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Monday, June 13, 2011

[Video] TVXQ Audition member's Before Got Into SM Entertainment

The collections of SM Entertaiment Audition. Must watch this.. Some of them changed a little bit but some totally different after debut..Keep your eye on them >_<
Yoochun Audition is not upload in youtube.dont know why.. i can't get its.

Junsu isn't the main vocalist, but I'd say he gets all the hard part. If you listen to some DBSK songs, only Junsu has the capability of doing such strong high notes with sustainability. Junsu is indeed, without a doubt, the strongest vocalist in DBSK. With such wide vocal range, projections, and emotion, he was even wanted to do a duet by one of Korea's best, Park Hyo Shin.
Lee Sungmin(SJ) and Lee HyukJae(SJ) also go to the same audition with junsu.

he's still looks the same! he's soo cute & adorable!
He looks exactly the same. It just seems the only difference is his voice is deeper and he's taller lol. So cute!

His attitude in Yunho's dance from small was impressive.. Till now! It is the best..
Jaejoong's voice is shaking!!! He must be so nervous!!!
Omg it doesnt look like him

Credit : Youtube

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