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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Han Geng Nominated for the 8th South East Music Awards

Han Geng going solo and releasing an album has received recognition, nominated once again for the South East Music Awards.

People’s Daily Online Entertainment News has chosen Han Geng who is going solo and starting over, with popularity sky high after releasing his album , successfully becoming a very popular personality and the sales of (his) album occupied top position in most major album sales chart. Recently, the popular Han Geng, thanks to his album , has been nominated for the 8th South East Music Awards as Mainland’s Most Popular Male Singer. According to reports, this is the second time Han Geng has been nominated for the South East Music Awards. He was in the group Super Junior-M when (they) were nominated for the 6th South East Music Awards and winning the Mainland’s Most Popular Group.

It is reported that the 8th South East Music Awards ceremony will be broadcasted live on December 4th. Besides the popular Han Geng being nominated for the 8th South East Music Awards as Mainland’s Most Popular Male Singer, there are also the “Happy Boys” Zhang Jie, Wei Chen and Su Xing, the other three nominees.

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Compared to the other three nominees, Han Geng’s dominance/advantage is very obvious. On popularity, Han Geng lives up to his title of King of Popularity. On capability, with the recently released new album , one may well say that Han Geng’s performance is notable with various styles ranging from an expert in the very popular electronic dance music to slow yet touching songs with feelings/thoughts which brings fans closer; it is not difficult to see where his strength is. As for the other three “Happy Boys”, they are known as budding idols but their aura is a lot less compared to Han Geng. The evolvement in Super Boy and Super Girl has caused many netizens to dislike “talent search show stars”, disliking their pretense and false identity. In terms of competitors, the only person capable to present a threat to Han Geng is Zhang Jie who relies on his good vocals. Zhang Jie who likes to sing high notes was a champion in talent search shows twice and his strength in singing is greater than Han Geng’s.

According to reports, during the 6th South East Music Awards ceremony, Han Geng who was filming a movie was unable to accompany his group to the ceremony to accept the prize but he was able to express his thanks and gratitude towards fans via VCR. At this year’s 8th South East Music Awards, Mainland’s Most Popular Male Singer nominee Han Geng, who is very well-received, will most likely to attend the awards ceremony personally.

T/N: If I am not wrong, the other three nominees were previously contestants in China’s National Singing Contest Super Boy or Happy Boys (快乐男声).

Source : People's Daily Online

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