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Friday, March 26, 2010

![NEWS] MBLAQ Thunder, “I’m happy I can date my girlfriend”

Singer 2NE1’s Sandara Park’s younger brother boy group MBLAQ’s ‘pretty boy Cheondoong’ was the main character for the Pink light Scandal.
Cheondoong has gathered a lot of interest through ‘Mnet Scandal’ with photos of him dating his regular girlfriend.
On today’s Mnet Scandal airing at 11pm, Cheondoong brought his girlfriend to MBLAQ’s practice room so that she can greet the members. Upon the entrance of Cheondoong’s girlfriend that is usually quiet was surprised at the member’s ‘Wow’ and other outbursts.
Member Lee Joon has said “The calm cat has gone up the kitchen range first…” and could not link his words. The other members asked various questions such as, who proposed first, and is it okay for an idol to have a girlfriend.

When Chendoong answered “we met when I lost my phone,” the other members made the couple embarrassed by saying things like “If Juri noona had your phone would you date her?”
Seeing the two bravely hold hands, the members fainted to the floor. But they right away played the wedding march song and while playing around they congratulated the two’s meeting.
However because Cheondoong had to practice for MBLAQ’s second album he was very sorry that he could not spend much time with his girlfriend.
On the other hand, Cheondoong said “When I get a girlfriend I want to hold hands and just walk around normally. It was a shame I could not have a chance like that after debuting.”
Will Cheondoong and his girlfriend eventually become real lovers? They will decide if they will continue meeting after their seven day dating period.

Source: Nate News
Translation: mir-ified @ AbsoluteMBLAQ

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