Chansung: If Jaebum wishes to take responsbility for all of this and comes back as a celebrity, we will encourage him. However, I think a return through 2PM is out of the question.

      14. Couldn’t the company have covered for the severe personal mistake? And, if the members did not agree to Jaebum’s withdrawal, don’t you think the issue wouldn’t have gotten this far?

      Members: It’s not something we can just cover.
      Jung Wook: We were put in a situation where the only thing we could do was agree. That is why we agreed. If we hadn’t, I believe that the results would be the same.
      15. If the controversy last September never happened, would your decision still stand the same?
      Everyone: Yes
      16. Do you personally control the cyworlds of the members? There are posts that went up after the 8th that have created much controversy amongst the fans. Are they all your posts?
      Wooyoung: Yes, I was truly frustrated which is why I wrote it.
      Chansung: Yes. I was truly in a state of confusion which is why I wrote it like so. But it has nothing to do with the issue.
      Jung Wook: We believe that a celebrity must be responsible for his own personal and social life. We do not control them.
      17. What do the members think of the boycott?
      Junho: We didn’t care because we knew that Jaebum would return and knew that it would all be solved with his return. But honestly speaking, I would be lying if I said wasn’t hurt. If, after today, the boycott continues, then I will think of it as the fans hating us. We will show that we will be trying our best through our songs and performances.
      18. If the severe mistake is revealed to be false, do you realize that you will be charged for libel?
      Jung Wook: We only wrote of the truth.
      19. Will Park Jaebum be able to receive the income for his 1st and 2nd singles?
      Jung Wook: He will have to discuss that and reach an agreement with copyright officials. It has nothing to do with JYPE.
      20. Will you continue to use the name ‘Hottests’ for 2PM’s fanclub?
      Jung Wook: Yes. Are you saying that the members are not 2PM? No. The 6 members are 2PM, therefore, we will continue to use Hottests.
      21. The members were revealed to be on vacation when the specifed date of January 6th was revealed.
      Wooyoung: It was our first vacation.
      Taecyeon: We are celebrities. We cannot cringe at the people we meet.
      Chansung: We cannot meet our families during the holidays with dark faces. What do you want? Do you want us to make a fool of ourselves asking for Jaebum to come back on live broadcasts?
      22. Do you know the rumors circulating on the internet? Will you protect him?
      Wooyoung: We are not throwing him away but protecting him. We knew that we would regret it if it was later revealed.
      Chansung: Please don’t be skeptical of our friendship.
      Junho: After finding out on January 3rd, I honestly hated Jaebum. We had always tried our best for his return. However, we believe that silence will protect him.
      Taecyeon: I believe that rumors will always disappear after time.
      23. Why is there no fee for the termination of his contract?
      The other members have a lot of CF, etc contracts but there are none for Jaebum. That is why there are no fees.

      24. Please reveal Park Jaebum’s exact contract terms.

      Jung Wook: His contract was set for 7 years. We offered 10, then offered 8, and then again for 7 years.
      25. Park Jinyoung stated on Golden Fishery that Park Jaebum’s return will definitely be through 2PM. What is the company doing now to hold true to that statement?
      Jung Wook: Up until December 22nd, when he called us, he was still a precious member with the chance of a return.
      26. What are you doing to support Jaebum in America? Park Jinyoung specifically stated that he is receiving support and training from JYPE.
      Jung Wook: We had trainers reach him in Seattle at the end of September. We had always tried our best for his return.
      27. JYPE has used Park Jaebum’s name to promote and market 2PM’s 6 membered album. Was this in order to hold the fanbase down or was it really part of a plan to have Park Jaebum return?
      Jung Wook: In my heart, he was a precious member from the minute he left Korea to the day he called me on the 22nd of December. However, after the 22nd, things have changed.
      28. JYP Entertainment previously revealed that the first official album will have the income distributed evenly amongst the members, including leader Park Jaebum. However, there are many opinions that go against this statement. Please correctly specify the income distribution terms.
      Jung Wook: The income earned through December of last year was distributed and finalized in January.
      The 2PM Fan Union agrees that everything stated above is the truth and not a lie.
      - 2PM Fan Union
      • May be taken out with full credits.
      • hazyfiasco@2ONEDAY.COM (TRANS)

      Saturday, February 27, 2010

      !The Reason for Jaebum's Permanent Withdrawal was Not Revealed!

      2PM Fan Conference, The Reason for Jaebum’s Permanent Withdrawal was Not Revealed.

      The reason for Jaebum’s permanent withdrawal was not revealed even at the fan conference.

      On the 27th, at 3PM, the conference between 2PM’s six members and the fans was held at the Garden Five in Seoul MoonJungDong. The members themselves set out to frankly speak about Jaebum’s permanent withdrawal. The most attention is on what will be revealed after JYPE said that the reason why Jaebum was permanently removed was because of his “serious personal mistake that can create a huge problem socially”.

      The fan conference was attended by 2PM’s six members, CEO Jung Wook, and eighty-seven fans. JYPE thought that it would only take about two to three hours, but because the fans questions did not stop, it was over four hours long and finally ended after 7pm. The conference was held in a manner so that the six members of 2PM and CEO JungWook could answer the fans’ questions with the utmost sincerity.

      A representative of JYP said, “Since a lot of fans were going to attend, instead of the JYPE building, we held the conference in different place. Because we were going to hold the conference until there were no more questions from the fans, the conference took longer than expected.” The representative also said, “The fans were most curious about Jaebum’s mistake, but we were unable to reveal anything about that. Like we revealed in the official statement on the homepage, it is because of a “personal problem” and the atmosphere felt like the fans understood that.”

      It seems like JYP decided not to reveal the content of what went on during the conference directly. They agreed to have the fans upload what they took away from the conference themselves on their own fancafes.

      Reporter Lee Donghyun [kulkuri7@joongang.co.kr]

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      ! [Pics] FT Island spring must have item

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      !Photo Of The Day! C.N Blue’s fun camera moments


      ![INFO] 100226 Ticket Reservation for Yunho’s This Is It Tribute


      Date: Sat, March 27th, 2010, Sun March 28th 6:00 p.m.
      Venue: Yongsan War Memorial of Korea
      Ticket: R seats (₩ 100,000), S seats (₩ 90,000), A seats (₩ 80,000)
      Organized by: SBS
      Host: ㈜ S2 Entertainment, ㈜ Paragon Music Corporation

      ※ Reservation Open: March 2nd, 2010 00:00 AM

      - Ticket site: http://ticket.yes24.com
      - Ticket inquiries: 1544-6399

      source: yes24
      trans: sharingyoochun.net
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      ! [Pics] beast photos in THEIR 2ND MINI ALBUM- (individual)

      credit: bestiz ; sevy-chan @ B2STRising

      ![Pics]CN Blue held a concert at the street


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