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Monday, May 31, 2010

!Musician’s Choice – U-Know Yunho’s Interview 100531

Musician’s Choice
Famous musicians introduce songs that brought them to where they are now, and songs that they love based on various themes. You may also find out where these musicians are these days.
TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho, who can be anything from an actor to a model
Music to listen to on a rainy day
Leader of TVXQ, who heated up Asia
Let’s meet U-Know Yunho’s recommended songs.

Posted Image U-Know Yunho’s ‘Music to listen to on a rainy day’
When I went to visit TVXQ’s leader U-Know Yunho on the 24th, it was drizzling as I made my way to my destination. It was weather that seemed to match the ‘Musician’s Choice’ theme he had chosen for the week which was “Music to listen to on a rainy day”. He, who had been waiting in front of the SM Entertainment office, happily welcomed this writer. Wearing casual clothes, he smiled brightly and said, “I feel good because it’s raining outside.”
“Rainy days are times for me to reflect on myself. Other friends usually go drinking on days like this, but I drive my car to an arboretum or I choose some good music to listen to.”
When asked about his recent activities, he brought up his photoshoot first. “I went to Hong Kong for a photoshoot, and it was nice to have a personal interview as I was partaking in the photoshoot. I’ve always been showing people the bright side of myself, but I never really had the chance to talk about personal things.” We were curious of his next solo venture. U-Know Yunho said, “I don’t want to let go of the music life that I’ve had for the past 5, 6 years and I’ve also been considering upgrading my acting skills.” He also said, “What I want to say the most is that I want to challenge the limits I’ve set on myself from more than one side.”
It was a surprise yet understandable to see U-Know Yunho, who admired Michael Jackson, create a music list that consisted of songs with sad or solitary melodies rather than dance-orientated songs. Also, seeing such a list gave us a feel of his extensive musical taste from Rock to New Age.
“I usually listen to music while I’m on the move. I don’t discriminate between genres; if I like the feel of a song, I’ll get it and put it in my playlist right away. At times when I feel like I’m going to explode, I sometimes listen to heavy metal music, and when my body’s exhausted, I listen to calm instrumentals. However, it can be said that the music I’m introducing today conveys what I’m feeling these days.”
U-Know Yunho’s dream is to be the founder of a welfare center. Influenced by his father who enjoys helping those in need, he is actively seeking out voluntary service activities he can do to help the poor and needy. He usually makes people feel flustered with his clipped tone and short yet strong accent which he may have inherited from being the group’s leader since his debut, but he slowly yet surely opened up in this interview with a softer tone and deep breaths. His words “I’ve matured as much as I’ve been hurt,” seemed to approach the writer more sincerely than ever.
Kim Pyung (Writer specializing in popular music)
Posted Image U-Know Yunho’s First Album Choice: Chris Spheeris’ [Best of Chris Spheeris: 1990-2000]
“Two years ago, there was a time when I listened to all the CDs our fans sent us. This was one of the albums in that pile of CDs and I was immediately hooked. Although there are a lot of instruments involved, there is a sound that isn’t lost, and it’s the sound of nature. That sound seemed to just grab my heart. There wasn’t a distinct melody, but shall I say that the tune was able to express everything that it needed to? From then on, I searched for this artiste online and listened to his songs whenever it rained. The guitar part is the prettiest in this album. Most guitar parts from other sources rely on strength or technique, but the guitar in this album isn’t overused and you can tell that the singer tried to keep the sound as close to the sound of nature as possible. I felt like the guitar part represented his heart and his feelings. It has a calm yet mysterious feeling to it.”
Posted Image U-Know Yunho’s Second Album Choice: Kevin Kern’s [Summer Daydreams]
“One of the songs called ‘Return to Love’ is a very famous song that is used in dramas and CFs, and all the songs included in this album calm your heart. I think I listen to this song the most when I feel depressed. It cleanses your heart, but it also has a sad and sorrowful feel to it. I first found out about the song in the drama [Autumn in my Heart]. After that, I listened to it a ridiculous number of times. I found myself hearing it a lot even when I hadn’t turned it on myself. I heard it on the streets, I heard it at home, I heard it in the cafes… It’s a song that I’ve heard so much that it’s left a great impact in my life. Sometimes, I think that I’d like to try this kind of music one day. Like taking this music and formatting it by adding narration to it or commentary through DJ-ing?”
Posted Image U-Know Yunho’s Third Album Choice: Kim Hyun Shik’s [3rd Album]
“I first found out about Kim Hyun Shik’s music through the voices of Kim Bum Soo and Yu Jae Ha. I liked the songs so much that I practiced them a lot for a while. I thought that I needed to be familiar with the original to do so, so that was when I found the artiste Kim Hyun Shik. The song that first caught my eye was ‘Eclipsed Road’. I’ve said before that I like singers like Michael Bolton or Lim Jae Bum, and Kim Hyun Shik’s voice was just what I wanted. It wasn’t pure and clear, and the charm that came from his thick and burning voice struck a chord in my heart. I usually listen to this album on a rainy day right before I sleep. You can find its true charm if you listen to it then.”
Posted Image U-Know Yunho’s Fourth Album Choice: X-JAPAN’s [Star Box]
“They are one of my favorite artistes. In 9th or 10th grade, I had a cousin who played the bass guitar, and she was a fan of this group. I began to like rock music because of her. But these artistes’ music didn’t feel like rock. More so in ‘Endless Rain’. This song really captures that feeling of singing with a heart full of longing, and I think that, that is the true charm of X-JAPAN. I like their songs because they both appeal and don’t appeal to the masses. I want to follow their example of being a genius, yet striving to always be one step ahead of trends. I think this song’s mixture of Eastern and Western influences contain all the charms that the band holds.”
Posted Image U-Know Yunho’s Fifth Album Choice: Az Yet’s [Az Yet]
“Sometimes, I like to go jogging when it rains, and I listen to this album a lot when I do. It might be because I’m the bass part in our team, but I find myself paying a lot of attention to that part. Their style is a little different from BoyzIIMen, but the bass part is so amazing that it feels like they’re playing with their musical ranges. The part doesn’t lose its focus, but it leads the other parts like the melody. This music is great for when I go jogging or when I’m enjoying a glass of wine. The music itself doesn’t feel very sophisticated, that may be exactly why I’m attracted to it. I think people will like this music if they like harmonies. I also feel that men will enjoy this music more than women.”
Posted Image “I’m going to keep the promise I made with myself and then I’ll cry my eyes out.”
The subject was changed to Michael Jackson. U-Know Yunho recently got on stage for the pop star’s domestic tribute concert. There is a famous story circulating that the American staff, who had looked down upon U-Know Yunho as an artiste famous only in Asia, changed their attitudes after they watched him perform. U-Know Yunho said, “I want to be an artiste like Michael Jackson who shines regardless of time,” and “I hope to be viewed as someone who keeps maturing and growing as a person and as a singer who is not fazed by the rumors floating around.”
“I think that I’ve pretended to be bright a lot as the team’s leader till now. But I’m someone who feels lonely very easily, so I constantly have to discipline myself to pay attention and come to my senses. Music has always cleansed my loneliness and sorrow. People say that I’m so strong-hearted that I never cry, but I’m only restraining myself to keep the promise I made with myself. When I get to the top, I want to cry my eyes out just once.” It may have been that his heart was already crying though his ‘leader’ position stops him from outwardly doing so.
Source: [Naver Music]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
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![news + photo] SS501 News Photo @ 5/30 Fantastic record “Destination” released autograph event


This is a reported News in Korea, just found this in one of the ss501 site.
SS501 fansigning event @ KBS 88Gym.
Kim Hyun Joong holding hands with one of there fans (what a lucky girl).

Heo Young Saeng, looks nervous in front of fans. Young Saeng had a tense expression at the KBS 88 Gymnasium in Seoul on the 30th afternoon for Gangseo SS501′s Album released celebration signing for fans. 
Kim Kyu Jong greeted every fans "Every fan, Nice to meet you!". While
Park Jung Min greeted every fans a "Everybody, Nice to meet you!".
SS501 fan signing, Kim Hyung Joon, looking at fan fondly.

So cute, they are all so nice, there leader holding the hand of there fan, Prince, nervous because he want to make every fans happy, Center and Charismatic greeted there fans so nice, and there Maknae so nice talking with the young boy fan.

A very sweet fact in every artist, not just SS501.

Source: unionpress.co.kr
Credit: gellie @ DailyKpopNews

!Fans stalked Yunho in the store 100530

Credit: [ari_si@blog.naver]

!KBoom July 2010 Issue – Jaejoong’s Part

A complete report on television drama “Sunao ni Narenakute” preview meeting and conference!
You don’t know their appearance, nor do you know what kind of person the opposite party is. However, why do you feel as though he is always by your side? It is probably because of that person’s ‘gentle’ words. This is exactly what takes place in the television idol drama “Sunao ni Narenakute”, which describes the process of how a group of five young men and women met through Twitter, became real friends before becoming partners.

The screenwriter for this drama, Kitagawa Eriko, explained her reason for using Twitter as the theme, saying, “I myself uses Blog and Twitter, and through language, people are able to connect with each other. Youth groups are like the life-line of a student’s life, hence, it can also be signified as a partner, that is why I used Twitter as the theme for this work.”
Please say a form of greeting to everyone.
Eita : I was really grateful when everyone came down specially while my leg was in a bad condition. You would probably understand by our current atmosphere; the five of us were still in the midst of filming last night actually. We filmed the drama within a very harmonious atmosphere so the filming was done very smoothly. To be able to be involved in this drama that is featured every week, and allow the audience to look forward to the next episode each week is really a joy to me.
Ueno Juri : I’m Ueno Juri, and I’m playing the character of Haru. I am really happy to be able to be part of the group of five to act out in this drama. My heart is racing now because I have not watched the first episode, the director’s performance was also very natural, and when I noticed it, I started tearing so I was able to display the feeling of sadness. I used very natural emotions to act.
JaeJung : Hi everyone, I am JaeJung. I play the role of DOCTOR in this film, and I am unusually excited today (laughs). I am very grateful to be able to be here today. I was very nervous initially as this is my debut in a Japanese television drama, but because everyone who were involved in the film were very kind towards me, so I thoroughly enjoyed the entire filming process. I have not watched the first episode too, so I will be very happy if we can enjoy it together.
Seki Megumi : I’m Seki Megumi, and I play the part of PEACH. This is the first time I have been casted as one of the main cast in a drama and I will give my best effort. On the grand scenes of the filming, I will also determine to give my utmost best .
Tamayama Tetsuji : I decided to take up this drama about half a year ago. I did ask myself what kind of feeling do I want to bring about? After one or two months have passed, I told myself initially that I only have to act out the part where I suffered from sexual harassment at work (laughs). There were also other enactments, and my heart was lifted up higher and higher after hearing all that (laughts).
Share your thoughts [after having watched the first episode]
Eita : I really want to watch the second episode (laughs). Even though it is only fictional, the momentum and atmosphere of the drama is very good, I feel it is very dashing.
Ueno Juri : I discovered many scenes of depression or heaviness after reading the script, but there were also moments of happiness. It is the same for the other characters. I know the script, and it felt like all five life stories were progressing at the same time. There are a few scenes that left a deep impression on me, but the one that left the deepest one was probably then the five of us saw the Tokyo Tower turn green at the same time.
JaeJung : It was very refreshing (laughs). It was very refreshing just seeing myself in a Japanese drama! I would feel like “Is this guy really JaeJung?” (laughs) It was very interesting watching the first episode! I was very curious about the scenes of the others. In LINDA’s scene, it was so intense that I burst out laughing…(laughs)
Tamayama Tetsuji : Everyone watched it together at the resting room, and when it featured the kiss scene between me and the editor, I heard JaeJung, who was in the next room, go “NAHHHHH!!” (laughs) But JaeJung had seen the script before, so he knew about the details.
JaeJung : But seeing the image…(laughs) It was really interesting though!
You had water poured over you from the start, and you still had to take care of your younger sister, it looked tough…
JaeJung : Yes…however, DOCTOR’s character is such that no matter how tough it is, he would be able to get through it with a lot of effort and hard work. He has always been so from the start.
DOCTOR really likes HARU.
JaeJung : Yes. That is why he envies NAKAIJI a lot. Every time DOCTOR meets up with an obstacle, he would think of HARU. However, NAKAJI always has HARU by his side…
What are your thoughts towards Twitter?

: Even though it is interesting, I have never used it before… It looks like something you will get addicted to once you start using it… (laughs)
Source: KBoom + Hey!JJ
Translation: kimuchi3005 @ OneTVXQ.com
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!Francfranc SCENARIO F Radio’s Blog – Junsu Went To Bae YongJoon’s Restaurant 100530

Fujii Fumiya shares a table with “XIAH junsu” who is not only extremely popular in Korea but also in Japan.

Fujii Fumiya exchanges handshakes with the popular artist “XIAH junsu” who was born in Korea at “Goshiren”, the restaurant run by Bae YongJoon

Being a popular artist who was born in Korea, “XIAH junsu” answered Fujii Fumiya in fluent Japanese.

The two of them have a toast with Korean red tea.

We can tell how busy he is just by looking at his passport.

Fujii Fumiya asks JunSu how he always spends his off time.

Fujii Fumiya is having a mutual understanding towards JunSu.

His interest is driving.
He says that he wants to drive in Japan too.

-Information not related to JunSu thus omitted-
Source: Francfranc SCENARIO F Radio’s Blog
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
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!TOKYO FM All For Yu Radio’s Blog – Junsu Says His Diet Is Painful

This week’s guest is XIAH junsu-san whose solo single was released on 5/26.
We’re going to ask him about his first musical challenge last year; for example, what songs do you sing? etc.
Maybe we’ll be able to hear him sing live too!!

That will be a surprise ☆
Besides, seems like he’s been into composing these days.
When we asked about what his worries and troubles at works; he said that it is his diet, that after 6pm, he doesn’t eat and only drinks!
He thought that it would become a good diet, and it would be good for his health too!!
And he’s been doing it for 2 months!
However, he said honestly… “It’s painful” (LOL)
You will have a chance to see this JunSu-san on 6/12 and 6/13 at Tokyo Dome LIVE ☆
Isn’t it exciting~!!
Next week, we’ll be going into more private stories of JunSu-san!
Please look forward to it ♪
Source: TOKYO FM All For Yu Radio’s Blog
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
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!DBSK Ranked Top in United World Chart 100530

DBSK topped the United World Chart with their album “Best Selection 2010″!
The United World Chart is based on the sales ranking in America’s Billboard Chart, Japan’s Oricon Chart and other music charts from 10 other countries.
Source: United World Chart + Daum + baiduTVXQ
Translation: YOU @ OneTVXQ.com
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Sunday, May 30, 2010

![News] Shanghai's airport hit by Korean Wave while fans wait for stars to arrive!

The Shanghai World Expo music festival would be held on the night of the 30th while Korean stars Super Junior, Kangta, f(x) and Boa make their grand appearances respectively. Many fans have long since started to wait at the airport while security is kept tight and no one dares to let their guard down.

As soon as the Korean stars have landed, the entrance of the airport turns into a scene of chaos. After a few moments of waiting, the first artist to leave, Boa was led away by 5 to 6 guards. Not long after, when Kangta and f(x) started to make their exit, huge crowds of fans rushed up to their idols, surrounding Kangta and f(x). The security took much effort to gather the artistes in the centre as one of the guards shined his torch at the crowds, preventing them from taking pictures.

Lastly when the Super Junior members walk out one after another, the airport turns into a big mess, majority of the Super Junior fans have sealed off the exits points. Although there were multiple security guards, but as compared to the fans, they were still small in numbers. Within moments, the Super Junior members were split up by the crowds, the situation at the airport’s entrance reached a standstill. Out of helplessness, the guards could only resort to force although the fans did not give up, and followed the Super Junior members all the way to the carpark. Only until after all the artistes have left the scene, did the usual peace return to the airport.

Source: Sina
Translation: bulletproof@ sj-world.net

!SNSD and Super Junior Tops Album Sales Chart So Far This Year

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Many artists have made a comeback so far this year, but only two have sold over 100,000 copies of their albums up until the end of May.

According to Hanteo, one of the research websites for album sales, out of all albums released from January 1st to May 26th, only SNSD’s 2nd official album and Super Junior’s 4th official album sold over 100,000 copies.

SNSD was in first place with their official 2nd album “Oh!” selling over 117,077 copies since January 28th (release date), and Super Junior was in second place with their official 4th album “Bonamana” selling over 106,891 since May 13th (release date).

The two groups’ streak did not end there. SNSD also took over third place with their 2nd repackage album “Run Devil Run”, which sold 47,455 copies since March 16th, and Super Junior made it to fourth place with the B version of their official 4th album, which sold 37,410 copies.

S: omgkpop

!{INTERVIEW} Girl Group f(x) – Mention of Heechul and Siwon

——————irrelevant parts omitted——————

10: I heard that Sulli is the funny one?

Sulli: Me? (laugh) I kind of am. I’m not good at making others laugh when I’m asked to but I’m kind of funny when I’m with my group.
Luna: In a weird way too. For example, when she’s drinking water, she’ll make a joke about the water. And she doesn’t mean to be funny, she just says it, but we laugh because it sounds funny. I don’t know how to explain it… She’s the type who just talks in a funny way.
Sulli: I’m… a bit.. slow. My actions and words, hm… how do I say it?
Luna: She’s a bit of a slow thinker too. (laugh)
Sulli: I don’t like complicated things so I just blurt out what I think but people find it funny.

10: So that’s why Heechul [of Super Junior] said he’d make you into a variety show character. (laugh)

Sulli: (laugh) Heechul. But he never really tells me how I should act on variety shows. (laugh) He just roots for me and tells me on radio shows. (laugh)

10: I saw that Heechul put his sunglasses on you on “Music Bank” last week. And you went on their encore stage too.

Sulli: First of all, I really wanted his sunglasses. I would like to wear sunglasses too but it’s unlikely to happen because I’m in a female idol group. (laugh) So I stood next to him and told him I want to try it on, and that’s why he gave them to me. That moment I pretended to have become possessed with him and imitated him. (laugh)
——————irrelevant parts omitted——————

10: Well you have that charm about you but you also shot a spread for wedding dresses, right? I was reminded that you are someone who can pull off such photos. (laugh)

Victoria: It was great. I think it suits me the best. In terms of the age too. (laugh) It’s something that all women wear when they get married. So it felt really nice wearing one.
Sulli: I wore one once too. (laugh) It really felt like I was getting married. The concept was that I would be marrying Siwon [of Super Junior] and he said, “You should feel honored that the first guy you get to marry is me. (laugh) But it felt so good because it really felt like I was getting married. And I became curious whether I would feel like this when I actually do get married.
——————irrelevant parts omitted——————
please copy ALL the below information when redistributing
Reporter : Choi Ji-Eun five@, Lee Ga-on
Senior Reporter : Kang Myoung-Seok two@
Photographer : Lee Jin-hyuk eleven@
Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@, Lee Ji-Hye seven@
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>
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![NEWS] BEAST to go on a ‘1 Night 2 Day’ vacation!

Idol group BEAST is off to a 1 night 2 days trip with their fans.

BEAST is going to have a special time at a resort in Kyoungbook on May 29th and May 30th for the event ‘1 Night & 2 Day with BEAST.’

Focusing on fan service, this event was planned beyond the average scale and planned for a long time. The way to win for this event was special also.

In the BEAST 2nd mini album, there were polaroid pictures the members took of themselves as they called it the ‘Card of Luck’ to attend the 1 Night 2 Daytrip.

Many fans with different cases, whether they’re fans in Korea or international fans whom bought the album overseas, join together to spend a meaningful time with BEAST in one place.

BEAST said, “This is our first time going on a trip with our fans, so we’re really nervous. It’s disappointing that not all of our fans are able to go with us but we hope to make good memories with them.”

Meanwhile, BEAST recently succeeded in closing their promotions for their 2nd album as they’re on variety programs and preparing for their overseas promotion.

Envy of those lucky fans? Be prepare, as BEAST will be have their overseas promotion!

CREDITS: Newsen (SOURCE); seoulfoood @B2ST Rising (TRANS)

!‘I’m Not Lonely’…. Who Are Best Friends Of Opposite Sexes Amongst Idols? 100528

Actor Cha Seung Won once said, “A celebrity is someone who has to give up a lot. It gets lonely.” As he said, a restricted life for celebrities leaves little room for freedom.
This is more so among idols these days. Although they receive much love from their fans, they also have to give up a lot of things in return. However, there are some idol stars who have it all from the fans’ love of to best friends.
TVXQ member YoungWoong Jaejoong and BoA are so close that not only do they share their troubles with each other, they also ask each other for advice when it comes to relationships.
In the past, when YoungWoong Jaejoong sent BoA a text message saying “What do I mean to you?” on MBC’s ‘Yoo Jae Seok and Kim Won Hee’s Come to Play’, BoA replied with a warm message of “I can’t say! I treasure you a lot!” and became the envy of many fans.
Source: [tvreport+Yuaerubi]
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!Tohoshinki Won “Best Group Video” at MTV WORLD STAGE VMAJ 2010

Best Group Video
Tohoshinki – Share The World
Source: MTV Japan
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!Singer Lee Yong: Hero Jaejoong’s Remake of “Forgotten Season” was Well-Sung 100529

Singer Lee Yong praised TVXQ’s Hero Jaejoong on the remake of his song.
During his appearance on YTN’s “NEWS & ISSUES” on the 28th of May, remembered his musical life as a 29-year old.

When asked this, “How do you feel when you hear the young people’s REMAKE of your song?” kind of question, Lee Yong replied, “The song “Forgotten Season” has been sung by more than 50 singers.” Lee Yong said, “Even many of my senior singers have sung this song.”
Lee Yong added, “Among all my junior singers who sang this song, TVXQ’s Hero Jaejoong’s REMAKE is the best, the changes sung the best.”
Lee Yong also said, “Kim Bum Soo also sang well, and there are also female singers who sang not too badly, but maybe it’s because I’m old already so I can’t remember their names…”
In addition, in the program, Lee Yong disclosed for the first time his daughter and his wife.
Source: Newsen + Hey!JJ + BaiduTVXQ
Translation: tvxqhwaiting @ OneTVXQ.com
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!THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME Goodies, From Bigeast Mail 100529

Information for the sales of the official goods

The Ofiicial Goods will be on sale.
Please click here for the line-up.
※mu-mo shop sales is scheduled to start from June 14 (Mon), 2010, from 16:00pm.
■The Sales Starting Time by venue
<Kyocera Dome Osaka>
June 5 (Sat) ・ June 6 (Sun)
Sales start: 9:00am
<Tokyo Dome>
June 12 (Sat)
Sales start: 9:00am
June 13(Sun)
Sales start 10:00pm
[Notice concerning the sales of the goods]
・For Kyocera Dome Osaka, the goods will be on sale outside the venue only. The goods will not be on sale inside the dome.
・For Tokyo Dome, the goods will be on sale both outside and inside the venue. Starting 16:00 (after the doors are open), the goods will be on sale inside the venue, too.
・There will be no receipt including the tour logo, the title, and the members’ messages.
・Credit cards cannot be used.
・Counters outside the venue will be open to customers without tickets.
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
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