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Friday, March 5, 2010

![NEWS]Korean Cafe representative asks for international fans' understanding !

**This cafe is one of the fancafe for 2PM/Jay. The following message/account is written by the fancafe Representative present at the 27th conference. Thank you!

I have heard that the international fans are bashing the Korean fans. I tried to ignore it at first but I think as time goes on, the severity is getting grave.

What I'm writing... Please help us in making them understand. I know it must be hard but please help. I am sorry.

I think that they are going too far. The rage amongst the Korean fans are so great that it is hard to even control it, but to think that we have to even help the international fans understand now?...

I told you that I attended the conference. I did not ever think that anyone would look upon the fans as the attackers. However, I have listened to the voice recordings and I do think I can understand somewhat why the international fans are reacting this way.

Now, let's think about it. The 2PM boys spoke through a mic. The fans did not have a mic except when given one to ask a question. So for example, when Chansung compared Jaebum to a thief and the fans spoke amongst themselves saying, "Jaebum is a thief?" there is no way that Chansung could have heard them, given the location and volume of voice. We would have had to spoken loudly and clearly in order for that to be heard because the fans did not have any mics. Through the recording, the international fans might have thought that we raised our voices. However, the fans have never treated the 2PM members with disrespect.

Another thing is that the 2PM members are all in their early 20's. The people that attended the conference were all older than them. Especially the bigger community admins, they were all in their mid to late 30's. Even if we were to meet them as human to human, those in their 20's should have definitely kept their respect. That is Korean culture. However, what the 2PM members stated at the conference does not fall in line with the norm of Korean society. But did the fans treat 2PM with disrespect because of their age? No... where did you ever see that?

And are these fans Jaebum's personal fans? The people that attended the conference are people that JYPE has chosen themselves. You can think of it as only the people that JYPE thought fit to be in the conference were present. Why are international fans accusing us of 'going for a fan meeting,' or 'Why are Jaebum's personal fans making it harder for the rest of our 2PM oppas?'

Then are the international representatives also in the same league as us?

I'm having a hard time understanding why the fans must be the bad boys here. I understand that you would want to reject reality. You must realize, though, that Jaebum and JYPE are now two separate entities. Please, let's not rip at each other anymore.

Those in Korea will calm down the fans filled with rage and anger in Korea. But for those in the international, please don't do that. I don't understand why fans must fight amongst each other. This is not going to help any of the 7 members. It's not nice to see such images for fans in Korea or for international fans.

Let's just calm ourselves down.

I will apologize for what I have to say next but I feel that it must be said.

Koreans are the only people that best understand the Korean language. The message is sent more clearly to those that sit in front of one another while seeing their faces than just through the ears or through words.

Please, stop looking at the situation as only how you want to.

Please, don't bash the translators. They are volunteering their time to help you better understand. And as Koreans, they are the ones that know best the meaning behind 2PM's words. Even if you study the same word, the translated meaning between a foreigner that studies Korean and a Korean is vastly different.

Just trust the translators. They know what the intentions are and they know what the situation is. They understanding everything in their translations.

If you really love the 6 members of 2PM, please express that when they release their next album in April.

I hope that all of this ends - yesterday's friend becoming today's enemy.

Whenever and wherever, let's uphold LOVE & RESPECT.

Thank you.

( My opinion is not representative of the Korean fans. But as a person living in Korea, I could not just pass this by. )

May be taken out with full credits. You are not allowed add yourself to the credits nor edit the credits.

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