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Saturday, June 19, 2010


This is a transcript of what is shown during the talks of JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME Digest, which you can watch on Myspace here. I’ve decided to translate the talks so that you’ll have an easier time follow the stream (:
JJ = JeJung
YC = YuChun
JS = JunSu
JS: It’s been a long time since we stood in front of the audience, so of course we’re feeling nervous. But… ah… we carry the mix of joy, pressure, worries, and various feelings… We will do our best with our positive feelings so that you will be able to enjoy the stage that we offer. After all, when I stand on the stage and sing… for me, I feel that if I sing, I can keep on living. That is how important the stage is to me. Well, if I can convey something to the fans through our songs, I’ll be very happy. Perhaps, for me, well… I think I will be singing until the day I die. If there are people who want to listen to our songs, no matter what condition I am in, I will thrive my very best.

JJ: When it was decided that we would be doing this live, that we would be able to see you all, I was very happy. Regarding to the live this time… well, I want to make it a live not only for the music, but also to exchange our feelings with each other. When the audience be together with us, become one with us, sing with us, laugh with us, cry with us… that moment is really tremendous. [The fans] are not always with us physically, but I feel like they’re the ones who are closest to us, the ones who always understand us, who worry the most about us, who support us the most. They have that kind of existence. To me, they are the ones whom I can’t live without. That’s why, they are precious to me.
YC: If it wasn’t for our fans, I wouldn’t have loved music this much. It is the uttermost the reason for me to sing. Well, a lot of painful things happened… but thanks to the support of the fans, I received the strength and courage and made it here. Really… (T/N: can’t really hear what he says here T_T). The fans… how do I put it… it’s hard to put in words how great their love and their big hearts they possess. More and more, I want to try harder at our activities. I want to know, to receive, and to understand the heart and the feeling of everyone. Thank you for waiting for us.
JJ: Started in Osaka, today is the last day of our live. From the beginning, we’ve had a lot of worries, but thanks to all of you, our worries have gone away. From the deepest of our heart, we are very thankful that a lot of you have come to our live.
YC: *Fans cheering* Yesssssss. Eh, thank you very much. Last year… last year when I stood here at Tokyo Dome, I really, really wanted to stand here at Tokyo Dome again to the point that I became worried *Fans cheering* Yes, thank you. But really, thanks to everyone, I’m able to stand here again. Thank you very much. From now on, we’ll do our best with various activities so please keep supporting us.
JS: Yes *Fans cheering* That’s right. Really, when we decided on our Dome tour, I was very worried. We have 4 lives in Osasa and Tokyo, but to have you all come to to see us at Dome like this, each time still feels like a dream for me. We’ll be doing our best not to lose to the love you have for us. *Fans cheering* I’m very happy, thank you.
JJ: Yes. *Fans cheering* Uhm, perhaps, from the time we decided on this live, we thought that, instead of telling about you our sorrows and pains, we came here with the hope to see your smiles. From Osaka to here, there are only 3 of us, but… The things that we couldn’t tell you, for example, the pains and the things we suffered up until now, the tears that we’ve been holding in, we wanted to at least be honest in front of you, really, we want to honestly show you our emotions. But if we do that then you will cry, and when we see your crying faces, we get hurt really much. So we told ourselves so many times not to cry. We told ourselves that, just at this place, we should smile properly and sing and dance with everyone; that if we show you our happy faces, then you will also be happy.
Honestly, this live only lasts 3 hours but we have a lot of things to say. This short amount of time is nothing compared to the time that you’ve been waiting for us. Although it is short and we can’t express much to you, we believe that just by mutual understanding each other and being able to see your smiles, there’s a meaning to this live.
Today was very fun. Just like the pure and bright emotions that you have brought here, we also want continue singing together with everyone while carrying along the pure emotions we’ve been bringing with us since our debut. From now on, and always, please keep supporting us forever. Thank you very much.
This is going to be our last song, and it’s a song that contains our feelings. Please listen to it, “W”.
Other videos of the stream can be found here.
Source: tvxqchamie
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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