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Sunday, March 14, 2010

!Lee Minho does not have a Twitter

Long, long time ago, Boys Over Flowers actor Lee Minho surfaced on the Twitterverse and many fans jumped on to follow him. However, it’s been announced belatedly that this account with nearly 70,000 followers, is a fraud.
On the 12th a rep revealed, “Lee Minho is currently not tweeting. The account that everyone knows as Lee Minho is a fake. This fake Twitter account has been passing off as the real deal and people all over the country were fooled. We don’t know what a person could ever gain from doing this.”
What’s strange is that when this information was released to the public, the amount of followers actually rose from 69,068 to 69,141. “Lee Minho” was the #1 most followed Korean entertainer but seeing as how many fans have yet to unfollow, not many seem to care or many are in denial.

But aren’t the officials a bit late on this? It looks like the account hasn’t tweeted in a year and the bogus fraud barely lasted a week of fake tweeting. It’s just surprising how so many people are following an account that has been long inactive.

Though some may be disappointed, cheer up because Lee Minho will be making his comeback after a year’s absence with his new MBC drama Personal Taste on the 31st.

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