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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

!G-Dragon is cleared of charges!

Big Bang’s G-Dragon was hotly reprimanded for having inappropriate performances in front of many young people during his concert in 2009. His concert was held in last December and he went under investigation for his sexual dance and the prohibited performances of songs that had been banned.
But on the March 16th, it was announced G-Dragon was cleared of charges regarding children’s protection law and the performance of banned songs.
YG Entertainment stated that his songs Korean Dream, She’s Gone and his album Heartbreaker got banned because of its ratings, but his concert wasn’t banned itself so it didn’t technically break any laws regarding performing. His concert was never initially marked with a certain rating, so his performances had the freedom to cross some lines. In conclusion, it was concluded that there was absolutely no reason for the concert to be charged against for its appropriateness.

As for the “bed scene” performance of Breathe, it was decided that the performance was just trying to express the song dramatically, so it wasn’t counted as a lewd conduct.
However, the police demanded around 3,000,000 won ($2,600 USD) as a  fine; as a performer, G-Dragon and his associated staff have taken care of the matter.
YG Entertainment also said, “[The issue] didn’t go to court or anything so we consider it basically a pretrial disposition.”
The investigations took place on the 15th when police realized he didn’t technically violate any sort of law under children’s protection law and performance of banned songs. However, he is free of charges regarding performance laws. The non-edited versions of his concert DVDs will only be sold to people older than 18 years of age. Minors will have to buy the edited versions.
First the plagiarism controversy was essentially cleared with Flo Rida’s announced collaboration with GD, and now his concert scandal has come to a close; quite relieving for fans, right?

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