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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

[Kpop]Apology letter from fan who ACCIDENTALLY hit Heechul

[Weibo is somewhat of a Chinese twitter/Facebook thus things are also posted from bottom to top (as in, most recent posts at the top)]
There was a girl who asked me why I didn’t immediately come out and apologize, I’m sorry, at that time I was already stunned (or maybe I’m *brain damaged in the first place). Walking around the streets, I cried sometime, couldn’t hail a taxi, I walked really far and found a webcafe, and wrote my apology. I know everybody will still not forgive me, everybody please do scold me!!
*She said maybe she was already NC in the first place; NC is Chinese web language, it means 脑(Nao3) 参(Can3 which means brain damage.
Because there are many people out there who are apologizing for unknown reasons, I do not want others to take the blame for me, I shall now put out my concert ticket number.
Although my intention wasn’t there, it has still happened, I know everybody will not forgive me, know I have not only tarnished China, but also shamed the fans, and harmed the person whom I most not want to hurt in my life. If I could choose, I would rather not have seen Heechul in my life, and thus would not have went to a place with him and harm him the way I did!!! I’m sorry to Heechul, sorry to everybody, I’m sorry!!!
*The ‘I’m sorry to Heechul/everybody’ here can also mean along the lines of ‘I’ve let down Heechul/everybody’
To me, tonight was a time in my entire life that makes me most unable to forget that I am a sinner, it was the first time I was in a place with Heechul, yet I personally injured what I said I cherished in words, but in action, was a sinner who gave him a *”harsh” one
*She said she gave him a “狠很” which means harshly, ruthlessly, etc. An adjective.

Translated and credits to: @midniightblue of Twitter
Posted by: @mimilovemicky of Heechulfacts
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