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Sunday, November 28, 2010

11/28 Nocturnal Preview with Eunhyuk

SNSD- Eunhyuk-Onew, "I remember what you looked like in the past!"

This week's Nocturnal with a temporary MC Eunhyuk!

This week's guest is?! SNSD who topped Korean music charts with "Hoot" and even conquered Japan Oricon chart!!!

SNSD, Super Junior's Eunhyuk and SHINEE's Onew who are in the same company!
They reveal each other' first impression!

Hyoyeon who was a trainee sunbae than Eunhyuk even though she was younger than him!
Eunhyuk, the first day he became a trainee!
A middle school student Eunhyuk bowed 90 degrees to trainee sunbae Hyoyeon?!

Eunhyuk remembers a strong first impression of Yuri.

SNSD, Eunhyuk and Onew who are now the top stars!

Their story about before the debut will be revealed only on Nocturnal!

Nocturnal will air on Sunday, November 28th at 11:15PM.

Source: Nocturnal homepage
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM


Choi Siwon, Kim Hee Sun, Lee Byung Hun, and Oh Jong Hyuk Model for Andre Kim’s Tribute Show

Choi Siwon, Kim Hee Sun, Lee Byung Hun, and Oh Jong Hyuk Model for Andre Kim’s Tribute Show

Kim Hee Sun, Lee Byung Hun, Super Junior's Choi Siwon, and Oh Jong Hyuk walked down the runway to honor fashion designer Andre Kim, who passed away on August 12 at the age of 74 from colorectal cancer. The tribute show was held at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Seoul on November 19.

To showcase his ornate gowns and suits to their best effect, Andre Kim always employed the most beautiful celebrities and models to participate in a runway show that featured strong elements of fantasy and artistry. His final tribute show lived up to the others. Kim Hee Sun, who was one of Andre Kim's favorite models, walked down the runway in many beautiful gowns, often accompanied by Lee Byung Hun, who cut a dashing figure in Andre Kim's suits. The handsome Choi Siwon and Oh Jong Hyuk also made several appearances on the runway, wearing clothes that seemed inspired by Korean and Western royalty.

credit: melkimx@soompi.com
source: Newsen, asiae.co.kr

Han Geng Nominated for the 8th South East Music Awards

Han Geng going solo and releasing an album has received recognition, nominated once again for the South East Music Awards.

People’s Daily Online Entertainment News has chosen Han Geng who is going solo and starting over, with popularity sky high after releasing his album , successfully becoming a very popular personality and the sales of (his) album occupied top position in most major album sales chart. Recently, the popular Han Geng, thanks to his album , has been nominated for the 8th South East Music Awards as Mainland’s Most Popular Male Singer. According to reports, this is the second time Han Geng has been nominated for the South East Music Awards. He was in the group Super Junior-M when (they) were nominated for the 6th South East Music Awards and winning the Mainland’s Most Popular Group.

It is reported that the 8th South East Music Awards ceremony will be broadcasted live on December 4th. Besides the popular Han Geng being nominated for the 8th South East Music Awards as Mainland’s Most Popular Male Singer, there are also the “Happy Boys” Zhang Jie, Wei Chen and Su Xing, the other three nominees.

 Reduced: 93% of original size [ 550 x 319 ] - Click to view full image

Compared to the other three nominees, Han Geng’s dominance/advantage is very obvious. On popularity, Han Geng lives up to his title of King of Popularity. On capability, with the recently released new album , one may well say that Han Geng’s performance is notable with various styles ranging from an expert in the very popular electronic dance music to slow yet touching songs with feelings/thoughts which brings fans closer; it is not difficult to see where his strength is. As for the other three “Happy Boys”, they are known as budding idols but their aura is a lot less compared to Han Geng. The evolvement in Super Boy and Super Girl has caused many netizens to dislike “talent search show stars”, disliking their pretense and false identity. In terms of competitors, the only person capable to present a threat to Han Geng is Zhang Jie who relies on his good vocals. Zhang Jie who likes to sing high notes was a champion in talent search shows twice and his strength in singing is greater than Han Geng’s.

According to reports, during the 6th South East Music Awards ceremony, Han Geng who was filming a movie was unable to accompany his group to the ceremony to accept the prize but he was able to express his thanks and gratitude towards fans via VCR. At this year’s 8th South East Music Awards, Mainland’s Most Popular Male Singer nominee Han Geng, who is very well-received, will most likely to attend the awards ceremony personally.

T/N: If I am not wrong, the other three nominees were previously contestants in China’s National Singing Contest Super Boy or Happy Boys (快乐男声).

Source : People's Daily Online

Shared by : onewhomust @ geng-bao.net
Translated by: paranoiame @ geng-bao.net
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Suju Eunhyuk "Girls' Generation Soo Young looked like a doll before debut" Love confession

Super Junior Eunhyuk had a good relationship with Girls' Generation Soo Young before debut.

Recently (,) during the recording of KBS2 T (,) Eunhyuk expressed that before debut, (he) thought that Girls' Generation Soo Young felt very friendly.

Eunhyuk continued "During our trainee period, we often went in and out of the gaming rooms together, during that time (,) Soo Young seem to had fell in love with me." Soo Young explained " (It’s) not Eunhyuk, the one that I like are the games." Both seemed to have a close relationship.

Eunhyuk revealed his feelings when he first saw Soo Young on her pre-debut profile while doing recording for a program then, "The long-haired Soo Young at that point of time, is the most beautiful one among the members in Girls' Generation, (looked) just like a doll."

"Then, is Soo Young still the prettiest in Girls' Generation now?" the MC asked. Eunhyuk agreed, making the others stunned.

The program will be broadcasted on 28th Nov, 11.15pm.

Source: newsen.com
Shared by: JewelGirl @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Chinese translation: joa @ Girls-Power女团综合中文论坛
English translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET


The Process Of Choi Siwon, Super Junior Member, Growth Has Been In The Center Of

Recently, Major sites in South Korea disclosed Siwon’s pictures starting from kindergarten to high school graduation photos of each period of life, attracting the users attention.

Siwon’s natural beauty can be seen through these pictures, preschool and now he looks exactly the same, while in the bath tub the funny face is exactly the same as the current Siwon.

High school graduation photo is very special, he already has a star appearance, flawless white skin, tall figure compare to his classmates.

He has most eye-catching look. People may think that he has already capture quite a number of girls’ heart as he received a steady stream of confession letter.
After seeing the pictures, fans are full of praise :[The Beauty of Choi Si Won]
[He is simply God's Beloved ~] [How can one person be so handsome?] [He is more handsome in real life!] etc.

Source: TVDAILY=金智贤记者 | Via: Baidu
Translations By: @13elieveSG

SUPER SHOW III: location & dates;

〃 Super Show III 〃


SEOUL August 14, 2010 Olympic Gymnastics Arena Official thread
SEOUL August 15, 2010 Olympic Gymnastics Arena Official thread
QINGDAO August 28, 2010 Guoxin Gymnasium Official thread
BEIJING October 23, 2010 Capital Indoor Stadium Official thread
NANJING November 13, 2010 Nanjing Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium Official thread


GUANGZHOU December 25, 2010
BANGKOK January 15, 2011 Impact Arena
BANGKOK January 16, 2011 Impact Arena
SINGAPORE January 29, 2011 Singapore Indoor Stadium
JAPAN February 18, 2011 Yokohama Arena
JAPAN February 19, 2011 Yokohama Arena
MANILA February 26, 2011 Araneta Coliseum
KUALA LUMPUR March 26, 2011

credit to sj-world.net.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Majlis FareweLL K0Lej KKas ~Non Stop Of Joys

Woww. seribu kenangan yg pasti tidak dpt aku lupakan n yg Sure lagi  kakak sem 6 pasti xdpt melupakan segala memori yg tercipta selama berada di kkas selama 3 tahun ni. Wahh. majlis yang dibuat khas untuk meraikan bakal graduan sem6 dan post basic.Tema pakaian mlm ni mengikut sem. sem 1 iaitu sem aku dikenakan tema black and gold!. wut do u think?. 1st i think itu kaler mcm kaler org tua. tp mlm semalam mematikan tanggapan aku apabila dress hitam gold yg dipilih oleh kami sendiri merupakan dress code yg plg menyerlah selain dri dress c0de sem 6. Wow.so Hot!. Mengadaka n acara ini di Hotel Sentosa,Alor Setar. Agak jauh dari kolej.. Berangkat dari kolej menggunakan bas KKAS sendiri.Disebabkan kami perlu bertolak pada pukul 5ptg.. Bagi yang kerja (praktikal) shif petang diberi HK( Hari kelepasan).. Aku la tu. xpsl2 hk aku pada hari jumaat ni kena ganti balik.. so  hari jumaat ni kena ler kejaa.dak2 shif pagi sedap r dorang.. hari jumaat ni ni bley jea tubit g bandar.. HUh!geram rasaa..Dah la kad affin bank aku kena reject sbb card stolen" mesin atm tu la ckp gitu..padahal kad aku tu mmg kad aku la. mna ada kad curik!! ish geram rasa.. mmg kad affin bank dri sbelum kemunculan dan selepas kemuculan dia mmg byk dugaan yang aku kena tempuhi..mcm2 ler.. adoi.. memang menguji kesabran aku btol.. xpew.. sabar2. pasti ada hikmahnye.Ok. smlm Hk.. aku dpt tidur slama yang mungkin.. dkt tengahari bru aku bgun.. tu pun sbb lapar yang teramat sgt.. yeala.. tidur pun memerlukan tenaga.. kui3.lps tu.. kemas bilik. isi barang dlm kotak sbb xlama lagi dah nak balik rumah.. cuti sem akhir.. wah! cant wait for that day.. cepatla masa berlalu.. tp tu pun kalo lulus semua subjek dlm final exam . kalau lulus baru bley balik kalau x kena stay kt kolej unt repeat paper.. oh no! kwn2 tolong doakan aku lulus semua subjek yea.. Bas akan bertolak pukul 5 unt hantar kami ke hotel sentosa.. aku dlm pukul 4.30 baru la terhegeh-hegeh pakai baju.. ala aku simple jea.. xdanya makeup tebal2 mcm c gaga tu haa.. ada gk r calek cket2 kt muka ni haa.. prempuan kn?.. mesti r kn.. lps siap. aku n roomate aku-kak husna bergambar skali.. woww! sbelum makeup cair. hehe.
aku,kak husna dan lizan.Lps bergambar kelam kabut la kami turun bwh sbb masa tu jam dah menunjukkan pukul 5 ptg. Huh! kAlut takut bas tinggal. smpai jea lobi.. semua org still menunggu bas sampai. masa tue aku dpt nampak semua geng2 sem 1 bergaya sakan.. yang cantik bertambah cantik.. yang biasa pun jd cantik.. wooww.. kuasa makeup wei.. tp. smuanyer cantik2 r.. masa kat lobi.. ada sem 1 dan sem 2. sem 2 bertemakan warna hijau.. ada yang nampak betol vouge! S0 gourgous.. tp nampak sem 1 lebih over dari sem 2.. sebab sem 1 buat pertama kali kn.. mna r tahu nk bergaya mcm mana.. smua nak nampak elok jea mlm tu.. mna r tahu.. kot2 xbley pkai baju biasa keaa..padahal pkai baju kurung biasa pun bley.. yang aku ni pun.. pergi la buat tempahan baju khas unt acara ni.. rasa mcm membazir jea.. tp xpeala.. elaun kan ada.. lagipun xrugi pun.. baju bley pkai byk kali.. lagipun masa2 mcm ni la nak bergaya sakan pun.. aiseyy..barang yang aku wajib bawa ofcoz la kamera digital aku tu.. kalau tertinggal menangis xberlagu kot.kui3. lps beberapa minit bas kkas pun smpai.. disebabkan sem 1 terlalu ramai.. aku terpaksa naik bas trip kedua.. kak husna naik bas trip pertama.. huh! xaci betol.. xpe r.. aku naik bas trip kedua nan geng nia- zaharah,kak pah,aszah,diana,liza.. nasib baik dorang ada wei. kalo x terpinga2 aku kat situ.. padahal dlm bas duduk dgn kak nik.. hehe.lama gak perjalanan sebelum sampai hotel tu. jalan jem. semua orang pakat balik rumah masa tu.. waktu kerja dah habis.. jln agak jem r.. selepas sampai jea kat hotel.. msuk ke dlm dewan hotel tersebut.. wah! besar bangat.. dlm 600 orang bley msuk.. aku mencari2 meja bernombor 74 seperti yg diberitahu oleh kakak senior. dorang dah aturkan meja mengikut klik kecil.. msuk jea dlm dewan tu terus aku nampak kak husna.. kak husna  duduk di meja 74. kiranya aku pun duduk kat meja tu gak r. 1 meja ada 8 orang.. Perrhhhhhhhhh..no 74 meja belakang skali.. depan pintu nk masuk.. orang masuk keluar smua aku nampak.. meja aku meja yang plg jauh dari pentas kat depan. apa yang ada kat pentas.. langsung xnampak. mcm kabur jea.. yealaa.. meja belakang skali kan.huh.. rasa xpuas hati gak sbb sem 1 semua diletakkan di meja belakang2.. mangsa keadaan betol. mentang2 kami ni junior.. kui3. xda r.. nak hidup gitu r.. nampaknyer kalu gini.. aku kena tunggu sem 6 baru la aku bley duduk kat meja depan.. kui3.. sempat kea? aku harap sempat aku merasainyerr.. Insya ALLAH.. masa sampai tu jam menunjukkan pukul 6 ptg kalau aku xsilap la.. masih awal.. acara bermula pukul 8 malam. jenuh la tunggu wei.. apa aku buat?.. ambik gambar r.. tunggu apa lagi.. guna handset nisa.. hehe. xguna kamera aku.. save bateri unt snap pics masa acara bermula mlm karang.. hehe. thank nisa.. banyak gak gmbar yang aku ambik guna handset dia.. Hurmmm.. tangkap gambar. I like!. tunggu punya tunggu.. akhirnya.. jam menunjukkan dah nak dekat pukul 8 malam.. kiranya.. acara dah nak bermula.. kakak2 senior sorang demi sorang masuk ke dlm dewan.. wooww.. cantiknyerr! semuanyer cantik3 belaka wei.. xdanyer baju uniform missy dah.. haha.. barulah aku nampak siapakah kak senior sebenarnyer.. selama ni nampak jea depa dengan uniform putih yang xpernah nak kelabu tu.. memang semuanye cantik2 belaka.sampai aku yang tengok ni pun bley ternganga mulut.. nasib baik kat hotel lalat xda. kui3.. 

aku duduk semeja dengan kak husna,syikin,aiza,rani,kak yan,nisa,kak syu,fatheen.. termasuk aku.. 8 orang la 1 meja tu.. meja bernombor 74.. look tzer ee dan wong fong yan duduk sebelah meja aku.. dorang duduk dengan kak2 sem 2.. dua orang depa jea yang tersesat dgn kak2 sem 2.. kesihan dorang.. tp ok r.. kak2 sem 2 sporting jea.. btol kea??..  KkKkK.. dup dup dap.. akhirnya pukul 8 menjelma.. penantian dah nak berakhir.. ketukan kompang sudah bersedia untuk menyambut kedatangan pengarah besar diikuti dengan senior2 sem 6.. baris demi baris dorang masuk.. wooww.. merah tema dress code unt sem 6.. mmg nampak menyerlah la sem 6 mlm tu. merah wei.. nasib baik xda kerbau or lembu jea.. kalo x.. haru kot nanti.. lps semua dah masuk dan ambik tempat duduk masing2.. majlis pun bermula dengan bacaan doa.. lps tu ucapan2 diorang kuat.. aku xdengar pun.. sbb duk blakang skali.. bosan rasa.
lps tu persembahan pertama pun bermula.. sem 1 buat persembahan pertama.. dak2 kebudayyan buat persembahan tarian yang diketuai oleh sis farhana.. persembahan dorang seminit jea rsanya.. aku xnampak sangat sbb dok belakang.. tp aku nmapak la c mutiyah kawan kelate aku tu.. rupanyer lembut jugak dia menari.. ku ingat dia keras mcm simen jea... hahhahahahah.. lps tu.. mkn pulut dengan kuah gulai.. tu bukan menu hotel rsanya.. dibawa dari kolej kot.. lps habis mk tu tiba2 lampu dewan terpadamm..KekKkKk.. Masa tu kemunculan ghost!.. hehe. xdala.. lampu dipadan dan lampu lazer dipasang.. lazer kea? ntah.. rsanya la.. lampu lazer yang dijaga oleh seseorang unt mengawal pencahayaan yg agk gempak.. kejutan kea?.. saja nak buat mcm suprise cket.. sempoi gak waktu tu..pandai orang yang control lazer tu.. lagu yang dipasang pun mmg ngetop.. rsa enjoy.. n then lampu dipasang semula.. waktu tu la.. tetiba jea kak senior sorang ni dtg ke meja aku.. dia ckp dia nak sorang pindah kea meja depan.. aku terus bangun.. 
look and wong pun skali.. kami 3 orang pergi ke dpn.. duduk di meja staff nurse yang xdtg.. meja no 17.. korang bayangkan dari meja 74 ke no 17..berbeza jarak kn? dpt duduk tempaT VIP. hehe.. aku tinggalkan geng klik aku.. sorry yea guyss.. aku xsuka dok belakang xnmpak ler.. aku,look.wong,nadia,yen n bella duduk semeja.. 6 orang jea.. spttnya 1 meja 8 orang tp kami xckup 2 orang.. sbb tu la mkanan yang dihidangkan xhabis.. byk xhabis.. sup sirip ikan yu  contohnya.. byk lagi yang tinggal.. 
pastu pelayan hotel terus ambik unt tukar kea menu yang lain.. syang rsanya.. aku rasa mcm nak tapau jea bwk balik rumah tp bila pikir balik yang masa ni aku duduk dlm hotel baru la aku xjadi buat.. hehe kalo x buat malu jea.. hehe.. malu kea? bukankan kita belajar yang membazir tu amalan syaitan.. so salahkan aku kalau mkanan yang xhabis aku bwk balik??? hehe.. aku ni ckp jea lbih padahal xbuat pun.. gila nak buat mcm tu.ingt kat kampung sungai tok tungtOng ke nak buat gitu (kg aku).. menu berganti menu.. mcm2 kami mkn mlm tu smpai xlarat dah nak telan.. semua sedap2 belaka..MKANAN hotel la katakan.. hum.. makan ditemani dengan alunan muzik band kkas sendiri.. aku xingat la nama band kolej aku.. sxxxxxxx' rasanya.. x tu xthu apa.. tp yang pasti depan dia huruf s.. ala.. xbest pun vocal dia. suara biasa jea.. stkat nak menghiburkan bley la kot.. bosan jea aku rsa.. lps tu.. persembahan dari sem-sem yang lain.. mmg best r.. yeke? bley r tahan..lps habis acara.. sem 6 sibuk dok bersalaman antara 1 sama lain..

aku,look and mutiyah ambik gambr.. brgambar dengan sapa2 yang kami rasa nk bergambar.. non stop of snap!! i like.. bergambar ramai2.. siapa yang pkai cantik dijadikan pilihan unt bercouple dlm gambar.. hehe.. xguna betol aku.. 

aku smpat bergambar sambil memegang gitar band kolej aku.. wow! dah lama aku idamkan saat-saat ni.. snap..snap..snapp n snap..Ada gaya mcm yuna x? colbie cailat kea? or tailor swift??..hehe. perasan..Snap sampai aku xberdaya nak hipokrit dlm gambar.. habiskan masa menunggu bas unt pulang dengan snap gambar..the what the life is.. aku smpai hostel pukul 1 pagi.. smapi bilik terus lentok!. Berakhirlah mlm farewell pada hari ini (22/11/2010) dlm kenangan.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Super Junior Talk Show Foresight to air in December

Super Junior's talk show has been born.

Super Junior is currently recording a talk show called MBC Every1 Super Junior's Foresight at a studio in Yangjaedong.

Total of 4 members including Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun appear as regular MCs and other members will take turns to appear as an MC. In today's recording, Yesung became the MC.

The talk show invites a star and Super Junior will learn about the star's knowhow. A representative of Kim Janghoon told Moneytoday Starnews, "Kim Janghoon was invited to be the first guest on Suju talk show. He revealed his thoughts on directing concerts."

Today, Kim Janghoon revealed a picture of him and Super Junior members on his Me2day and talked about the atmosphere of the first taping.

Kim Janghoon uploaded a picture of 5 of them dressed in same clothes and said, "formed a group with Super Junior. I came because it's the first taping of Suju talk show. The concept is that all of them are Kim Janghoon."

Super Junior has been saying constantly that they want to do a talk show named after themselves. Currently, Leeteuk, Shindong and Eunhyuk appear in a segment of SBS Strong Heart. Other members are also appearing in various variety shows, giving big laughter to the audience.

Meanwhile, the first episode of Super Junior's first talk show Super Junior's Foresight will air on December 5th.

Source: Star News
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM


Kyuhyun. Jonghyun. Jay, forming a new ballad project

[Sport Today Reporter Han Yoonjong] On the 26th, SM will release the first album from their new launched ballad project 'S.M THE BALLAD' with title "Really Miss You".

For creating this new project, S.M THE BALLAD will present the best quality ballad songs through participation and collaboration with various singers, not only with SM's artist.

This project is expected to receive lots of love from many music fan base because of the harmonized ballad which is anticipated to be presented through SM's excellent producing capability and with various vocal's colors.

TRAX Jay, Super Junior Kyuhyun, SHInee Jonghyun and also SM's rookie Jino; all 4 members who have explosive singing capability participate in this first released album. Their various individual vocal's colors and beautiful harmony with emotional ballad (songs) are enough to mesmerize woman's heart in this cold winter.

Especially will debut through S.M THE BALLAD; Jino who was casted on 2008 is expected to get a high interest from music fans as a talented rookie with his great singing, combining with 2 years of training

In addition, Super Junior and SHInee's members who gain popularity in Asia through their intense performance, are able to be met with their new charm in 'S.M THE BALLAD' ; it is to receive a great response from Asia music fans

Meanwhile, Vol. 1 "Really Miss You" of 'S.M THE BALLAD' is scheduled to be released on the 26th.

source : ASIAE
translated by ☆★pinkninja@sj-world.net
thanks to bbyong~✪ for the heads up


SuJu, unexpected popularity in Brazil.. 1st position in survey on Korea idol groups

Idol band Super Junior gained high popularity in Brazil.

According to the Korea Cultural Foundation, Super Junior is recently selected by Brazilian fans as the Korea best group. Disclosing the top 10 positions, Super Junior took the 1st position, with a total of 2137 votes.

The list was followed by SHINee, Big Bang, BoA, and Girls’ Generation. 2ne1, 2pm, 4minute, f(x) and wonder girls received much love from the Brazilian fans.

This Korea idol group’s popularity survey was the first to be conducted in Brazil, the voting was achieved through 2826 youths who have a slight preference for Korean songs.

What attracted attention was, though Super Junior had not been to Brazil, it is a fact that they have high popularity there.

Other than Brazil, Super Junior also has the highest hits in YouTube, in various inactive countries such as France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Canada, Russia, Czech Republic and Sweden. Super Junior promotes and does activities in Asia mainly with their Korean songs.

Source: tvdaily.co.kr
Shared by: callinginsane @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Chinese translation: Natali @ MyKRY.com
English translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET


Leeteuk's 10000 day since birth, disclosed a photo of his abs to his fans' pleasant surprise

Leeteuk disclosed a photo of his upper body's solid abs, and fans are overjoyed.

16November, Leeteuk wrote on his Twitter: "10000 days since I was born!! ^^ I had been hardworking living for the past 10000 days, so in order to make myself work harder, I should get a tap of encouragement~~^^ goodluck~~ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ" and disclosed a photo. In the photo, Leeteuk took a photo of himself using his phone, dressed in a black colour vest faintly revealing his solid abs, exciting fans to no end, everyone left numerous comments "Oppa, your abs! abs! It's excellent~~" "Congratulations on your 10000 day since birth!" "Oppa your abs are too beautiful, I'm going to faint~" "Oppa is always handsome!"

Currently, Leeteuk and fellow member Yesung are hosting cable TV Station MBC every1's 《Love Chaser》 program together
source: koreastardaily
translation: callinginsane@sj-world.net

Super Junior Hong Kong fans, 5 years since debut commemoration, guerrilla performance 'crazy popularity'

Hong Kong fans of the group Super Junior (or SuJu) who has just passed their 5th year since debut has opened a commemoration and has caught attention.

On the 6th in the afternoon, at the Tsim Sha Tsui Star Street, 70 fans have gathered for Super Juniors 5th year since debut. The fans met together with one mind and one meaning by wearing the same clothes and singing along to Super Junior's hit song medley and spent a fun time.

During one hour, the fans showed a performance with Super Junior's title song 'Sorry Sorry', 'Bonamana', 'Twins' etc... on the street. For the surprise performance, they have have left a deep impression so that they could look back at Super Junior's past 5 years of promotion.

The 70 people danced the same dance and started to sing which made 300 people who passed by to come over and watch. Between those people there were some SuJu fans, so they made the field into a festival atmosphere.

The fans who were watching the performance were shouting out a slogan and singing along the songs, the scene started to become the climax and it started to become a concert scene.

Truthfully, on this day it started to continuously rain, and there was a situation where they had to quit performing, but the fans hearts targeted to Super Junior made it to fight the weather, they have finished the performance safely.

Source: TVdaily
Translations: Seungeun Lee@sj-world.net
Thanks to Queen☆~♪ for the tip

Super junior's Successful Concert in Nanjing

Super junior successfully wraps up their concert in Nanjing.

Super Junior's 3rd Asia tour was held in the Nanjing Olympic Center on the night of the 13th.

Especially Super Junior's third show last year, concerts have been a significant part of China's lifestle. During this time, the level, organization, and diversity of SS3 in Nanjing's was like new show.

Super Junior's concert held in Nanjing Olympic Center can hold up to 13,000 people, and only popular stars can hold performances in the stadium. During this time, only Super Junior, DBSK, and Backstreet Boys among other famous stars had held a concert here. It's already the third time Super Junior has stepped on this stage, and their hot popularity has been confirmed.

On the same stage as Super Junior's 3rd concert, it was evident that it was hot. Among the thousands of sold out seats, Super Junior and cheers of welcome can be heard.

CR: win@tvdaily.co.kr
KR-CH: SJ baidu bar
CH-ENG: one_love@sj-world.net
Please take out ONLY with full and proper credits!

Super Junior's Yesung disclosed a photo of him in a school uniform

Super Junior's Yesung disclosed a photo of him in a school uniform.

On the 7th, he wrote on his Twitter with the title "Memories of schooling times". From the photo, it looks like he was in a school's corridor, and he wore school uniform and looked at the camera.

After seeing the photo, netizens commented that "Oppa is really good looking! I love oppa~", "cute" "nice pic", "So handsome, nothing changed", and more.

Super Junior the OST of the Republic of Korea's advertising drama "Haru", expanding their range of activities.

source: TVdaily
Kor-Chi translation: Natali @ mykry.com
Chi-Eng translation: callinginsane@sj-world.net
edited by eternalsnow

Kim Hee Chul “Let the handsome me from debut show itself”

Kim Hee Chul said, “before debut, the handsome me should have appeared.” Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul has real confidence about his appearance.

On the 10th, Golden Fishery – Radio Star 1 day MC, Kim Hee Chul expressed, “Before Super Junior debuted, I am always on shows for a reason.” This led many curious.

He said, “when we debuted, there wasn’t a lot of part available. But because me, Siwon and Kibum were handsome, it would mean something. Now, only those kids who can sing well are in the limelight.” Showing that he is indeed really pleased with his overall appearance.

Kim Hee Chul also said, “Now, it is Ryeowook, Kyuhyun and Yesung’s turn to shine.”causing everyone to laugh.

This led to the other mcs saying, “it wouldn’t be possible to cut off Ryeowook, Kyuhyun and Yesung parts.”causing more laughter.
Kim Hee Chul, who appeared as an MC in radio star, also showed special knowledge when hosting.

Source: source : newsen
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Korean - Chinese Translation: Heechul's baidu bar
Chinese - Korean Translation: ミ mholic ★@sj-world.net

Friday, November 19, 2010

Super Junior Finally Gets Their Own Talk Show

Super Junior fans can now look forward to a talk show chock full of Super Junior fun.

The members of the popular idol group started the recording of their own talk show, called "Super Junior's Foresight" on November 18th at a studio in Yangjae of Seoul.

There will be four emcees, with three of them fixed as Lee teuk, Eun-hyuk, and Gyu-hyun. The rest of the group will take turns making filling in the fourth spot.?The show will invite a star every week and the emcees will try to pick up on the guest's special talents or tricks of the trade.

The recording on the 18th was done with Yesung as the first "fourth host" and Kim Jang-hoon as the special spotlighted guest. Kim even uploaded a picture of himself and the featured Super Junior members onto his metoday account. The first episode is set to air December 5th.

Super Junior has not been shy of voicing their wishes of one day hosting their own talk show. Until now, the various members have been very active on the variety TV program front with Lee teuk, Eun-hyuk, and Shin-dong even hosting their own mini segment on the popular show "Strong Heart". Congratulations to the guys for finally having their wish come true!

Credit: KBS NEWS

Shindong Of Super Junior & Tiffany of SNSD With Minor Injuries

SM Entertainment has been hit with two minor injuries to two of their artists.

The entertainment giant revealed on the 17th that Shindong of Super Junior had suffered a minor injury to his left shoulder during a TV shooting. He will have to undergo physical therapy and be required to wear a brace for about two weeks.?Shindong is currently the DJ of "Shim Shim Ta Pa" radio show and a fixed guest on the TV variety program "Strong Heart". Despite his injury, SM reported that he will continue on with his work schedule.

Tiffany of Girls Generation (i.e. SNSD) on the other hand, will be seeing some major changes to her schedule. After taking a fall during a live performance of the group's latest song "Hoot" on the 14th, she was taken to the hospital the next day. The doctor diagnosed her with a posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) tear that will require her to wear a cast for about four weeks.

SNSD will continue their promotions as an eight-membered group. 
Credit : KBS NEWS

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Who will cameo next on Gumiho Girlfriend?

Last week’s episodes of My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho featured two cameo appearances: UEE and Park Shin-hye, both from the Hong sisters’ previous drama, You’re Beautiful. This has people wondering who’ll be next, since the Hong sisters have previously had fun with bringing back actors from their other dramas.
Well, the idol stars of You’re Beautiful are planning to make appearances, starting with Jang Geun-seok, then Jung Yong-hwa. Their castmate Lee Hong-ki agreed readily to the cameo, but because of his busy schedule, he’s currently trying to work out a time to shoot his part.
Furthermore, according to the production company CEO, the You’re Beautiful cast isn’t the only source of cameo possibilities; they are preparing cameos from other stars as well.
Who wants to start making guesses? (Kang Ji-hwan? Han Ye-seul? Han Chae-young? JAE HEE?)

Ultimately, these cameos hardly make an impact on the current drama’s storylines, but I suppose such is the nature of cameos, right? The fun lies in the meta awareness of who these actors are and how they fit into the Hong sisters’ world, and these are two writers who positively revel in these fun extras. Sometimes they’ll reuse favorite actors but create entirely new characters for them, while in other instances they’ll make a cheeky nod to an earlier work.
For example: they loved Jang Geun-seok in Hong Gil Dong and brought him back for You’re Beautiful. They also coupled up Ahn Seok-hwan and Choi Ran twice, in Delightful Girl Chun-hyang and then My Girl. Choi Ran came back two more times, for Hong Gil Dong and You’re Beautiful.
On the other hand, sometimes they bring back existing characters, even if the cameo details don’t quite fit with the original drama. For instance, when Han Chae-young and Jae Hee cameo’d in My Girl after playing a couple in Chun-hyang, they used the same names, even though the cameo doesn’t fit all the facts of Chun-hyang. And Mi-nyeo’s reappearance last week hardly fits her You’re Beautiful character.
But I’m betting most of us don’t mind, since it’s enough to see these familiar faces again, yeah?

UEE in Episode 5; Park Shin-hye in Episode 6

Pop Culture: Gumiho

In honor of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho premiering this week, we thought it would be a good time to define what a gumiho is, and discuss this mythical creature’s cultural implications on gender, film, and tv. This isn’t a comprehensive definition, by any means, because there are endless number of myths, folktales, films, and dramas that feature gumihos in them. But I’ll cover the basics and discuss what’s interesting about this figure from a cultural point of view.

A gumiho [구미호] is a nine-tailed fox, a legendary creature with origins in ancient Chinese myths dating back centuries. There are versions of the figure in Chinese and Japanese folklore, although each differs slightly. The Chinese huli jing and the Japanese kitsune have more ambiguous moral compasses, in that they can be both good and bad, and are not necessarily out to get everyone. The Korean gumiho, on the other hand, is almost always a malignant figure, a carnivore who feasts on human flesh.
According to legend, a fox that lives a thousand years turns into a gumiho, a shape-shifter who can appear in the guise of a woman. A gumiho is evil by nature, and feeds on either human hearts or livers (different legends specify one or the other) in order to survive. The Chinese huli jing is said to be made up of feminine energy (yin) and needs to consume male energy (yang) to survive. The Japanese kitsune can be either male or female, and can choose to be quite benevolent.
The Korean gumiho is traditionally female. Some can hide their gumiho features, while other myths indicate that they can’t fully transform (ie. a fox-like face or set of ears, or the tell-tale nine tails). Either way there is usually at least one physical trait that will prove their true gumiho form, or a magical way to force them to reveal this form.
Much like werewolves or vampires in Western lore, there are always variations on the myth depending on the liberties that each story takes with the legend. Some tales say that if a gumiho abstains from killing and eating humans for a thousand days, it can become human. Others, like the drama Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child, say that a gumiho can become human if the man who sees her true nature keeps it a secret for ten years. Regardless of each story’s own rules, a few things are always consistent: a gumiho is always a fox, a woman, a shape-shifter, and a carnivore.
Now on to the cultural meanings. A fox is a common figure in many different cultures that represents a trickster or a smart but wicked creature that steals or outwits others into getting what it wants. Anyone who grew up on Aesop’s Fables knows the classic iteration of the fox figure in folklore. And it’s not hard to see how the fox got such a bad rap. The animal is a nocturnal hunter and a thief by nature, and is known the world over for its cunning mind.
In Korea, the fox has a second cultural implication—that of sexual cunning. The word for fox, yeo-woo [여우] is actually what Koreans call a woman who is, for lack of a better translation, a vixen, a siren, or a sly man-eater. There is a similar English equivalent in the phrase “you sly fox,” although in Korean it’s gender-specific (only women get called yeo-woo), and has a much more predatory “there-you-go-using-your-feminine-wiles-to-trick-me” kind of meaning behind it. Women who use any sort of feminine charm in an overt way, or women who are overtly sexualized (as in, asserting and brandishing their sexuality in a bold way), get called “yeo-woo.” Interestingly, the word for “actress” [여배우] is the same in its shortened form: [여우].
It is not by mistake that gumihos are only beautiful women. They are a folkloric way to warn men of the pitfalls of letting a woman trick you or seduce you into folly. For an example, see this translation of a classic gumiho tale. In many stories the hero of the tale (always a man) has to “endure” the seduction and unclothe the gumiho, thereby revealing her true form. Thus a woman’s true nature, her hidden sexuality = demon.
WTF, Korean folktales?
The concept of female sexuality as dangerous is nothing new to folklore, for sure. But it’s not a stretch to say that both the gumiho figure and the use of “yeo-woo” are quite prevalent in modern culture and its fiction. Most people may gloss over the fact that the gumiho myth is a story designed to uphold patriarchy. But that’s what makes such a legend so cunning in its own right.
In film and tv, the gumiho can be both a horrific figure and a straight-up demon, or a comically laughable one, depending on the genre. And throughout the ages the gumiho legend has changed, as in Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child ‘s take on the tortured gumiho with a kind soul who longs to be human and spares men’s lives. She is a reluctant demon who chooses to walk the fine line of morality in order to hold onto her human traits. This interpretation is much closer to the vampire-with-a-soul mythology, as one being battles the demon within.
But one interesting thing to note in that drama is that the child, once she comes of age, transforms into a gumiho herself and struggles with that overpowering demonic force. One can’t help but draw parallels to a young girl’s own coming of age and sexual development, and how this myth only serves to further demonize a woman’s sexuality as something uncontrollable and evil that befalls even the most innocent of young girls. In this, and other more overtly sexualized depictions, the gumiho serves to downgrade female sexuality as demonic and directly carnivorous of men.
All this isn’t to say that female writers couldn’t take ownership of such a legend and reclaim it. I think that’s the only way to take it out of this territory and blast all these old versions away with something empowered. Do I think that’s what the Hong sisters’ goal is? Not outright. And I’m definitely not going to be watching that rom-com for its stellar commentary on gender politics. What I will be doing is looking forward to the reversal, the woman-on-top dynamic of the beta male dating a powerful gumiho, and crossing my fingers for a step in the right direction.
Credit; dramabeans

Monday, November 8, 2010

It Time To actiOn like A bIG Girl~Bufday girL COmeback agaiN

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Today is my bufday!!. 
Dah lma aku menantikan hari ni. 8 November 2010. Stiap mlm sebelum bufday aku sampai aku sllu mintx hari bufday aku cpt sampai. dah lma dah aku tggu wei.. 18 tahun merupakan umo yg plg byk list yang aku nk buat dlm hidup. aku dh listkan smlm dlm sekeping note n letakkan dlm tabung wish aku. Wow.. hehe. Hurm. sambutan bufday?. xsambut pon. biasa jea. menjalani hidup seperti insan yang biasa di dunia ni. tiada sambutan. aku menyambutnyer dlm jiwa aku sendiri. bufday kali ni bufday 1st aku dekat kkas. Huh ok la. not badd. smlm diorang buat suprise kt aku dlm bilik. buat gitu2 jea. n yang pasti kteorang tangkap gambar bersama2. xley lupa part tu.thank to Look zher Ee sbb buat kejutan hadiah bufday kt aku. aku memang wakenabeb!. aku igtkan hadiah tu bley minum.. tooo excitedd to minum.. last2 itu bukanye sjenis cecair.. kalo aku minum xlepas wei. terlekat kat pharynx.. kui3. Hum. 18 18 18.. hehe. i dah 18tahun. xsangka kn. aku dh begitu besar skang. Mesti parent aku byk bersusah payah membesarkan aku soompii skang.. hum. hepi. hepi gk tp aku ttp sedih gelaran maknae unt aku terpaksa ditarik balik sbb aku dh ckup 18 thun. adus.. bru jea nk rsa mcm taemin rsa. kui3. humm.. hari ni aku final exam. paper microbiology.. not bad. aku bley jawab. tp takut gk aku nk thu bapa markah yang aku dpt. esok.. lusa tulat stil final exam mode.. huh!! streess. thu knapa stress? sbb aku mls betul k studi wei. aku menantikan 11/11 ni. trikh terakhir aku exam. wahhhhh. can't wait for that..aku nk buat apa yang terbantut di tengah jln.. aku nk fokus blik dgn drama korea aku. aku nk fokus berblogging!.. hehe.. sure best gile nih. humm.. teringat aku kt smua kwn skola aku dlu. memandangkan aku dot call free slama sminggu no 8pax aku. aku nk berhubung dgn dorang la. dh lma sgt aku xberhubung dgn dorang.. stakat fb jea. bosan fb.. fb merupakan media yang agak bosan unt dilayan skang.. bley x wujudkan lagi media yang lebih gempak dri fb???.. i cabar u!.. hum after final exam done aku kena msuk wad balik.. practical still xhabis lagi.. Hum.. xpa r. aku suke msuk wad dri dok terkurung dlm hostel! mcm penjara.. jiwa aku kosong wei.. lps beberapa minggu.. 4/12 aku cuti semakhir.. wah2. cant wait for that.. nk duduk rumah. nk balas balik sbb ku tinggalkan rumah sbelum ni. kui3.Ehem.. ehemm.. sebagai insan yang sudah cukup 18 tahun pada pukul 12 pagi td.. akunk buat wish unt diri aku sendiri

1. Aku nak fokus dgn bidang nursing yang aku ambik.. no more tears
2. Aku nk study scara efektif
3. No more mira.. now it time to KORIE
4. Aku nk jadi diri aku sendiri
5. Masa unt L.O.V.E.. dont know.. maybe
6. Rapatkan perhubungan aku dgn member2 dlm family
7. Nak simpan duit.. nk g trip di KOREA.. korea wait 4 me
8. Mantapkan penguasaan KPOP dlm diri.. hehe
9.Always smile when u have a problem
10. Jadi seorang yang tabah!!
11. be maintain.. rilex sudaa.. i like ur style
12.Usah pedulikan apa orang lain fikir. buat jea apa yang ko rasa nk buat dan ko pikir tu betul
13. AKu harap aku lulus smua paper final exam nih!

Ok done! that all i think..  korang doakan aku berjaya k. tanpa korang siapalah kpopvirus ni..

aKU Saja selitkan gambar kenangan nie. gmbar ni diambil masa sambutan hari raya di kkas baru2 ni.
Luv U all

dLm gambar ni dari ats kiri- kak pah, me
bawah kiri- Nia,diana,aszah n zaharah gege
Me and roomate

Dari kiri-tuan asyikin,husna,Ten,Look Zher Eee aka scooby

Diorang ni adalah yang terbaik bagiku.. thank! harap semuanya berkekalan sampai bila2.

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

[Info] Playful kiss doesn't end with 16 episodes


Playful Kiss TV version ends last night with 16 episode. Playful Kiss Production company Group 8 said that there will be a special where they will upload 9 episodes, 10 minutes each on their official youtube channel. The videos they will be uploading will have subtitles, you just have to turn on the "CC", so international fans, you don't have to worry. The Youtube version starts on November 2nd, so guys mark your calendars. Beak Seungjo and Oh Hani will meet you again soon. Check out the link below for their official channel on youtube.

cr: ytkiss@YT


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