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Saturday, March 6, 2010

!2PM boycott gives advertisers a headache

After fans found out Jaebeom would not be returning to 2PM, many fans decided to take action by boycotting against the 6-member group… again. This time, they are refusing to buy their music, the products they endorse, and to support them as a fan.
A “H” initial beverage company that was endorsed by 2PM wrote on their website the other day, “Our contract with 2PM ended on January 31st of 2010. We are thankful for your opinions. Because the contract ended on January 31st, their last promotion activity was the February 6th fanmeeting. Also, we have no desire to renew the contract.”

Many fans are saying that the controversy over Jaebeom was the cause of this effect. But an associate said, “After the February 6th event, many fans still thought we had a contract with 2PM. We wanted to clear up the confusion.”
He continued, “The fans that still thought we had a contract with 2PM kept calling and emailing us about their boycott. It was too much for us to handle. We needed to do something about it. We didn’t end the contract because of the fans’ boycott.”
The company is basically saying that they wanted to notify fans because those who were boycotting still thought 2PM was endorsing the product. This meant, the sales in the product would have dropped because of the boycotters who were confused about 2PM’s endorsement deal with the company and would restrain from buying the beverages. The company itself was trying to clear up the confusion just to make sure their sales wouldn’t drop.

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