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Friday, March 19, 2010

![TRANSLATIONS] Shine A Light Photobook Pages 0~47

“Huh? It’s not time yet, right?”
“(smiles sleepily) Yeah…….”
On the day of the first meeting, I tried to arrive as early as possible to prepare myself for what was ahead. But first place will always go to Jiyong. He was already there way before the time of the meeting, making preparations. Just because he’s a celebrity, I thought he would come late; I felt bad for making unreasonable misconceptions.
Another thing that surprised me was seeing Jiyong negotiate all the opinions brought up during the meeting by the heads of each department.
I thought meetings like this would be completely led by President Yang, but the enthusiasm with which Jiyong came up with ideas and negotiated everyone’s opinions made him seem so mature.
He thinks about absolutely everything: lighting, sound, the stage, choreography, special effects etc………
He continued to talk about all these things and more. You could pretty much feel the passion Jiyong felt towards this concert.
It’s been quite a while, but Jiyong doesn’t look tired in the slightest.
Maybe the phrase ‘firing away’ is used for situations like this?
There were two things that surprised me a lot while watching him in the meeting.
The first was Jiyong’s incredible note-taking.
When I compared my notes (which even I couldn’t read) with Jiyong’s, it made me want to close my notebook.
He had written the contents of the meeting so neatly and clearly, I was amazed that the long meeting could be summed up in a single page.
I had heard he was quite the perfectionist, but even his writing was pure perfectionism.

“Um…..Can I……look at that??”
He chuckles and pushes his notebook towards me without a word.

They say they were actually going to ask Kim Gun Mo, who featured in the song to film this video. But unfortunately Kim Gun Mo couldn’t make it on the day of the filming because of his own concert schedules.
Jiyong was having a discussion with President Yang, who asked if he could do it himself.
To tell the truth, I was actually a little worried about whether it would suit Jiyong’s image and if Jiyong would want to do it or not.
But what? Jiyong rushes out to find himself some reggae-ish clothing and props. He returns with a bright red suit and hat, and hilarious sunglasses. God knows where he found them.
He practised so hard. The staff can’t stop laughing as they monitor Jiyong’s well pulled-off imitations of Kim Gun Mo’s characteristic gestures and facial expressions.
“What? A fire??”
The staff member in charge of the concert’s preparation goes pale. Everyone gathers round wondering what’s going on, and wait in silence until the end of the call.

“There was an electrical short circuit……….The sets are destroyed……..”
Colour drains from everyone’s faces.
I knew he would have the same reaction too. He’d been helping with the concert aside from his Japanese activities, squeezing in time he didn’t have. If filming was postponed in this situation where time was so short, it would obviously have a huge effect on his other schedules.
Everyone’s busy adjusting their plans.
It was a tight schedule, but I’m told he was luckily able to make enough time to film.
You’d think the ground would give way at all the sighs of relief.

Something unexpected happened the second day of filming, which had been postponed because of the fire.
He had just managed to make time in his busy schedule, so everyone was more tense than usual.
But the faces of both the filming staff, who had come early and had been waiting after making preparations and the Japanese staff, who had just arrived were filled with worry and concern.
“He said his neck has been hurting weirdly all of a sudden since yesterday………………”
Yes. Jiyong had been suffering in pain the whole night.
“Cancel today’s filming and take care of Jiyong.
They answer “Yes” to President Yang as he says these words through the phone but the staff sigh, worried about the sick Jiyong as well as their own schedules.

“Jiyong, let’s cancel filming for today and take a break.”
“It’s impossible for you to film in this state. Just go home and rest, ok?”
“……I wanna do it. If I don’t film today what about the rest……….”
“No, it’s ok. Don’t worry, just go home.”
“I said I wanna do it already…… Just gimme some chocolate in return.”

Maybe it’s because the doctor suggested he eats some chocolate.
Jiyong never touches anything sweet, but he’s asking for chocolate.

The staff are at a loss for words and just stand there, hanging around him.
Then Jiyong pretends to be fine and says
“Oh come on, I’m fine already. Seriously, I’m ok.”

The staff feel bad and grateful at the same time, a couple of them are even tearing up.
Everyone looks at him worriedly, but Jiyong just smiles brightly and makes a gallant effort to walk cheerfully to the dressing room.

Though he didn’t let it show, it was difficult for Jiyong to even stay standing that day.
He kept getting dizzy and had to lie down or lean on a couch or chair and take a break before filming again.
He looked like he was in a dangerous state. None of the staff let down their guard.

When a person is that sick, isn’t it natural for them to want to stop what they’re doing whether it be work or whatever?
He never says anything like “I’m sick. I’m tired.” In fact, he keeps joking around and smiling with the staff because they’re worried about him.
I fell for him.
Yes, I really think I fell for him.

I always thought G-Dragon would be cold, intimidating and difficult to approach, but after seeing Jiyong trying to take care of each individual member of the staff, working hard without letting on that he’s having a hard time, even with a temperature of 40 degrees just so he wouldn’t worry anyone…After seeing how kind and pure his heart is…
I think I fell for him.

Eating porridge, eating medicine, eating chocolate.
Eating chocolate, eating porridge, eating chocolate.
Jiyong said he probably ate his whole lifetime’s worth of chocolate that day.

Even though he’s sick, he monitors himself so carefully that even when other would think it’s good enough he would yell
“I’ll do it one more time. Sorry.”
and go back to filming.

“How’s Jiyong?”
“Has he had his medicine?”
“Is he ok now??”

President Yang is worried about Jiyong and frequently calls the staff to check up on his condition.
He even makes a hospital appointment around about when filming ends.
Now that I think about it, it’s like how family members would care for each other.

I used to think they were called ‘YG Family’ for no particular reason. But seeing it for myself like this, they seem more like a man looking after his younger brother, and a boy looking up to his older brother rather than the head of a company managing his singers…..
It really made me feel like they were a family. It seems they’re not ‘YG Family’ for nothing.

Their strong bond makes me a little jealous, actually.
-end of first batch- (second batch coming soon)

thanks to sjay.x @ bbvip

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