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Thursday, March 4, 2010

!2PM Conference "Face Off" At the intersection of anger and absurd"!

2PM Conference "Face Off" Parody Appeared "At the intersection of anger and absurd"

2PM fans have not drawn back their anger at Jaebum's withdrawl.

2PM Fan's, this last February 27th, with JYP Entertainment and 5 member 2PM (except Jaebum) had a conference. After Jaebum's expulsion news, conference the fan representatives had a flood of fierce opposing views.

Fans now are now slandering the remaining members and even revealing their private lives like antis.

The reaction after 2PM's conference is connected to a scene from the recent movie "Face Off" and the video clip has garnered a lot of attention. Fans on the internet have said that John Travolta's and Nicholas Cage's anger and absurd feelings is how they feel.

In addition, dozens of current fansites were closed. For some fans, 2PM's official fan cafe, "HOTTEST" are withdrawing, and joining "Antist" cafe claiming "2PM is not 6 members but 7 members."

Meanwhile, the angry fans received a letter on March 1st from Jaebum's mother announcing her position.

On March 1st, one of 2PM's largest fansites "Underground" via their website stating that his mother wrote, "Jaebum's Mother's words "Please tell all fans 'thank you'. Please tell them to often check up on him and keep interest in him. Through out all these rumors Jaebum could have been despaired but seeing him strong gave me more hope than despaire. Thank you to all the fans. You have worked very, very hard."

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