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Friday, March 12, 2010

! Kim Heechul ''My beauty makes others melts and feeling sorry/pity for me''

Compilation of 'baby Heechul' photos taken from the magazine.

Title : Handsome Men From Mars - Heechul's Diary 

★Since I was a kid, I am from Mars/Mars guy
I was born in the city of Hoengseong, Gangwon-do which is my grandparents' place. After that, I moved to Seoul with my parents while my sister stayed. I only lived with her/stay together when i was 5 years old. I was small, so i don't have any vivid memories of back then. But i do remember that we continuously moved to new places which as a result, i make less/don't have friends. I spend my time playing alone/on my own.

★ I was a good little boy~!
My mother always said that i was a good boy because i never asked anything from them or cried easily. But if there were things that my parents promise will do to/for me and in the end it was never happened, I’ll throw tantrums, jumping/running around the house. My mother always bought me robots and dolls for my toys but I don't like it! I always asked her, “What are my toys if I don't like those 2 things?" Instead my mother replied with, “There is nothing that you actually like so I don't know what to buy for you because you will end up playing with it although you don't like it. If I don't buy you things, you will complain saying that I don't buy you stuffs." As for cartoons, I like to watch anything that was popular during that time, I don't have specific cartoon that I like. There's nothing special with it.

★ My beauty makes others melts and feeling sorry/pity for me
Since i was small, i already have 'pretty little girl' image to others point of view. I still remembered when i went to the clothes/shoes department, the sales-person will show me apparels and shoes for girls. There were even cases where they knew that i was a boy but kept on saying that i was pretty and cute! Whenever they did that, i'll have the expression of sour-face because i was never happy with that statement. But there was once my parents locked me outside of the house due to never-ending of crying. I banged, kicked, screamed at the door pleading them to let me in. At the same time, my neighbour was passing-by my house thus i turned my head looking at her with my big-black eyes. That lady smiled and persuades my mum to let me in saying, “This cute and polite boy could have never made a big mistake". Ha Ha!

★ I was forgotten by others!
Other than being lonely, i was always been forgotten by others. There was one i played "Hide & Seek" with my friends, but because of i was too quiet back then, i can hide myself splendidly. Time passed by but still no one founds me yet until i learned that all of my friends forgot about my existence and went to their respective homes. Therefore, on the next day, when it was my turn, i pretended to look for them at first but then i went home (payback). Now thinking back, i still feel overjoyed doing it ^^ but yeah it was a sad time back then because i was not a popular kid and i even got a nickname - 'weird kid'. Even the teachers felt that way too. All i could do was just smiled…

★ I was a cool boy!
When I was a kid, other than with my parents, I rarely being spoilt/show my affection to others. Even if I fell down and got hurt, I won’t cry or making a big deal about it. Instead I keep it to myself and went home. My mother said I was cool and I can control myself. I’ll cry quietly, and quickly got back on my feet when I have lift all of it off my shoulder. He he~ but I absolutely won’t cry if there was someone else there! My mother said, I rarely share my problem with others. Yes~ back when I was in nursery school, I’ll solve all of my problems perfectly without the help from others! I won’t let others but only me, fully responsible for it. When it comes to helping others, I won’t! Maybe that’s why I hated it if someone trying to help me!

★I was not easy to be bullied!
The fact that I don’t have lots of friends also includes the girls, even not liking me! I was once got hit by a girl who is older than me until it becomes a hot topic among others. I didn’t laugh or cry, I just went straight home. On the next day she bullied me again and this time she wants to steal away my meal. I couldn’t take it any longer thus I said, “Is being strong so great? Fine! Take my meal and eat it until u turn into a monster/pig! So do you want to hit me again?” As I thought what would have happened, her face turned red and stood still.

Yes, the girl who might be reading this now, I admit that my words were harsh, but you have to understand that I was still a kid back then! He He~ Okay back to the story! When I saw her turning red I added, “What a sad face, beat it! Go and play with other monster/pig! Could you please stop walking like you were stomping? It is so noisy! Even the ground shaken…” Right at that moment, she started to cry, howling on the ground!
All the other girls pointed their fingers at me, but I just don’t care and walk out of the class! When I came back, my meal was still untouched, so I said to that girl again, “Em? You still haven’t eaten it yet? I’ll leave it here so that you can eat it later.” She started to cry again and once again I was scolded by the other girls. But ever since that day, no one even dare to bully me again! I don’t get to know new friends? It’s okay because I actually don’t have lots of friends!

★I just don’t understand adults
There were rumors/words among the adults/relatives saying that I hated girls. Maybe because of I never held their hands or I was always alone. Even when my friend was sad or crying, I just let her be, doesn’t even care about it. I was just so quiet, minding my own business so people thought that I hated girls. Although I’m different/weird, but I never lay a finger on them. Maybe that’s why I was an unpopular kid! Em… yeah, I never skipped school although I was sick. There was once I went to school when I was ill. I sat at my place quietly while a boy right next to me keeps on being noisy. As a result, he was punished by the teacher… including me! Her reason was I didn’t scold/tell the boy to be quiet. I just don’t get it on why I have to do that? I keep on debating with my teacher until I said,”Fussy…” In the end I was scolded and I still remember it till today!

★My quiet school life
My academic results were good, I always got perfect score when I was in 1st grade and I was the only student in my school that got 100 marks. My teachers and my parents were so proud but... I don’t have any friends? I really cannot remembered any of my friends back then, the only thing I remembered is that I used to play with a big brother next door! During that time, Top
* was very popular and everyone played it in groups. But because of i don't like to ask/invite others, I played on my own in front of my house. After I practiced it for the whole day, I became a pro but quickly I got bored and went home just like that. There was once my father bought me a football/soccer-ball and I played it all by myself and in the end I went home, alone.

★Tae Kwan Do and I!
The truth is, I took a Tae Kwan Do class before I went to nursery school, but I don’t understand the real principles of Tae Kwan Do! I still remembered that my parents used to stand behind my back to see me practiced. They even couldn’t stop giving comments saying that my moves are slower than others and I have to keep up the pace. But to other parents, they thought that my mistakes were all very cute.

I think my mother was embarrassed during that time, Ha Ha! I hated fighting, to be exact I don’t understand on why I have to fight. For me, fighting is when two kids quarreled about something that they don’t like. There was once, I really hit my opponent BADLY thus my coach scolded me! I thought, if we were fighting, why I can’t hit him (really hit him)? In the end I stopped taking Tae Kwan Do classes when I started schooling!
* - In my country we called it 'Gasing'. I think in English it is called 'Top'.

Credit & Source: EPOP Magazine 06 March 2010 Malay Edition
Translation: syimato at SJ-World.net
Take out only with credit

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