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Saturday, August 21, 2010

[info] FT Island 2nd MINI ALBUM [Beautiful Journey] Release Date Information

FT Island 2nd MINI ALBUM [Beautiful Journey] Release Date Information

This is FNC MUSIC’s Fan Club Representative.

FT Island’s new mini album, [Beautiful Journey] is going to be released on August 26.

FT Island’s Special and Wonderful Journey!
2nd Mini Album “Beautiful Journey”
Track List
1. LoveLoveLove
2. Forever Hardened Skin..**
3. Baby Love
4. Crazy, Only You
5. The Song of Don Quixote

**translator’s note: the actual title of Track 2 (굳은 살이 박혀버려) is a Korean idiom that has no true English equivalent (so sorry for a weird translation ^^;;)

Consisting of a total of 5 songs, this new mini album, “Beautiful Journey” will show – as the title suggests – the image of these five boys’ music journey.

1. LoveLoveLove
You’ll be able to feel Lee Hong Ki’s smooth and powerful voice through FT Island’s colorful song.

2. Forever Hardened Skin..

This is a rock ballad song that reveals the pain of a hurt heart for the hardness of one who can’t forget his lover.

3. Baby Love

Combined with the fresh sound of ocean waves in the beginning and Lee Hong Ki’s sweet voice, this song shows more and more charm with its mellow acoustic guitar and repeated piano melody, harmonized with the disco rhythm of the chorus.

4. Crazy, Only You

Starting off with a piano melody, “Crazy, Only You” is a song that repetitively expresses “crazy” lyrics, a bittersweet portrayal of missing only you and waiting for only you.

5. The Song of Don Quixote

Out of all the Korean albums, this is the first song that member Choi Jong Hoon has participated in composing and thus has reason to receive special attention. A fresh guitar melody harmonized with Lee Hong Ki’s powerful voice, this song sings of the freedom and passion of Don Quixote life of hope.

Like the way you gain a different mindset and expand your horizons after a journey, so will this album allow you to experience the deep thoughts of FT Island’s growing maturity in music.

[Release Date Schedule Information]
Aug. 23 – Title song’s teaser revealed
Aug. 25 – Full song revealed
Aug. 26 – Album release
(The release date of the music video will be announced later.)

With as much as you have all waited, especially for all these great songs, as all you Primadonnas will be able to hear great music, we ask for your anticipation and care for next week’s release of FT Island’s new mini album [Beautiful Journey].

The teaser, song, and music video’s release will be expected later, but please note that the title song and the teaser will be revealed together.

We hope for all Primadonnas’ care and support.
Thank you.

Source: FNC Music
Translation: hyunjung61293 @ Silh0uette

[News] SNSD Releases their Japanese Single 'GENIE' Teaser Video, Also Attracts Attention from the South Koreans

[Newsen Kwon Subin Reporter]

Girl group SNSD's first Japanese debut single 'GENIE' music video teaser has been released.

On 20th's morning, SNSD's Japanese agency Universal Music, has released the 33 second teaser video through their official site.

The content of the teaser video is about a guy who finds a magic lamp inside the attic, gets surprised from the appearance of 9 members of SNSD after rubbing the magic lamp.

SNSD's Japanese concept was quite different from their last year's 'Tell Me Your Wish' concept. The concept from the Korean promotion emphasized their femininity, and sexiness by wearing a military uniform. On the other side, the Japanese concept emphasized more on cuteness from their striped and checkered pattern outfits.

Meanwhile, on Auguest 25th, SNSD is planning to have three showcases, that will bring about 20,000 audiences at Asiake Colosseum in Tokyo, Japan. 'GENIE', which is a Japanese version of 'Tell Me Your Wish', and a Japanese debut single will be released on September 8th.

Kwon Subin ppbn@newsen.com

Translated by: soCOOL@soshified.com
Credits to: Kwon Subin Reporter (ppbn@newsen.com), http://www.newsen.com
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Friday, August 20, 2010

Han Geng went to Taiwan to promote his album, revealed that he had once wanted to commit suicide!

prom15e to 13elieve
10ve the current members
prot3ct the missing ones
슈퍼주니어~ 오에요

Becoming a solo artiste after leaving Super Junior (SJ), Chinese member, Han Geng arrived in Taiwan yesterday to promote his new album, , and also did a recording for . Han Geng revealed in the show that, then, he wanted to terminate his contract with SM Company is because of the tremendous stress and unhappiness he experienced, he even had the idea to commit suicide once.

He admitted that he had read about many Korean artistes going on to this ‘no-turning-back’ route, and he had a feeling: “When I am in SJ, I am frustrated every day. I always kept my door lock, watched movies and goes on the internet on my bed. This can go on for one day or even two days”, even more because that he doesn’t know how to express himself, so he didn’t know how to talk about it with his friends.

Han Geng also said that: “Once, I saw an article about a Korean artiste committing suicide, it said that this artiste is frustrated every day, he felt that he’s just like that artiste and is worried that he will follow the steps of the artiste.”

Han Geng debuted in 2005 with Super Junior, but because of the Korean laws, he only could appear in 3 television channels. In 2007, he was even forced to wear a mask to perform on the stage, he revealed that: “Before the performance, I was informed that I couldn’t perform on stage, but the routine of a 13 members group and the singing parts cannot be changed!”

Went to Korea for training when he was 19 years old, was he bullied in that period of time?
He paused for a while, thinking and with reservations, he said: “There is different treatment, the company may not have realized, but I always take note of the minor details, it made me uncomfortable sometimes.”

Suppressed Character

Han Geng expressed that, he suppresses himself a lot, when he is still a member of SJ; he keeps a lot of things to himself. The entertainment industry in Korea is developed already, there is always a system to everything, and thus he couldn’t do what he wanted to do, causing the explosion now. “Everyone has a different desire… but I feel that ‘to be happy’ is more important.”

He became a solo artiste shortly after, but in his heart, he is very concerned about the expectations of his family, and he is worried that he is not up to their expectations. Yesterday, he saw a letter from Beijing written by his father. In the letter, it was all encouragements and support. He wanted to hold back his tears but in the end, he still couldn’t control his emotions and cried.

Han Geng’s father wrote a letter from Beijing

He generously admitted that he had been in two relationships, in 2002, he was in a 4 years relationship, but because he was too busy that time, and wasn’t at home all the time, and the other party wanted a stable life.

Han Geng, who has not been in a relationship for 4 years, said that, “Now that I have a new album, concert, and I still have a movie to work on, I want to stabilize my career first before I talk about relationships.”

Han Geng hopes that his girlfriend will be someone outside the industry, so he could be in a simple and pure relationship.

Source: XinMSN Entertainment Section
Translated by: huiwensg @ geng-bao.net
(Take out with full credits)

CN Blue, Super Junior & SS501 Crowned as Taiwan's "Hallyu Wave Princes"

Boy group CN Blue has emerged as the new Hallyu Wave powerhouse.

CN Blue’s first mini album “Bluetory” was placed #1 in Taiwanese G-Music Chart for the first week of August (6-12 August), ahead of fellow Korean boy bands, Super Junior and SS501.

Ranked 2nd and 3rd are Super Junior’s “Bonamana” and SS501′s “Kokoro” respectively.

Taiwan’s Five Music Chart [also for the same week] has seen that CN Blue gained popularity and was also ranked at the top spot of the chart.

FNC Music said,”It has not been a year since CN Blue’s debut, but they are gaining popularity in Taiwan and Mainland China. The same goes for Super Junior and SS501. [Looking at this phenomenon] the future for Korean stars are expected to be great in Taiwan.”

CN Blue who is gaining more popularity nowadays will kick off their Asia Tour in seven countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Thailand soon.

Original Source: Nate News
Translation by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm
Shared by: Zunjiwu @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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[100818/YS] Suju Yesung is casted in third musical "SPAMALOT"

[Newsen Reporter Lee Eon Hyeok]

After Namhansansung and Hong Gil Dong, Super Junior Yesung will take challenge for a third musical

Yesung will make appearance in recasted Broadway comedy musical "SPAMALOT" which will comically narrate about the expedition of King Arthur & The Knights of the Round Table to look for the Holy Grail.

Yesung not only has been marked off as the highlighted role in the musical number which has the most difficult range to command, he will also act in the highlighted part of parody "Phantom of The Opera" scene that will have the audience convulsing with laughter.

*not translating part that is not about Yesung*

'SPAMALOT' will be opened on October 1 at Hanjeon Art center.

source NEWSEN
translated by ☆★pinkninja@sj-world.net

Take out with full credit and no additional credit

Leeteuk’s “airport fashion” lesson “dress up in a way that does not seem deliberate"

Leeteuk’s “airport fashion” lesson “dress up in a way that does not seem deliberate*

Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk disclosed his eye-catching know-how on “airport fashion”.

On SBS “Strong Heart” broadcast on 17th, on the topic of “airport fashion” that was brought up Leeteuk said “when we go to the airport, fans will bring those “cannon**” cameras with very good image quality to wait for us”.

To capture fans’ attention, Leeteuk who is already worrying about what to wear from the day before said “sunglasses are a must, but you can’t give people a “deliberate*” feel”, once again emphasizing that you must give a not-so-deliberate*, natural feel.

After learning from Hollywood stars who have nice poses for these cameras, he said (normally) “you’ll walk a bit then stop once or even if there’s no phone call you’ll pretend to answer the phone”.

If you just hold your passport and walk it isn't very stylish, so normally you’ll put the passport near your clothes, (giving the guests) a lesson on “airport fashion”.

Besides that, Leeteuk revealed the reason why member Eunhyuk seems the least stylish at the airport. Leeteuk mentioned “every time Eunhyuk goes to the airport he will wear sunglasses”, “bringing along the expensive luggage bag that the fans gave as a present and walk around”, bringing about a roar of laughter.

* the direct translation for the phrase used is along the lines of "wearing it in a way that does not seem like you purposely chose to wear it". basically, making it seem casual when you actually deliberately dressed up.
** those big professional cameras that reporters use. you can see it in the screencap here.

source: tvreport
translated from korean to chinese: 特吧 – 小蕾
translated from chinese to english: exultation @ SJ-WORLD.NET
thanks to Kim for the heads up!
may take out with full credits

Jang Geun-suk to wrap up Asia tour in Korea

Hallyu star Jang Keun-suk will be wrapping up his Asia tour in Korea next month, according to his agency Tree J. Company on Thursday.

A press release from Tree J. announced that Jang will end his six-month Asia tour at the Hwaseong Tiger Dome located in Korea University in Seoul through a final fan meeting titled "2010 Jang Keun-suk Asia Tour The Last in Seoul" on September 5.

The actor had visited numerous fans in Taiwan, Beijing, Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka and Hong Kong since March.

"For six months I have received a generous amount of love from my fans all over Asia. I decided to add another date for the end of the tour because I didn't know how to say thank you to my local fans who have always been supportive of me," Jang was quoted as saying.

An official from Tree J. explained that the tickets for the event was ranked as the most-searched item once tickets went on sale. He also said they have received inquiries from fans in Japan and China to purchase tickets for the meeting in Korea.

Jang, 23, began his career in show business at the early age of five as a catalog model. He is well-known for his roles in MBC's sitcom "Nonstop 4" (2003) and "Beethoven Virus" (2008).

He became a household name all throughout Asia last year as the eccentric lead singer of the idol group A.N.JELL in the hit SBS' series ""Minamishineyo" alongside actress Park Shin-hye.

Tickets for his last fan meeting are available on Auction (www.auction.co.kr).

Reporter : Lucia Hong luciahong@
Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>

[News] Happy 4th Anniversary, Big Bang!

Exactly four years ago, YG Entertainment released a new boyband of the name Big Bang. Their song, Geojitmal, brought them to stardom the next year. Their one-of-a kind music and fashion sense have also helped them make their name across the world, not only in Korea.

GD has already released his top-selling album, Heartbreaker; T.O.P recently released a single, "Turn It Up" and filmed a movie, "Into the Fire"; Taeyang impressed us with his smooth grooves with his last singles; and maknae Seungri made us proud by passing Chang-Ang University for his college education. As for Daesung, he will be joining the cast of "What's Up!" which is a musical drama expected to be released next year. The boys also wow-ed Japan as they enter their music industry with their first Japanese album in 2009 and continued to soar the charts thereafter.

Well, speaking of their 4th anniversary, VIPs all over the world have joined to show their awesome love to the idols through Twitter by trending #bigbang4ever. As of now, it's holding the no.2 spot.

See what the boys have to say on their fourth year of existence as a group!

*SeungRi singing happy birthday song for Big Bang’s 4th Anniversary*

SR: Should we blow it together? ok. 1, 2, 3, (whoa!)

GD: Hello we’re Big Bang. It has been 4 years since our debut. Wow time seems to go by fast, but at the same time it seems slow. Um.., in the 4 years we have been with you, there were so many things. It’s kind of sad that we don’t really get to be with you, but it’s really good to see you like this, it feels strange sort of. How about you, SeungRi?

SR: Uh, really. It feels like we debuted like the day before today, but it has been 4 years. Um.., Big Bang is 4 now.. 4, right?

GD: Oh, I’m 23.

SR: Uh, keke. 23? Ok, um.., Big bang is 4 now. I think we’ve come this far because we have you guys. we are sure that you are waiting for us. In a short time, we are actually gonna see you soon, so please be expecting us. Um, Taeyang?

YB: Yeah, so.. in 4 years, we had a lot of things. For now we are abroad and doing solo stages, but we are gonna see you with some great stages, so keep on eye on us. There are so many misunderstandings and thoughts, but always just look at us and don’t try to think so many things. Just be happy with us and music, and everything of us…, yeah, thank you so much for being there always and hope you will forever. You guys trust us the same as we trust you. Just always trust us and rely on us. Thank you.

TOP: (to Taeyang) ah, you are very persuasive.. keke.

Ok, so long time no see guys. Soon we are releasing our new album so keep expecting more from us. We, ourselves, are being ready for it with half expecting & half fluttering.., yeah um, and we are taking this video for having our 4th debut anniversary.., um, soon we are gonna meet you guys with the new stages and new music always, so please keep expecting and giving your love to us.

DS: Thank you so much guys. From now on, it’s not just 4 years, there will be so much great times so always be with us. Our album is coming soon so keep expecting us not only the stages in Korea, but also in Japan. We’re expecting so much love from you.

SR: Yay (clapping) so, this candle, number 4. It’s going to be 5, 10, and 20 so please be with us always.
GD: yeh, guys! so, meet you on 5th anniversary!

SR: ah, also the upcoming Big Bang’s schedule…, those things..,

TOP: ah, not the 5th anniversary! we’re meeting you with the new album.

SR: ah, yeah. please be with us, VIPs.

GD: yep. so, Big Bang Big Bang fighting!!
GD: bye~

TOP: bye-

SR: it was so neat. no need to cut anything.

TOP: hey honey!!!!!! (shouted the part of him in digital bounce) hey honey!!!!!!

SR: Into the fire!

Translated by & Credit: HuisuYoon@21BANGS.com
Photo: szan@bigbangvip.net;; 골미남@BBVIPZ reuploaded by: xtlover15@BBVIP.net

[Pictures] Lee Junki’s Popularity Doesn’t Seem to Die Down

Hallyu star Lee Junki is currently serving in the military, but it does not seem to affect his popularity at all! While at a brief event, the actor received gifts from fans all over the world. Lee is however working hard as well – check out the photos below! He’s looking good as ever!

Source: Daum
motoway065 @soompi

[ FANTAKEN ] CNBLUE @Singapore Changi Airport 19.08.2010

Full credit to : avaricedevil@flickr & twitter
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

[INTERVIEW] Part 2: MBLAQ Yozm Star Interview

Q: You probably can't these days because of your activities, but what do you do sometimes on a free day?

G.O: I always watch a movie. Whether I'm at home or out.
CD: I visit home. Noona keeps telling me to come.
J: I try to sleep as much as possible and even go exercise!
M: Once in a while, we get a 2~3 weeks of vacation. Then I go down home and come back. But I still watch a movie and go down.

Q: Are G.O and Mir movie date-mates?

G.O: Recently, a movie team was created. The movie lovers came together to form this (G.O, Mir, Cheon Doong). So if we can't watch a movie in the theaters, we pay for the Hana TV or Mega TV channels to watch movies. Like, the new releases of this month.
M: I watch movies frequently, because it that much of a stress-reliever.
G.O: But our dorm's TV is the worst it could get. I said it earlier, but the dorm's equipments are...^^ Even So Ji Sub looks bad on our screen. The quality is so poor that I want to turn off the TV when we come out. We watch movies even under those conditions.

Q: What have you watched recently?

G.O: After deciding to watch an old movie, I watched "The Departed" recently. Actually, we give meaning to the fact that we turned it on. We don't watch and analyze or exchange comments. We just like the turn-off-lights-and-watching-a-movie atmosphere. Joon always exercises during breaks. He runs off somewhere and comes back after sweating. Even though Seungho seems like he made plans to hang out with his friends, he still asks me my plans for today and goes. 

Q: MBLAQ's most off-the-wall member is?

G.O: It's Mir. With scissors, he cuts his underwear that he was wearing, puts the rubberband part on his shoulders, cuts off the belly-button part as well, and does a performance. He does this and shows the rest of the members. 
M: [to G.O] Why are you so detailed! Since there's only us in the dorms, I want to make them have some fun. The members say they hate it, but laughs so much when they see it. G.O hyung comes next to me and starts cutting. I think we have a similar sense of humor.

Q: In the dorms, the mother-role member is?

G.O: The mother-role is our manager hyung.
M: Truthfully, we each take care of ourselves.
G.O: There is a time when suddenly, all of us are sick. Even in those times, he can just bring a all-in-one cold medicine, but the weird thing is, one has cold and fatigue, one has sore throat, and the other has a cold. Even in times like these, he brings us specific medicine and takes care of us so well.

Q: The lecture that Rain frequently nags you with?

J: Sleep after you die.
G.O: It's not nagging, but all the stuff that he says is all great stories. He leaves us with a lot of wise messages. There's many that I've never heard of in my live. But when I talked to 2PM or 2AM, I said, 'our Bi hyung says this and this a lot,' and they replied, 'Jin Young hyung say those too.' Bi hyung seems like he learned a lot from Park Jin Young sunbaenim, and is probably passing on the message, so we're very thankful. There's no nagging lectures.

Q: Then can you tell us a memorable message?

SH: This is the most memorable for me-- 'Does a right-handed person think and lift up his spoon with his right hand? When you're practicing, you have to concentrate on this and that, but on stage, leave your body to the music.' But I'm left-handed.^^

Q: The members' reactions after G.O shaves his mustache?

G.O: They all liked it. When I was monitoring myself, I thought that maybe I'm hurting the other members. I feel like I'm kind of out of place? After shaving my mustache, people around me said, 'It was your trade mark, but why did you shave it?' and were sad, but actually, it looks better shaved. I looked kind of stuffy with it. But the problem is, the hair grows very fast, so if I start out early in the morning, there are days where I have to shave in the middle of the day. 

Q: In the other members' perspectives, is shaved-G.O okay?

M: I was sad that G.O couldn't show his entire face with that mustache, but now that he shaved, it's good seeing his handsome face.
SH: Now, he seems like a friend.
G: Keke. I think these reactions are a relief. I should have shaved earlier on.

Q: Who is the member that is the most cares about his looks? And who is the most *rolly-rolly [like on the bed, because you're too lazy to get up^^] lazy-nismed member and the most diligent?

G: I think it's me. The most rolly-rolly member is Cheon Doong. Cheon Doongie is the most diligent, but also the most rolly-rolly. He lays on the bed all day, so whenever I go talk to Cheon Doongie, I feel like I'm visiting the sick. Because he just lays still.
M: Ah, he's endlessly rolly-rolly. He doesn't come out of the bed.
CD: There are those tiring days. Those days are the days that I don't even go near the practicing room. In those days, I feel like I'm going to die if I move. I sleep, wake up, sleep, wake up. 
M: G.O hyung and I are the most active, rather than diligent. We move actively in our dorms.
G.O: If I have time, I feel like it's a waste if I keep still. So even though I'm not going to watch it, I look at movie times, and even if the time is okay, I say, 'Ah, but there's probably a lot of people?' and don't watch it, and just move around.
M: Then I go for a cup of coffee, but with the weird rumor, I can't go out and I'm just living locked inside the dorm.

Q: It's been 8 months till debut~ The most memorable thing after debut? Is there also a fan that you still remember?

CD: I was an MC for Arirang TV. The first recording was private so the fans couldn't come, but starting from the second, many fans came. There were fans that came everyday without leaving out a day, and I remember them very much. Since it's a recording broadcast (non-live), when I'm sitting at the MC seat, fans talk to me, and I can reply, and so it was a great time getting to know them.
G.O: A Chinese fan sent a letter accompanied by costly gift. A cell phone. It's a price that's even too much for personal use, you know? And it was probably not easy giving that as a gift. But I felt a lot of responsibility as I was reading the letter. The fan was struggling with a severe depression, and she was actually from 'Bap Cha of Love' in a program that we appeared on in the past. In the description of the letter, there was a story of overcoming the thoughts of suicide and depression through our performance. Feelings can change from what you had started out with. When you're doing the broadcast activities, singing with honesty and sincerity becomes hard. Also, there are times when it's hard singing from your heart with the busy schedules. But from hearing that the fan gained strength from my singing, I felt that I needed to work even harder, and that I should take on more responsibilities.

Q: We hear a lot of ideal types, but what style do you hate? Especially G.O oppa!! Since you have a lot of experience~~ 

G.O: I don't like girls who do the two-faced flirting [acts one way to females, differently to males]. Since I'm really honest, I say everything that's in my head. I can't really do it towards the members, but if the girl is too flirty and don't say much, I feel like I'll get uncomfortable. I like a girl that I can open up and easily talk to.
J: I hate girls that talk with abusive language and girls that smoke.
CD: I also don't like girls that cusses, and lying girls. And I think it's unattractive, if a girl who have a lot of guys following her.

Q: If a girl is charming, isn't it natural that guys are around her?

CD: I think it all depends on what you do. There are girls like that.
SH: I don't like girls that are taller than me. I get in a bad mood if the girl's eyes are where my eyes are when we're talking. I understand if you're taller with high-heels, but I don't like it if a girl is born that way. I am the smallest out of all the members.

Q: What is 'Cloud' to MBLAQ? (The fans of Rain! The fans that helped a lot during MBLAQ's debut~ hehe)

CD: Mom.
M: They embraced us a lot.
G.O: They even helped us out when we were on the #1 list, and worrying about the number of votes. Our fans are always supportive, but the Clouds are always affectionate and supportive, so we're thankful. I always feel like they got our back. We want to show just the doing-well part of us to our fans, but Clouds give a lot of support, just for being Bi hyung's kids.

Q: Say a few words to A+.

M: I have nothing else to say except thank you. They are helping us to get to the top. They are probably having troubles right now. I'm just thankful.
G.O: The fans unite very well. They try so hard to rank the sound source streaming high, and we always receive. I hope that there's a chance to express our thankfulness. I sincerely do.

Q: Who suffers from '**prince disease' the most in MBLAQ? [**a person has this if they think that they're the most handsome, mirror-loving, cares too much his about looks; for females, it's 'princess disease']

M: Joonie hyung.
SH: Now, it's obvious that we should take care of our looks. But in our pre-debut days, we wore just trainers Monday through Sunday, but Joonie changes clothes in the middle of practice at the dorm and looks in the mirror to fix his hair occasionally during practice.
There's five guys, so I don't know why he fixes his hair. The dance choreographer and other trainees are all males, so I kept wondering why he care about his looks so much.

Q: What do you think G.O? Do you think it's Joon?

G.O: No, I think it's me? I cast a spell on myself frequently. I always look in the mirror with a optimistic attitude and talk to myself. I talk to myself to the point where I might look like a crazy person to someone, but I talk to myself that much to cast a spell confidently. 

Q: Girl group that MBLAQ likes is?

G.O: I like everyone!
M: T-Ara, SNSD, Kara, Secret, Wonder Girls-- I really like all!

Q: Have you talked to them?
G.O: I still talk to friends that I've met [when I was in a different group] in 2007.
M: I don't have any. I have a lot of guy 91er friends, but none from a girl group.
CD: I don't have any close friends. Whether it's a girl group, or guy friends, because I can't talk first because of my shy personality.

Q: What about noona's group?

CD: I greeted them just once. Sometime ago, 2NE1 performed "Fire" and "I Don't Care" for a special episode of Music Bank. I saw them once then, and said hi, but our schedules never overlapped, so there wasn't much chance to see each other. If I call noona in front of her waiting room, we talk together in front of the room. 

Q: If you weren't a singer, what will you be doing right now?
M: I'd be going to schoold and playing around with my friends. There's a promise I made to my high school friends. The promise was after graduating high school, we were going to go to college and travel a lot, and when we're even older, combining our farm and field so that we can farm together. Since our town is small, I have a lot of friends-for-almost-10-years friends, because we went to the same kindergarden, attend the same school, same class. My friends hang out with themselves, having fun without me. I want to hang out too, and I'm jealous, but my friends are really proud of me now, and I'm thankful.
SH: I think that I'd probably be a programmer with an engineering major. In their daily life, my friends have different hobbies, like looking at clothes, dancing, and cars, but I am only interested in electronics.
I have found solutions to things that A/S [after service] centers or internet could not answer to. 

Q: The hardest thing from preparing this album "Y?"
SH: Getting together from each of our individual schedule was hard. Previously, the five of us always practiced together, but this time, the practice was shorter and it was difficult, in that we had to finish practicing within that short time.
G.O: We participated in the song choice and album recording. We tried hard to show our development as artists. When artist receive songs from composers, most say 'it's okay' and add it to their album, but the five of us put our heart and soul to make this album.
We can confidently show our album to you guys, because we worked so hard on the recording and the mastering process.

Q: MBLAQ members are all blood type A, but who do you think is the most cautious/sensitive member? [Although never proven definitely by science, lots of Korean & Japanese people think that personality and blood type have some 
kind of correlation. It's a common knowledge in Korea that blood type A people are very cautious.]

CD: (pointing at Lee Joon)
G.O: All the members are all considerate so we choose our words carefully. But Joon is a bit more careful. So he expresses his sadness, saying, 'I didn't say that because I thought it would be hurtful,' if he is hurt by someone's words. Other than that, it's similar.

※Translator Commentary: 
( ) are part of the original interview.
[ ] are my personal explanations.
The questions were submitted by fans, so they might not be in a formal format. 


[INTERVIEW] Part 1: MBLAQ Yozm Star Interview

Q. If you were to have a concert, what is a performance you'd want to do?

Thunder: I want to do Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean'. Wearing that outfit, I want to have a stand microphone and recreate it perfectly. With a live band.
Mir: When you do a concert at a place like a stadium, only the people in the front can see the stage; the fans in the back can't. So I thought, I want to do a performance that everyone in the stadium can see.
Mir: You might think I'm copying, but I saw that in other artists' performances, they were singing while running across the stadium. It might not be a performance, but I want to give enjoyment to the fans.
Lee Joon: I want to show modern dance, because people seem to have a prejudice towards it. I take off my clothes a lot on stage, so people think that I like to take off my clothes in public a lot, but in dance performances, there are times when performers don't even wear underwear.
Lee Joon: I want to make the arts area of culture known. I want to show modern dance in a modern way.
G.O: I want to have a stage in the middle, and for all the fans to surround it, so that it will be a performance in which we can all communicate together.
Seungho: I want to perform at a place with no ceiling. So that we can jump off from a plane? I want to show that sort of event, and also show magic tricks.

Q. Which member of MBLAQ has the most close celebrity friends?

G.O: I debuted first in 2007, so I have friends that I knew from then. After I debuted as MBLAQ, I greeted them and even introduced them to the members.
G.O: Because I debuted around the same time as the Wonder Girls, I did a lot of radio shows with them. But to be honest, I didn't have a lot of close celebrity friends then. When I debuted as MBLAQ, I met a lot of celebrities because of Rain hyung. I'm close with BEAST because we debuted around the same time.
G.O: Just a while ago, I was going to go see a movie with the BEAST members, but our times clashed, so I couldn't.
Lee Joon: For me, Park KyungLim nuna, Shin BongSun nuna, and Jung JooRi nuna. There are a lot of people who ask me why I don't know idols, but why not! I'm comfortable with these nunas.
Lee Joon: Oh, and I'm also close with C.N. Blue because we knew each other before debut. We get together to eat and go clubbing. I'm close with SHINee's JongHyun too.
G.O: Honestly, we're all closest with our members. We build a close friendship in the dorm. 
Seungho: Keu heu heu. I'm living in a windowless prison! We only get together by ourselves.
G.O: When I just have coffee outside, rumors get created that say that I drank coffee with a girl. Our dorm is close to Apgujeong Rodeo, so I went to go drink coffee with Mir. Just because of the fact that there were women in our surroundings, I was caught up in an unbelievable rumor that I drank coffee with women.
G.O: I didn't even get to talk to any of them. Heuk. I'm really sad.

Q. MBLAQ, who is the epitome of chic, turns into gag-dols on Starry Night and variety programs! What are your thoughts on this?

Lee Joon: In the case of Starry Night, I think it's a program we do to clear our image and play. To us, it's a very comfortable program. I don't know how this will sound, but we do the broadcasts with the feeling that we're just playing. On variety shows, I work hard to show an undecorated, natural image.
(In a previous interview, Rain said that he wants MBLAQ to become a group like g.o.d.)
SeungHo: Yeah, I like reaching out to the masses comfortably. However, I would like us to maintain a bit of mysteriousness. It won't be too late for us to completely get rid of the mysteriousness after some time has passed. That definitely doesn't mean that we'll be withdrawn though. ^^
Seungho: I want to become a singer who people want to see on stage when we're off stage, and a singer that people want to get closer to when we're on stage. 
Mir: I think that Seungho hyung and I have been let loose a lot. We each have some belly fat. ^^
Lee Joon: It's comfortable and I like it. Nowadays, the one-pack is the big thing. That's why I haven't been taking care of what I eat lately. I don't exercise that much anymore. I will go back to a one-pack one day! A one-pack with a scarcity value!

Q. Tell us a scary or flustering episode you had while promoting~^^

Lee Joon: I really have a lot. Because of this, I was seriously stressed and felt really sorry to the members for a long time. It's the live radio incident.
Everyone: Puhahaha!!!! (as soon as the word 'radio' came out, everyone began cracking up)
Lee Joon: I'm being really sincere. With the thought that MBLAQ should be accepted for vocals, I prepared a lot. At a really important part, my voice cracked really badly. It was a live broadcast, and my voice cracked twice. When you type in the name of the song on the Internet, there's so many files that come up.
Lee Joon: I will confess truthfully. It was 4men's 'Confession'. It wasn't even a high note, but my voice cracked because I was trying to enjoy myself and not be nervous while singing. I was really sorry to the members, because thanks to me, the song that we had prepared for was ruined.
Mir: But in that situation, I was making fun of him.
Lee Joon: Yeah, everyone else was worried about me, but Mir made fun of me. Even when we went to go perform at places, Mir joked, "Joonie hyung, I hope your voice cracks at this part!". And made my feelings sad~.
Everyone: Puhahahaha!
Lee Joon: Thankfully, my voice hasn't cracked since the release of our second album. I think it's because I practiced a lot.
Seungho: For me..I have a episode that not a lot of male singers might have experienced. During our last album at a concert, we were in the middle of singing 'Oh Yeah', and before Thunder began his rap, I felt my zipper slowly going down. I was wearing gloves.
Seungho: I was going to turn around and pull up the zipper during the rest time, but as soon as Thunder's rap ended, it was my part, so there was no time to try. So I just performed with it open! Thankfully, I saw a picture taken, and you couldn't tell. I think it was because my underwear was black.
Lee Joon: I have another sad episode. I didn't know that I had the H1N1 virus. I just thought that I was really sick and went on stage and couldn't see anything in front of me. I didn't know what I was doing. I fainted on that stage. When I went to the hospital, they said it was the H1N1 virus.
Mir: I think that was the concert in which Seungho hyung's zipper opened.
Lee Joon: A lot of episodes happened on that stage.
Mir: On our debut day (last year 10/15), I learned for the first time that they do pre-recordings. Our last performance went on air, but I was so tired that I didn't rap at the end. At our debut stage. After that, though, I did it all!
Seungho: At our first stage, I think I wasn't as nervous because we had the experience of performing at Rain hyung's concert, but it was really hard. There was a camera following us even after the performance. 

Q. I'm a Chinese fan..do you have any plans to promote in China?

G.O: Honestly, if we could, we want to go to a lot of countries. We can't do it by greed though. We want to be accepted in Korea first, so that we can also be loved overseas. The first thing we need to do is get first place, so that we can freely try different kinds of music.
G.O: I think that we should think about overseas activities after that.

Q. Rain once said that if he got first place, he would dance while holding fish in his hands. Does MBLAQ have anything similar? If we get first place, we will ~~~! I want to hear something~ kek (something possible~ not impossible~ kek)

Thunder: I will sing live while doing hand popping.
Seungho: All five of us will do nikes.
Mir: I will sing live while being piggybacked on Seungho hyung's back.
Lee Joon: I will hold fish and dance instead of Jihoon hyung.
Seungho: I wonder if we'll have time to do that?
Mir: To be honest, I think we'll just say thank you and end it..
Thunder: But I think mine is too hard, so I want to change it. What should I do?
Seungho: Do a windmill with me.

Q. A wish that you want to come true this year?

Seungho: I want to win DaeSang.
Mir: I don't wish as big as a house, but I want to buy my dad a new car. His car's a bit old. There's a new car series that came out, so I want to change it for him. Originally, I wanted to get them a new house first, but honestly I think it'll be a bit hard for this year. I said I would build them a three-story house, but it looks like that'll have to be pushed back a little.
Lee Joon: First place is important, but I want to show everyone a me that is improving more and more. The members were really sick during first album, so we couldn't promote a lot. I want to show our fans a healthy image of us.
Thunder: I want to put a song I made into our album.
G.O: That can't be called a wish, because Thunder's skills have been approved by Jihoon hyung, so I think that his wish is one that can be fulfilled.
G.O: And my wish is Korean unification. When the current state of affairs is unstable, it's hard to sing. The Cheonan sinking was sad, and it's hard these days because there's so much talk of war. It's important for us to get first place and win DaeSang, but I want to sing in a stable environment.
G.O: Because when the masses turn on the TV, it's anxious these days. In the back of my mind, there's always the anxiety that there might be a war erupting any moment. I want to sing after the Koreas unify. 

Q. How was the first meeting between the members? Who is the most sociable?

Thunder: G.O hyung had a lot of hair on the day we first met. On that day, his hair was particularly bushy, so I can't erase that impression on my mind.
Thunder: And this person (gestures to Lee Joon) had a really nice body. And his personality was so unique that I thought, "Why is this person like this?". I couldn't tell what kind of person he was..that kind of personality.

Q. What chore are you in charge of at the dorm? ke ke ke

Lee Joon: I'm in charge of making the dorm messy! The ahjumma cleans it all, and I feel sorry to her, but my mind feels strange when the room is clean. That's why when the ahjumma leaves after organizing everything, I sloppily take the clothes off the hangers. I must not like things to be uniform. I can't get used to it.
(What about cooking and things like that?)
G.O: Our house is not an environment to cook in. We don't have a gas range, and we use the refrigerator as a freezer.^^ The water purifier and the microwave are in charge of us. We don't cook.
G.O: We're rookies, so it's kind of a given, but the state of our dorm isn't very good. But we're going to move into a nice place soon.^^

Q. What is the best compliment you've each heard from Rain?

Seungho: The compliment that all the members did well, we heard when we finished our come back stage for 'Y' at Inkigayo. "If you guys keep doing it like this, then from now on, hyung won't need to pay attention". He said that, and somehow, it made me more anxious.
Seungho: When we finished the performance, we felt like we didn't do as well as we could've, so we had the thought that we should do better on next week's stage. When Jihoon hyung complimented us, it made us more anxious.
(We didn't hear an answer on individual compliments. Sorry to the person who asked!)

Q. What do you usually do on the computer?

G.O: I monitor and read the main articles. We stop at web surfing, but Seungho has a lot of interest in electronics, so he looks for news on new electronics and information on how to update the ones he has now.
(Is there anyone who likes gaming?)
Mir: We try not to game. We're bloodtype A, so we know that if we fall in once we'll never come back out, so we just don't try.
Thunder: For me, ever since our debut day, I wanted to play games, so I tried to install it several times but couldn't figure out how, so I still haven't.
Mir: Unexpectedly, he's not good with computers.
(You could ask Seungho to help.)
Thunder: I was too lazy to go to that room to ask for help.
G.O: When Thunder asks, "Hyung, how do you do this?", he's like a baby, so I always want to help him. So when I teach him and ask if he needs anything else and that I'll tell him, he says, "No. This is fine". And it ends like that.
G.O: Thunder has a tendency to act tiresome when the answer to the question he asked goes overboard. ^^

Q. You guys live together in a dorm. Are there any incidents that were funny or surprising? Tell us ^^

Thunder: I was watching a horror movie with Seungho hyung. I can only watch scary movies when I'm covered in blankets and holding a pillow with the lights off. With Seungho hyung next to me, I looked at him as I said, "Hyung! This is good!" at the climax part, and he was sleeping. He slept like that until morning.
Seungho: I like horror and thriller movies. If a movie is fun to watch, I sleep. The moment I focus on the movie, I fall asleep. I don't sleep at the theaters, but at home I always fall asleep. That's why I usually watch movies in parts.
Lee Joon: At the dorm, we don't really participate in others' businesses, because at the dorm, we want to rest.
Mir: After coming home, Joonie hyung comes out after about two hours on the computer. He stays in the dorm so quietly that you don't even know he's there. Joonie hyung is the type of person who lazes around and does nothing at home for long periods of time.

Q. The choreography for 'Y' is really powerful, and I saw that you guys pulled off the live well while doing the powerful dance. I was surprised because your live skills improved compared to the first album. Did you have a special practice method?

Lee Joon: There wasn't a method. We just practiced a lot.
Seungho: I think we put focus on the choreography and performance for 'Oh Yeah'. I can say this now, but when it was too hard to sing while dancing, I used to slightly not sing. We used to practice the singing and dancing separately as well. But when we stood on stage like that, it was really hard.
Seungho: I got the thought that even if we don't dance as powerfully, we should pay more attention to singing on stage. So we practiced singing while dancing.
(How is the choreography different when comparing 'Oh Yeah' with 'Y'?)
Lee Joon: 'Oh Yeah' had a lot of technical moves. It's a dance that anyone can do with practice. 'Y' is a dance that anyone can follow, but it's hard to follow really well. I think that's the difference.
(Do the members themselves feel that their live singing has improved?)
Thunder: (nods his head)
Seungho: I had a really hard time during practice and recording because I tried a voice that I had never done before. In the last album, I didn't have a lot of vocal parts, so there wasn't a burden. In this album, each member's parts are noticeable and I had a lot of vocal parts, so it felt burdensome. I'm just thankful that everyone sees us kindly.
Lee Joon: More than any other practice, I think the best and most effective way is to practice the choreography while singing live. What's fascinating is that at first, I couldn't even get a sound out, but as we practiced more, I found a breathing technique that worked with the choreography, and got used to it. I can now sing while doing a powerful dance.

Q. A while ago, the members of 2PM went on radio and picked MBLAQ as an idol group they want to get closer to. But Lee Joon and G.O are MCing for a music program with 2PM's Nichkhun, Junho, and Chansung. Are you guys still awkward?

G.O: We've only met while working and haven't met them outside personally yet. Interestingly, Rain hyung doesn't take us out anywhere. 2PM and 2AM hang out together, but he doesn't ever take us anywhere.
G.O: A while ago, I was supposed to go bowling with those friends, but someone called me and said, "Rain hyung said he was going too, do you want to go?". Then it makes it hard for us to go, because Rain hyung wasn't the one who first asked us to go hang out with him. 
G.O: So I don't think I've ever specially met with the 2PM members. Those friends' schedules are really busy. I want to get closer to them but I'm sad because there's not an easy chance to.
Mir: Park JinYoung sunbaenim told Jihoon hyung that he wanted to see MBLAQ, but Jihoon hyung told him that we had to practice and wouldn't let him. I think that Jihoon hyung feels a definite education method for us, his 'students'. All of the company singers are comfortable colleagues.

TRANSLATION: ilovepocky@AbsoluteMBLAQ

[NEWS] Jessica & Krystal Ranked #1 Siblings Us on Facebook!

According to I Bite’s Magazine ‘Freaky Chart’ Aug 1 – 15 Issue with the topic Gorgeously Marvelous Siblings in the Perfect Family, Jessica and Krystal are ranked as the #1 siblings.

There are many siblings in Korean entertainment nowadays together making profits and being famous. Some of the siblings look very close together and you could see them together everywhere but some of them work so separately that if they didn’t state that they are siblings, you would never know. Now Let’s see the hottest siblings in our chart:

1. Jessica (SNSD) and Krystal F(x)
2. Sandara (2NE1) and Thunder (Mblaq)
3. Xiah Junsu (TVXQ) and Zuno (Junho)
4. Hyungjoon (SS501) and Kibum (U-Kiss)
5. Mir (Mblaq) and Ko Eun-a

Source :aesooki@snsd-central
Shared By : churigeuk@iheartfx.com

[News] 'Beatles' Code' CNBLUE meets Baek Doo San

user posted image

Baek Doo San and CNBLUE appeared as guests on the first episode of Mnet 'Beatles' Code,' hosted by Yoon Jongshin and Yoo Saeyoon, and showed off an amazing duet. 

Despite 20 years in age difference, Baek Doo San and CNBLUE delightfully attended pre-taping thanks to one thing they had in common: 'music.' 

It's been said that their collaboration stage, which cannot be seen anywhere else, was not only special but also emotional. CNBLUE sang 'Let's go Crazy' and 'Don't speak informally to me (Banmalma)' with Korea's rock legend Baek Doo San. 

Baek Doo San's Yoo Hyunsang said "I've always really liked CNBLUE. It was an exciting time for me to stand on stage and talk about music with young fellows."

Meanwhile, Yoon Jongshin and Yoon Saeyoon, who hosted the show for the first time, emphasized their awesome team work. While Yoon Jongshin held the show focused as music talk show based on his rich musical knowledge, Yoon Saeyoon added fun with his flashing ideas and creativity. 

Mnet 'Beatles' Code' premieres on Thursday, August 12th at midnight.


BnT News + 1takeKK @ cnblue-sky.net

[Info] Vocals Ranking (within SJ)

Δ This was not from fan votes; the ranking below was determined by SMent staff. (No Hangeng.)
1. Kim Jongwoon (Yesung)
2. Kim Ryeowook
3. Cho Kyuhyun
4. Lee Sungmin
5. Lee Donghae
6. Kim Youngwoon (Kangin)
7. Park Jungsoo (Leeteuk)
8. Choi Siwon
9. Kim Heechul
10. Kim Kibum
11. Lee Hyukjae (Eunhyuk)
12. Shin Donghee (Shindong)
Cr: SJ Baidu
Trans by stalker93@ sapphirepearls.com


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