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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Super Junior Hong Kong fans, 5 years since debut commemoration, guerrilla performance 'crazy popularity'

Hong Kong fans of the group Super Junior (or SuJu) who has just passed their 5th year since debut has opened a commemoration and has caught attention.

On the 6th in the afternoon, at the Tsim Sha Tsui Star Street, 70 fans have gathered for Super Juniors 5th year since debut. The fans met together with one mind and one meaning by wearing the same clothes and singing along to Super Junior's hit song medley and spent a fun time.

During one hour, the fans showed a performance with Super Junior's title song 'Sorry Sorry', 'Bonamana', 'Twins' etc... on the street. For the surprise performance, they have have left a deep impression so that they could look back at Super Junior's past 5 years of promotion.

The 70 people danced the same dance and started to sing which made 300 people who passed by to come over and watch. Between those people there were some SuJu fans, so they made the field into a festival atmosphere.

The fans who were watching the performance were shouting out a slogan and singing along the songs, the scene started to become the climax and it started to become a concert scene.

Truthfully, on this day it started to continuously rain, and there was a situation where they had to quit performing, but the fans hearts targeted to Super Junior made it to fight the weather, they have finished the performance safely.

Source: TVdaily
Translations: Seungeun Lee@sj-world.net
Thanks to Queen☆~♪ for the tip

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