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Saturday, March 6, 2010

![NEWS] What did Taecyeon say? 'The situation has magnified significantly'!

On the 5th of March, A capturing of Taecyeon's written message on his own cafe site, "It is a new start, should we do it together?" has been circulating around a community site and has made a big impact.

The fans have made cold comments such as "Is this really what Taecyeon has written?", "It's scary to the point of giving me goosebumps", "It seems like 6PM has quit the Internet as a group".

After the JYP fan conference, 2PM fans have closed tens of fansites and fancafes. The official admins of the 2PM official fansite were humiliated by how the 2PM members acted at the conference and have voluntarily resigned. The resigned fan representative stated that they had kept together by believing in the members, but now all trust had collapsed and were no longer able to continue as representative. They also expressed words of sorrow for Jaebum and stated they will continue to support him.

Also, a video of '2PM Face Off', a scene dubbed from the movie "Face Off' has been circulating, of the scene "If you don't hear us out you might soon regret it. This isn't a lie" with Sean Archer (John Travolta) and Castor Troy (Nicholas Cage), while showing their sad smiles. Fans have said "Are you sure 2PM didn't work together with these two actors?", "This is exactly what 2PM showed to us at the fan conference", expressing their disappointment and embarrassment.

In addition one advertising company have left an announcement of the ending of their contract with 2PM, and stated a renewing of the contract will not occur, which have caused more rage.

Meanwhile anti-2PM fans continue to be angered, while JYP is not expressing themselves on this matter at all.

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