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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

!“AneCan” July 2010 Edition – Junsu’s 20 Q&A

Asia’s No. 1 singer solo debut – XIAH junsu
“My ideal type would be someone I can smile with and feel happiness from, just by being together”
Uncovering Junsu 20 Questions!

1. Through your activities with Tohoshinki, please tell us how you feel about your individual activities!
Junsu: Compared to having a sense of responsibility, you can say I feel more enriched. Selecting the songs, the direction of the lyrics, the whole arrangement of the composition; it all depicts my ideal concept of the world, so I’m very happy about that.

2. What image do you want to present with this solo?

Junsu: The sexy side of men.
3.What did you want to be when you were a child?
Junsu: A soccer player. I still like it a lot now, losing sleep over watching the UEFA Champions League. My favorite athletes are Henry, Kaka, and Messi.
4. What opportunity allowed you to come in contact with music?
Junsu: When I was in primary school, I started having thoughts of singing onstage after seeing H.O.T.
5. Who are your favorite artistes?
Junsu: Brian Kelly McKnight, Ne-Yo, Joe, Timbaland
6. The best movie of your life?
Junsu: Titanic
7. What Japanese cuisine do you like?
Junsu: I really like Hitsumabushi so I can eat a few bowls at once.
8. Do you drink?
Junsu: I can’t drink, and I don’t drink either.
9. An outfit you like?
Junsu: Men have to wear formal attire!
10. What fashionable item did you buy recently that you are very satisfied with?
Junsu: A Christian Dior wallet.
11. What type of attire do you like on women?
Junsu: High-collared clothing. Someone who looks intelligent and wears humble, simple clothing; that will attract my attention.

12. Do you have any preference towards colognes?

Junsu: Nothing in particular. As long as I don’t emit a weird scent… (laughs)
13. What kind of women do you like?
Junsu: A person who is polite and respectful towards elders.
14. Appearance?
Junsu: I don’t have any particular requirements. Even though I may feel comfortable around attractive women, it doesn’t necessarily mean I will like them.

15. The place you want to go the most for your first date?

Junsu:By the riverside of beside the ocean, any place where there is water because I rather like water. If it was in Japan, I would go to Odaiba or Yokohama. Actually, I like to go there by myself sometimes.
16. If you were to get married, what kind of girl would it be?
Junsu:Being able to be very happy when it’s just the two of us, or someone who can make me feel happiness. If it is really toilsome when we’re together or if she is very strict, then I definitely won’t be joyful so I wouldn’t want to be with her anymore. I want to get married before I turn 30 so I can be a young daddy. As for kids, I hope to have 2 sons and a daughter.
17. Out of all the places that you’ve been to up until now, which place is your favorite for sightseeing?
Junsu:Tahiti’s Bora Bora Island, because the ocean there is very clean.

18. What places do you want to go to in the future?

Junsu:I want to visit Egypt’s deserts and look at the Sphinxes.
19. If you had a week off for vacation, what would you do?
Junsu:Extend my solo activities.

20. Your future goals?

Junsu:Hopefully one day, I can debut in the United States.
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