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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

[INTERVIEW] Part 2: MBLAQ Yozm Star Interview

Q: You probably can't these days because of your activities, but what do you do sometimes on a free day?

G.O: I always watch a movie. Whether I'm at home or out.
CD: I visit home. Noona keeps telling me to come.
J: I try to sleep as much as possible and even go exercise!
M: Once in a while, we get a 2~3 weeks of vacation. Then I go down home and come back. But I still watch a movie and go down.

Q: Are G.O and Mir movie date-mates?

G.O: Recently, a movie team was created. The movie lovers came together to form this (G.O, Mir, Cheon Doong). So if we can't watch a movie in the theaters, we pay for the Hana TV or Mega TV channels to watch movies. Like, the new releases of this month.
M: I watch movies frequently, because it that much of a stress-reliever.
G.O: But our dorm's TV is the worst it could get. I said it earlier, but the dorm's equipments are...^^ Even So Ji Sub looks bad on our screen. The quality is so poor that I want to turn off the TV when we come out. We watch movies even under those conditions.

Q: What have you watched recently?

G.O: After deciding to watch an old movie, I watched "The Departed" recently. Actually, we give meaning to the fact that we turned it on. We don't watch and analyze or exchange comments. We just like the turn-off-lights-and-watching-a-movie atmosphere. Joon always exercises during breaks. He runs off somewhere and comes back after sweating. Even though Seungho seems like he made plans to hang out with his friends, he still asks me my plans for today and goes. 

Q: MBLAQ's most off-the-wall member is?

G.O: It's Mir. With scissors, he cuts his underwear that he was wearing, puts the rubberband part on his shoulders, cuts off the belly-button part as well, and does a performance. He does this and shows the rest of the members. 
M: [to G.O] Why are you so detailed! Since there's only us in the dorms, I want to make them have some fun. The members say they hate it, but laughs so much when they see it. G.O hyung comes next to me and starts cutting. I think we have a similar sense of humor.

Q: In the dorms, the mother-role member is?

G.O: The mother-role is our manager hyung.
M: Truthfully, we each take care of ourselves.
G.O: There is a time when suddenly, all of us are sick. Even in those times, he can just bring a all-in-one cold medicine, but the weird thing is, one has cold and fatigue, one has sore throat, and the other has a cold. Even in times like these, he brings us specific medicine and takes care of us so well.

Q: The lecture that Rain frequently nags you with?

J: Sleep after you die.
G.O: It's not nagging, but all the stuff that he says is all great stories. He leaves us with a lot of wise messages. There's many that I've never heard of in my live. But when I talked to 2PM or 2AM, I said, 'our Bi hyung says this and this a lot,' and they replied, 'Jin Young hyung say those too.' Bi hyung seems like he learned a lot from Park Jin Young sunbaenim, and is probably passing on the message, so we're very thankful. There's no nagging lectures.

Q: Then can you tell us a memorable message?

SH: This is the most memorable for me-- 'Does a right-handed person think and lift up his spoon with his right hand? When you're practicing, you have to concentrate on this and that, but on stage, leave your body to the music.' But I'm left-handed.^^

Q: The members' reactions after G.O shaves his mustache?

G.O: They all liked it. When I was monitoring myself, I thought that maybe I'm hurting the other members. I feel like I'm kind of out of place? After shaving my mustache, people around me said, 'It was your trade mark, but why did you shave it?' and were sad, but actually, it looks better shaved. I looked kind of stuffy with it. But the problem is, the hair grows very fast, so if I start out early in the morning, there are days where I have to shave in the middle of the day. 

Q: In the other members' perspectives, is shaved-G.O okay?

M: I was sad that G.O couldn't show his entire face with that mustache, but now that he shaved, it's good seeing his handsome face.
SH: Now, he seems like a friend.
G: Keke. I think these reactions are a relief. I should have shaved earlier on.

Q: Who is the member that is the most cares about his looks? And who is the most *rolly-rolly [like on the bed, because you're too lazy to get up^^] lazy-nismed member and the most diligent?

G: I think it's me. The most rolly-rolly member is Cheon Doong. Cheon Doongie is the most diligent, but also the most rolly-rolly. He lays on the bed all day, so whenever I go talk to Cheon Doongie, I feel like I'm visiting the sick. Because he just lays still.
M: Ah, he's endlessly rolly-rolly. He doesn't come out of the bed.
CD: There are those tiring days. Those days are the days that I don't even go near the practicing room. In those days, I feel like I'm going to die if I move. I sleep, wake up, sleep, wake up. 
M: G.O hyung and I are the most active, rather than diligent. We move actively in our dorms.
G.O: If I have time, I feel like it's a waste if I keep still. So even though I'm not going to watch it, I look at movie times, and even if the time is okay, I say, 'Ah, but there's probably a lot of people?' and don't watch it, and just move around.
M: Then I go for a cup of coffee, but with the weird rumor, I can't go out and I'm just living locked inside the dorm.

Q: It's been 8 months till debut~ The most memorable thing after debut? Is there also a fan that you still remember?

CD: I was an MC for Arirang TV. The first recording was private so the fans couldn't come, but starting from the second, many fans came. There were fans that came everyday without leaving out a day, and I remember them very much. Since it's a recording broadcast (non-live), when I'm sitting at the MC seat, fans talk to me, and I can reply, and so it was a great time getting to know them.
G.O: A Chinese fan sent a letter accompanied by costly gift. A cell phone. It's a price that's even too much for personal use, you know? And it was probably not easy giving that as a gift. But I felt a lot of responsibility as I was reading the letter. The fan was struggling with a severe depression, and she was actually from 'Bap Cha of Love' in a program that we appeared on in the past. In the description of the letter, there was a story of overcoming the thoughts of suicide and depression through our performance. Feelings can change from what you had started out with. When you're doing the broadcast activities, singing with honesty and sincerity becomes hard. Also, there are times when it's hard singing from your heart with the busy schedules. But from hearing that the fan gained strength from my singing, I felt that I needed to work even harder, and that I should take on more responsibilities.

Q: We hear a lot of ideal types, but what style do you hate? Especially G.O oppa!! Since you have a lot of experience~~ 

G.O: I don't like girls who do the two-faced flirting [acts one way to females, differently to males]. Since I'm really honest, I say everything that's in my head. I can't really do it towards the members, but if the girl is too flirty and don't say much, I feel like I'll get uncomfortable. I like a girl that I can open up and easily talk to.
J: I hate girls that talk with abusive language and girls that smoke.
CD: I also don't like girls that cusses, and lying girls. And I think it's unattractive, if a girl who have a lot of guys following her.

Q: If a girl is charming, isn't it natural that guys are around her?

CD: I think it all depends on what you do. There are girls like that.
SH: I don't like girls that are taller than me. I get in a bad mood if the girl's eyes are where my eyes are when we're talking. I understand if you're taller with high-heels, but I don't like it if a girl is born that way. I am the smallest out of all the members.

Q: What is 'Cloud' to MBLAQ? (The fans of Rain! The fans that helped a lot during MBLAQ's debut~ hehe)

CD: Mom.
M: They embraced us a lot.
G.O: They even helped us out when we were on the #1 list, and worrying about the number of votes. Our fans are always supportive, but the Clouds are always affectionate and supportive, so we're thankful. I always feel like they got our back. We want to show just the doing-well part of us to our fans, but Clouds give a lot of support, just for being Bi hyung's kids.

Q: Say a few words to A+.

M: I have nothing else to say except thank you. They are helping us to get to the top. They are probably having troubles right now. I'm just thankful.
G.O: The fans unite very well. They try so hard to rank the sound source streaming high, and we always receive. I hope that there's a chance to express our thankfulness. I sincerely do.

Q: Who suffers from '**prince disease' the most in MBLAQ? [**a person has this if they think that they're the most handsome, mirror-loving, cares too much his about looks; for females, it's 'princess disease']

M: Joonie hyung.
SH: Now, it's obvious that we should take care of our looks. But in our pre-debut days, we wore just trainers Monday through Sunday, but Joonie changes clothes in the middle of practice at the dorm and looks in the mirror to fix his hair occasionally during practice.
There's five guys, so I don't know why he fixes his hair. The dance choreographer and other trainees are all males, so I kept wondering why he care about his looks so much.

Q: What do you think G.O? Do you think it's Joon?

G.O: No, I think it's me? I cast a spell on myself frequently. I always look in the mirror with a optimistic attitude and talk to myself. I talk to myself to the point where I might look like a crazy person to someone, but I talk to myself that much to cast a spell confidently. 

Q: Girl group that MBLAQ likes is?

G.O: I like everyone!
M: T-Ara, SNSD, Kara, Secret, Wonder Girls-- I really like all!

Q: Have you talked to them?
G.O: I still talk to friends that I've met [when I was in a different group] in 2007.
M: I don't have any. I have a lot of guy 91er friends, but none from a girl group.
CD: I don't have any close friends. Whether it's a girl group, or guy friends, because I can't talk first because of my shy personality.

Q: What about noona's group?

CD: I greeted them just once. Sometime ago, 2NE1 performed "Fire" and "I Don't Care" for a special episode of Music Bank. I saw them once then, and said hi, but our schedules never overlapped, so there wasn't much chance to see each other. If I call noona in front of her waiting room, we talk together in front of the room. 

Q: If you weren't a singer, what will you be doing right now?
M: I'd be going to schoold and playing around with my friends. There's a promise I made to my high school friends. The promise was after graduating high school, we were going to go to college and travel a lot, and when we're even older, combining our farm and field so that we can farm together. Since our town is small, I have a lot of friends-for-almost-10-years friends, because we went to the same kindergarden, attend the same school, same class. My friends hang out with themselves, having fun without me. I want to hang out too, and I'm jealous, but my friends are really proud of me now, and I'm thankful.
SH: I think that I'd probably be a programmer with an engineering major. In their daily life, my friends have different hobbies, like looking at clothes, dancing, and cars, but I am only interested in electronics.
I have found solutions to things that A/S [after service] centers or internet could not answer to. 

Q: The hardest thing from preparing this album "Y?"
SH: Getting together from each of our individual schedule was hard. Previously, the five of us always practiced together, but this time, the practice was shorter and it was difficult, in that we had to finish practicing within that short time.
G.O: We participated in the song choice and album recording. We tried hard to show our development as artists. When artist receive songs from composers, most say 'it's okay' and add it to their album, but the five of us put our heart and soul to make this album.
We can confidently show our album to you guys, because we worked so hard on the recording and the mastering process.

Q: MBLAQ members are all blood type A, but who do you think is the most cautious/sensitive member? [Although never proven definitely by science, lots of Korean & Japanese people think that personality and blood type have some 
kind of correlation. It's a common knowledge in Korea that blood type A people are very cautious.]

CD: (pointing at Lee Joon)
G.O: All the members are all considerate so we choose our words carefully. But Joon is a bit more careful. So he expresses his sadness, saying, 'I didn't say that because I thought it would be hurtful,' if he is hurt by someone's words. Other than that, it's similar.

※Translator Commentary: 
( ) are part of the original interview.
[ ] are my personal explanations.
The questions were submitted by fans, so they might not be in a formal format. 


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