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Sunday, May 30, 2010

!{INTERVIEW} Girl Group f(x) – Mention of Heechul and Siwon

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10: I heard that Sulli is the funny one?

Sulli: Me? (laugh) I kind of am. I’m not good at making others laugh when I’m asked to but I’m kind of funny when I’m with my group.
Luna: In a weird way too. For example, when she’s drinking water, she’ll make a joke about the water. And she doesn’t mean to be funny, she just says it, but we laugh because it sounds funny. I don’t know how to explain it… She’s the type who just talks in a funny way.
Sulli: I’m… a bit.. slow. My actions and words, hm… how do I say it?
Luna: She’s a bit of a slow thinker too. (laugh)
Sulli: I don’t like complicated things so I just blurt out what I think but people find it funny.

10: So that’s why Heechul [of Super Junior] said he’d make you into a variety show character. (laugh)

Sulli: (laugh) Heechul. But he never really tells me how I should act on variety shows. (laugh) He just roots for me and tells me on radio shows. (laugh)

10: I saw that Heechul put his sunglasses on you on “Music Bank” last week. And you went on their encore stage too.

Sulli: First of all, I really wanted his sunglasses. I would like to wear sunglasses too but it’s unlikely to happen because I’m in a female idol group. (laugh) So I stood next to him and told him I want to try it on, and that’s why he gave them to me. That moment I pretended to have become possessed with him and imitated him. (laugh)
——————irrelevant parts omitted——————

10: Well you have that charm about you but you also shot a spread for wedding dresses, right? I was reminded that you are someone who can pull off such photos. (laugh)

Victoria: It was great. I think it suits me the best. In terms of the age too. (laugh) It’s something that all women wear when they get married. So it felt really nice wearing one.
Sulli: I wore one once too. (laugh) It really felt like I was getting married. The concept was that I would be marrying Siwon [of Super Junior] and he said, “You should feel honored that the first guy you get to marry is me. (laugh) But it felt so good because it really felt like I was getting married. And I became curious whether I would feel like this when I actually do get married.
——————irrelevant parts omitted——————
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