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Saturday, March 20, 2010

!The 17 Things We’ve Learned About Big Bang – March Cosmopolitan [MAG]

#1. Noone has the power to destroy tough situations, so just try to enjoy it. The day we filmed the BSX CF, it got as cold as minus 15 degrees celcius. It was so cold that it was difficult to even move naturally, but even this I tried to enjoy. The members were all together for the first time in ages, as each of them have been busy with individual activities. This alone was enough to make the situation enjoyable. It’s possible to find fun no matter how unfavourable the circumstances. As long as you try.

#2. You doesn’t have to try to be sexy. Nothing is more attractive than your natural self, the way you are.

#3. Meet a lot of people, and learn from a lot of people. One of these people, or maybe even all of them will become your role model. Then some day, you’ll become someone else’s role model too.

The rest of the boys under the cut.

#4. When there’s a tough situation, practise running a simulation through your mind. The concept of this CF was , which had a lot of dance moves so I played a bunch of grooves in my mind before applying them during filming. The dynamic moves that came out of this CF were thanks to those mental simulations.

#5. Listen to some music. Unfamiliar music at times too. When you can’t think of something, it will give you a brainwave.

#6. The thing that makes guys sexy is passion. Concentrate on what you’re doing. No matter what that may be, there is nothing sexier than the passion you show in the moments you’re concentrating and focusing on something.

#7. The reason I can show a wide range of expressions in photos for the media, whether it be a CF or a photoshoot, is not practise. The process of completing a still photo is keeping in step. Keeping in step with the photographer, even with all the digital equipment in between us. Concentrating on what the photographer wants and how I can make this situation enjoyable for me, that’s the secret.

#8. ‘Challenge’ is the keyword to styling. The prejudice that this is too daring for me, and the fear that it won’t suit me at all are the worst enemies of styling. Try on as much as possible and give it a go. Don’t forget that the more you try, the more likely you’ll find your own style.

#9. Don’t analysewhat brands and styles other people wear. Rather than that, analyse yourself. Figure out what it is that you really like. Analyse what suits you the best.

#10. It is pointless to choose a rival in style. Style is every person’s personality and individuality.

#11. Find the fun. During this filming, we tried doing graffiti and it wasn’t awkward at all. It was really fun and enjoyable. Appearing on variety shows, challenging myself to try different genres of music, they’re all part of my process of finding ‘fun’.

#12. Boldness may just well be the key to turn your life around. I want to say that the most bold thing I’ve ever done up to now is deciding to become a YG trainee. I made a bold decision against my parents’ wishes. And I became Big Bang.

#13. Imagine your future. 10 years from now, 20 years from now. It may seem like the far future but the present is just one part of your life. The awesome future you create for yourself is likely to come true. Since you’ll work that much harder for it. I see myself with my fellow Big Bang members in 10 years time.

#14. G-Dragon often teases me that I’ve been brought up like a prince. This is just one way I express my confidence. Confidence is always my very own weapon.

#15. Don’t be afraid of being tackled. I’m not afraid of antis. I think they will drive me to help m develop and mature more. Even in the same situation, the results will differ depending on the way you see it and the attitude you decide to take towards it.

#16. Various experiences will always be the solution to help you grow as a person.

#17. Don’t believe in success. Rather than that, believe in the amount of your effort and passion. If you try hard enough that you won’t regret it later, success will just come along as an result of that.

Trans Credits: sjay.x @ BBVIP

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