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Sunday, June 12, 2011

[HD] After School Kahi - Dance Collections

If u dont like After school its doesnt matter! but u must watch this talented girl who can dancing very well!! I called her Dancing Queen because she really makes me wanna dancing too when see her coolest movement.. Come with me.. Enjoy this video.. there have six collection of Ka hi dancing!
Who is  Ka Hi?
One's of the member in After School! Main Dancer! and If im not mistaken.. she is the leader in After School!

Enjoy this video as much as u can!  ;)
Gosh!! even though uee is in after school she didn't even think that kahi unnie could dance like that more powerful than what she is usually are.
Wow, completely amazing Jackson dance
She is very talented dancing artist that korea have!! so powerfull dancing!.. 

 After School must be happy becouse have this person as their leader and main dancer in their group!

I totally love it when kahi does freestyle dancing like shown in here with the dance battles...i think that's how u really know if someone is a great dancer and kahi always owns! =)

If Kahi ever opens up a dance school - I'd be the first to sign up. She's amazing.

no other dancer like her, seriously. others are so predictable with their cuteyy smiles, but kahi downright sexy
she's really femenine and graceful in her movements ^^
I swear the guys in the last part has a crush on kahi or something; i ALWAYS see either ONE or ALL of them in shows where kahi is present lol ;o
There's a lot of great dancer in kpop industry but Ka hi is the queen of the dance floor and definitely had the power and charisma on stage..

Park Kahi Daebak!!!!!!

Credit: Youtube

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