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Sunday, June 20, 2010

[NEWS] Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en, YG "Hot Summer"

Big Bang and 2NE1, even Se7en and Gummy. YG Family is heating up the music world within Korea this summer. If it is in the direct expression of Hyun Seok Yang, it is finally ‘all YG called out to mobilize.”

YG family has not release any new album ever since the release of mini album of girl group 2NE1 in July of last year. One of the biggest entertainment companies with the most popular idols such as Big Bang and 2ne1 and top solo artists such as Se7en and Gummy has taken a break for 1 year. Why?

The reason is simple. CEO Yang says “it is important to compete with proper contents for singers. YG members had sufficient time and made new songs and practiced. The reason why there was not a proper hit song in the first half of this year in Korean music market is because there were no contents enough to attract the fans.” He revealed “YG singers are coming back in order.”

Recently besides Teddy, Perry, and other main producers of YG, American super star artist are working on music for the YG signers staying over longtime in the newly built state of the art private company building. He said “they are huge stars that before they would not come even when we invite them with a lot of money,” and “they were amazed when they saw Big Bang or 2NE1. They praised them saying they are ready to debut in American market.

Their targeting method is to sprint after the signal. The first to start off is Tae Yang of Big Bang. He will be meeting the fans with his new solo full album release on July 1st.

YG has announced Tae Yang’s solo debut through the homepage, introduced the “Album to contain the meaning from the heart of the 13-year-old himself who and to present of the music that he wanted to pursue for the past 10 years.”

Next is Se7en. Due to targeting the American market, his break was long, but he is coming with a new album first time in 3 years. He will release his album in late July, prepared to show the aspect of a top solo artist.
The fans of Se7en who have been tired out by the long wait are excited in welcoming mode saying “There is no other pleasant news like the comeback of Se7en.”

Also, Gummy will hold a solo concert in 4 years on both July 24th and 25th, and will be performing ‘Because you are man’, ‘Because of you’ and other new songs, and existing hit songs, presenting a touching stage.

Comeback of 2NE1 will continue soon as well. In the music market, where it is saturated with the girl groups with all similar style, activity resumption of 2NE1, with individuality and skills, will have a strong destructive power to stimulate the fan’s hearts. They have already praised high of from the Japanese media and the audience when they stood up on stage as a guest on Big Bang’s concerts; they are very close to entering the world market.

The interests of the music industry are whether the appearances of YG Family in July will recover the vitality of Korean music market that has melted due to the heat of World Cup.

Source: OSEN
Translated by & Credit: rim21c@21BANGS.com

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