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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

[K-drama]Secret Garden to live on?

…and on… and on…. SBS’s latest hit Secret Garden might just get an afterlife, although it remains to be seen whether it will be one filled with rose petals and hocus pocus, or a life of being stuck in development netherworld. The production company is currently in talks to debate a couple of options. Among them are: a drama Season 2, a musical, and a movie.
The one with the lowest probability of coming into existence is of course the drama. I will eat my left foot if that actually happens. Because waaay too many factors would have to align for a season 2 (the biggies: writer Kim Eun-sook, and stars Ha Ji-won and Hyun Bin, the latter of which is headed to the army in two months’ time). And even if you could defy space and time to make it happen, what kind of story would be left to tell?
The musical and the movie versions are more likely, though it’s still unclear if they would write entirely new storylines, and why in particular they’re thinking musical, rather than just theater. If what they’re trying to do is cash in on the success of the drama, they should really just do a straight theatrical adaptation of the original, condensing the story into one play.
A representative from the production company stated, “We’re discussing all the offers. We think we’ll come to a decision soon about what version to make. I think there will be many different ways to solve this problem.” Yeah, I wouldn’t call it a problem so much as a cash cow. Secret Garden mania is still going strong, with novel and manhwa versions to come.
Looks like there might be hope after all, for those of you still jonesin’ for your next Secret Garden fix.

Credit; Dramabean

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