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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

![NEWS] Debuting in April girl group SISTAR, 2NE1 imitation?

Standing up as ‘Edge-Dol’ (t/n: edgy idol), SISTAR has become a controversial topic due to their immense similarity to 2NE1.
SISTAR is a four-member new girl group debuting in April, rumored for both their vocal qualities and dancing skills.
According to their company Starship Entertainment, “SISTAR is a girl group with both the skills and style to create a new cultural code with their popping music, dance moves, fashion sense and more and will rise up as a style icon for the 10s and 20s youth.”

SISTAR made their existence known through a fashion magazine photoshoot on March 19. But they have been criticized for having an all too similar concept as 2NE1 at the time of their debut.
DCInside 2NE1 gallery says ‘SISTAR this is a bit too much’ and puts up a comparison image. Their statement points out that the funnel Gong Minji is holding is the same as the one the SISTAR member is holding.
However, having the same items in a photoshoot is something that can happen. What was more surprising was that the name 2NE1 went by before their official debut was also ‘SISTA’. As evidence of that, there are articles that have been posted up in March of 2009 just before 2NE1 was debuting, when they were just known as ‘Female Big Bang, group name is SISTA.’
Because of this, Netizens’ curiosity on the relation between SISTAR and 2NE1 is being amplified.
(Photo credits: (top)Starship Entertainment, YG Entertainment, (bottom) DCInside 2NE1 Gallery)

Source: BTN News
Translations by orangie@ygsecret21.com

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